This big fatty float bout she name pinky the mammal yes block me bitch a take me fren man and every minute a put up picture wid me fren look how she big fat and ugly world she need lippo, bout she will bun down me friend mother house a weh deh sea creature come from, she favour miss piggy and the fat blob inna spongebob, dutty pinky weh tie wayne, big house and land, him must a drown

Any day u ready come bitch block me but me go pon every social media fi u dont start weh u cant finish.




  1. Damn she big n out of shape..can’t describe her…ur friend mek elephant tek wey her man no sa…

  2. I won’t talk abt ppl’s weight and as far as I know the Ms.Piggy moniker is already copyrighted by Ms.Shytty.I haven’t had a magnum tonic wine in years,it tastes fairly good.

  3. poor onu a defend friend man!

    You should a help her to move on cause god know if big girl tek way her man she lacking of something, worst if the man is of quality! If him was of no use then no lost no de de.

    Mek it bother you so much? Freeness gone? :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  4. Maybe she have a great personality, and she is definitely not ugly in the face, quite cute actually. The way her fat is distributed it looks like some health issue causing it, hopefully she can come down to a manageable size.

    However, the first reaction would be a man leave a ooman fi dis big ooman? We have not seen a photo of your ‘friend’, but if Pinky blocked you I can suffice to say your ‘friend’may be a war boat. Mi can ongle surmise seh di man did a leggo money and a dat unno miss. What attracts a man to a woman is still a mystery that only God knows. Pinky deserves love too, and I hope she finds it. Now, if your allegations are true that she made threats to burn down your mother house, please make a report at your nearest police station.

    1. Pinky! “if mate a rebel tell har go to hell, cause this year the Betta ole tell”

      …or as Sister Hall once said “If you man left a no my Pussc fault”…drop mic and step in style and tell DJ fi play “Big and ready”

      :beer: :ngakak

  5. Pinky!!!! Yuh punnnnyyyy tun up!!!
    Tek,borrow or rent any man you want yah Miss, mek dem gweh.

    Beg you leave a plate for me when you cook Sunday dinner tomorrow cause I already know you THROW DOWN in the kitchen.

  6. Pinky good hole dem fi call har gal yuh good…stories like these yuh wah see di other ooman an di man no sah!! :ngakak :ngakak

  7. lol bitch send your man too cause a me name greatness given to me by man
    True mi know how fi f**k n treat a man n have a great personality make wayne want up mi body so tell toya fi sort out herself n stop being lazy mi fat n fit n obviously u nu know ugly
    A rape yu muma get mek u miserable suh i have no time fi drama ano your man n mi block yu n u find a next site bitch get a life….

  8. Hey big nasty gyal whoever send this we ago find u and done u the time u spend a send in this tell u friend every time she kiss Wayne she a taste pinky pussy…f**k unu and cum suck pinky

  9. Any woman let them man stray to a woman like this her need a ass WHIPPING :sorry :sorry :sorry

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