1. This nigga is a big waste man all he does is walk and look gal.. Not even dry shit in his ass to offer ppl.

    I swear Dolly and her man a big clown ass.

    Nigga up in my sister’s IG sending her DM as late as last week.This nigga aint shit… period.

    I swear the internet gonna be the end of this nigga and his so called wife….

  2. TF Not sure why u all would be surprised anyway…………

    Blow fish face dolly and her iron batty aint shit….

    This nigga aint loyal to this hoe period…

    Him love likes too much… man soon f… him in his ass.

  3. Mi see some ah dolly post and mi have a feelin supm happen because she ah act like a single woman from wha day and make some of those quotes she drops give hints. She make a post saying she wants someone to buy her a phone. Well that was an invite for a sugar daddy, not a little piss n tail boy like kwesisha. And now him a throw word like the little mawma man he is, ready to expose a gal again. Don’t worry yah dolly. Him will come because him love the minding. Ven, please to steer clear and don’t run back een..

  4. Sender you hit the nail one more time. He removed all of her pictures off his IG . Even the one on her BD professing his love for her. (The caption weh sweets write) lol seeems like trouble is in paradise fuh real . These clowns was just in Vegas coupled up .. so what could have caused all this? Asking for all
    Of us that remember when he cussed her dog rotten publicly.

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