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  1. just like how we a read weh yu seh and a nuh true….mi know seh him big but weh him a do ina so much car ???/

  2. Met is not lie. I know her and just made a phone call and its true. I’m not rejoicing, I like them and have always been proud of Sean’s success. He was very generous and giving to her and his sister but a Bentley and a Mercedes for his mother and a bunch of other cars for himself is too extravagant. When Janice just moved into the house out by Sawgrass I went there and swear Sean bought her the house. For a lady that’s been on the streets, I thought she would have had more sense than to rent a big house when she could have bought a modest home with mortgage payments lower than the Bentley payment. So you allow your son to purchase 5 exotic vehicles on one hit song? C’mon, blame yuh self woman.

          1. The Bentley and GWagon got repoed in March from a hotel it was on TMZ then and tried to fight repo guy, poor thing

  3. Well I guess she defending her son in the best way she know how. But Janice ‘hollywood’ is not lying especially TMZ. Mi know yuh shame butttttt it is quite obvious there was no guidance with his spending and clearly clearly his $$ were not managed properly and I also blame you.

  4. Janice Ellenor Turner is the cause of this little boys demise, she had friends that told her not buy all these many cars, because they can’t drive all of them, and cars have values after t drive off the car lot, but tru she show off, and she want to live out her dreams in the guise of Kisean, she claim say, any thing he wants he gets, and folks don’t forget she went to prison for Benz truck, car, and x5 truck, I can’t believe up until right now that Janice never buy no house, and she show case three different houses, and tell lie say is her own that kish buy, poor Janice, lie so till the lie tun razor and cut up her face, Janice was a pretty round faced girl, the lie them turn her face str888888, remember the friend that warned you Janice, them girl deh smart and cut you off long time, your money never frighten them, cause them know you is a frighten everyday, not only on Fridays but every day, and the bible say the fool and his money shall soon depart. And the crowd that laugh with you when you going up, is the same crowd going to laugh when you coming down, but is 2 laugh, one is with you, and the other is offa u, when coming down, Janice I did done tell all a that already. Amen

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