So foota go pan international interview and seh him single.. Wa appn to Minioprah?
A me alone realize seh,if foota nah talk bout his wife , him a talk bout him baby mother Ishawna .. Look like Foota a secure a place to stay when the case call up back, cause we know him a get dip to Jamaica.. MiniOprah a play goodie wife a post and big up har man and nah get no recognition.. The only time foota call oprah name a when him a tell everybody thanks . One advice to you MiniOprah, go tek up back hoe life , where you use to look damn good, u no see seh u mash up you self , bout u gone deh with stink mouth, bruk pocket foota, wa no stop step inna u face ,.. and we all know you only acting like foota a take care a you.. Go work on your friendship with Nage .. cause you need friends right now .. you sad and stress out, but u never listen to all a u fren dem… go call up the DJ , he will answer you..
Pinky put foota size 15 over me ID , cause me a use me friend page


  1. “Mi tink Ishawna despise the air that Foota breathe”, “chu mek me keep it real yah man mi tink she 8,9and 10 him”

  2. How foota fi own Alicia weh fu$& out the whole music fraternity. Alicia a big lesbian and junior Reed top freak! Alicia imagine your family dem a Browns town hungry and need help and you deh a Kingston a give out care package just for the hype. And all what you doing foota nah own yu…. all you do is work yu Bar job fi mine foota. Guurrlllll yu salt bad,from foota start tek you a pure saltness a tek him. Alicia did you get that sore in your belly taken care of? I hope designer Body reconstruct that botched body of yours. Did you tell foota how you take beeni man and many more entertainers in the industry? You damn old whore………… ps mi soon send yu whole life story, so people can know who you really are. You fake pretentious Bitch!!!!!

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