Actor Keith ‘Shebada’ Ramsay has come out swinging after some people on social media branded him a scammer when he created a GoFundMe page recently, seeking cash donations.

He told THE WEEKEND STAR that the page was created to assist the senior citizens of Franklin Town in Kingston.

“Mi nuh need fi come as scammer because if a dat mi did a do, mi wud a dweet incognito! Everybody knows I have my career working on like everybody else, and because fans have been telling me to come on Facebook live, I said I would use it as an opportunity to launch my charity. That charity now, I will use to help the old people in Franklin Town,” he said.

Shebada said that he made the decision to make his social media presence worthwhile, unlike the ‘Facebook trappers’.

“Which artiste yuh know going to come online entertaining when they have other stuff to do, hmm? I have a job and this is not a paid gig, and I still have to fund what I’m doing regarding credit and all that. There are just some persons out there who are just Facebook trappers, they are not uplifting to social media and I think they were created to derail persons who are going forward,” he said. “Those people who are criticising are uneducated, especially di females; mek sure say when a man a look yuh, him can support yuh. That is my message to those females who are criticising me. As for di males, well, mi can’t too bash dem because mi nuh too hear dem say nuttn.”

He contends that he isn’t bashing the females, as they are his biggest supporters. “Anuh hot mi hot fi di females’ enuh because them always a respond, but for those who believe that it is a scam, dem need fi go read a book. Wi just discovering the things that we want to do, but we don’t set a date yet, ’cause people will mark you on that.”


  1. oh dats why mi hear him fren dem a mouth him pon a facebook live video him mek today bout him a scammer. he is right females are his biggest supporters, cuz wen him used to come a bleedas tuesday come whine and gwan the girls dem love while the man dem bun him, den the outa port man dem stop come cuz dem seh a bare batty biznizz gwan a kirk

  2. Said it numerous times and will continue to say it this go fund me is scamming. Now shebada and the sea lady been throwing jabs at each other over this go fund me thing, she say him a bad up people telling them they must donate and him say she use the go fund money buy new beemer (no correct me). Anyways… the go funds account for both have been reported and a dat cause the fracas. First shibby say him ago donate the clothes dem and den him say clothes ago sell, first the lady say she ago donate to childfdn hospital then she popped up in a new whipp hence the mele.

      1. but how da lady deh from the sea and she still suh thirsty? who wud gi dem money to a know criminal? as fi she and shibbi teef nuh love see teef wid long bag

  3. 10/27/2015 “Just two weeks after dancehall icon Radigan was shot and killed at a backyard party in California, his final funeral arrangements are now set. There is funeral planned for Radigan on November 6, 2016 in New York. From there his body will be sent to Jamaica for a final send off. Radigan’s Funeral in Jamaica is set for November 12th at the Holy Trinity Church in Kingston, beginning at 1pm. His repast will be held at Hope Gardens. A reliable source told thereeltinachin that his funeral will be of epic proportions. It will be streamed live so that mourners worldwide are able to watch his grand send off. After the funeral, a party will be held in his honor at Hope Gardens, which includes on stage performances and an open bar for thirsty mourners. Tight military-like security will be present. Attendees are urged to be punctual! I Will update you once more information becomes available.”

    10/25/2016 Photo of Rimpau today taken by a friend. No sign of packing, moving, selling. house looks as if nothing has happened.

    UPDATE: Radigan’s ex-wife Peggy just left me a message. She asked me to remove the link to the video tribute she made of Radigan which was publicly posted on another website. Link removed. Peggy said she made the video and put it on her Facebook page. Someone allegedly took it from there and loaded it to the other website. She was upset because her kids are in it. I believe the video is made from very old photos of her kids. I assume her kids would be adults by now. They definitely wouldn’t look like those photos. The video is still up at the other website.

    10/22/2016 Wake or ni night is still planned for Sunday in Jamaica. There has been a candle vigil where there is a mural of him. I don’t know why they have a US flag. He was definitely not a citizen. He was deported after his ten years in prison. They would never allow a convicted felon to become a citizen. He was in the country illegally.

    Radigan Robert Davis Jamaica funeral wake ni night Jamaican

    10/21/2016 What a mess this has all become. Fake gofundme’s to scam money to bury Radigan. All I know is that Radigan’s legal wife in 1995 was Rosemary. He has a baby mama here in LA named Dawnette. Radigan lived with Dawnette. He has another baby mama named Sophia here in LA. I sure wish I could read Jamaican Patois better. I just read that Peggy is in Brooklyn. There will be a wake there next Sunday. Peggy married Radigan in Jamaica before he went to prison. Radigan’s wife at the time Rosemary was arrested with Radigan and two of his brothers. I assume Peggy is Rosemary?

    Another post. Ex-wife named Peggy claimed Radigan’s body. She then started a gofundme to get money to fly his body to NY for a wake. What a soap opera. Now people are threatening her. Dawnette is upset because people gave Radigan’s wallet, jewelry, phone, jacket to Sophia not realizing that was not his current baby mama. Dawnette then asked Peggy to tell Sophia to give those items to Dawnette. Peggy said no. Supposedly Dawnette went to Jamaica after Radigan got out of prison to bring him back to US. There’s no way he came here legally with his prison record. August 28, 1962 – October 15, 2016. Read the info from the sources. I have no idea what happened.

    10/19/2016 Radigan’s brother Mark stated that a stray bullet killed Radigan. He was not the target. Mark stated Radigan doesn’t finance Jamaican gangs. He makes his money off taxis and buses. A Ni Night is planned for this Sunday in Jamaica. I assume that is a wake. What’s interesting is that in the drug selling case involving Mowayne they used trucks, buses to transport the drugs, money from California to Maryland to New Jersey to Florida. Maybe that is related to the taxis, vans. Another person killed at the party was a cab driver. Dilly real name Vincent Bowens was also a taxi driver. Speculation for now.

    The two men arrested have been released from jail. No charges filed. You must charge someone with a crime within three days. As they have done no ballistic tests, finger print tests…they did not have enough information to hold him longer. They legally had to release them. I would think because they aren’t citizens that the feds could have arrested them for that and held them? Otherwise I think they’ll flee.

    The men were Mowayne McKay and Diego Leid. Mowayne was arrested 10/15/2016 at 4:50 am. He was released last night at 6:54 pm. He was originally arrested on a felony charge with $2,000,000 bail.

    This is allegedly Mowayne McKay as ID’s from someone in Jamaica. The bday doesn’t match the one LAPD used. This is August 15, 1983 and LA Sheriff is May 15, 1983. I believe it’s a typo. All of his other arrests that I can see use August 15, 1983.

    FBI: 224595LD8 State Prison#: 205309795
    Photo ID: J201306893 CCIS# 07-456378
    Citizen: COB:

    Incarceration Information:
    Housing Section: IT Housing Block: ICE
    Cell: 001 Bed: 11
    Commitment Date: 04/02/2013 Release Date:

    His info is
    Register Number: 53319-037
    Age: 33
    Race: Black
    Sex: Male
    Release Date: UNKNOWN

    Mowayne McKay, Radigan, murder shooting
    He told police he was born in Maryland. Below is drug dealing charge. He’s lived in Jessup, Maryland and New Jersey.

    mowayne mckay, radigan, murder, suspect

    “Two men have been released from custody days after they were arrested in connection with a shooting at a West Adams home that left four people dead and 11 others wounded.

    Mowayne McKay, 33, and Diego Reid, 25, both of whom are Jamaican nationals, were released Tuesday evening, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

    No charges have been filed in the case, and the investigation is ongoing, the District Attorney’s Office said.

    The Los Angeles Police Department declined comment on Wednesday.”

    Here’s a great paper on Jamaican drug lords, musical identity, dance hall music and gang leaders. It explains how they relate to each other. This is why I originally thought the terms Jamaican 13, Sunlight Crew were band names.

    Radigan is shown and mentioned at 24 second mark. Jamaican dance hall music glamorizes Jamaican gangs. The singer states Radigan is the head of the Sunrise gang, drives around in his burgundy Benz.


    Turns out the home was reported for illegally operating a business. Los Angeles Building and Safety investigated, found no violation and closed the investigation. If the illegal restaurant had been shut down January 2015 those people might not be dead today.

    2918 Rimpau Blvd Los Angeles California 90016 Dilly’s Jamaican Kitchen Dilly’s kitchen murder shooting radigan robert davis dead
    Photos “Radigan out of jail” January 18, 2012 in Jamaica. He was in prison for ten years then deported. This was shot at a club in Jamaica.

    The actual party took place January 7, 2012. It was called a “holiday” party. I think the holiday was the fact that Radigan was released from prison after ten years.

    10/18/2016: This update is from Jamaica. People here in LA said Radigan was supporting gang activity back in Jamaica. This article says another Jamaican man was responsible for Radigan’s death.

    LAPD just released a press release

    “Anyone with information is urged to call Criminal Gang Homicide detectives David Dilkes or Isidro Soto at (323) 786-5110. During non-business hours or on weekends, calls should be directed to 1-877-LAPD-24-7 (1-877-527-3247). Anyone wishing to remain anonymous should call the LA Regional Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (800-222-8477) or go directly to Tipsters may also visit, and click on “Anonymous Web Tips” under the “Get Involved-Crime Stoppers” menu to submit an online tip. Lastly, tipsters may also download the “P3 Tips” mobile application and select the LA Regional Crime Stoppers as their local program.”

    Fourth victim of the shooting has died. One man remains in critical condition. The LAPD will release the names of the victims as soon as next of kin is notified. All four victims are male. I believe next of kin of Radigan have been notified. As he has a few baby mamas, wives, maybe finding the right one is the issue.

    The local Jamaican community is talking about the murders. This is based on what others have said on social media. I was not there of course. People have been contacting me stating their version is the only correct version yet there is no physical evidence just hearsay. So I’ll post the various reports from various alleged eye witnesses.

    Here’s the most recent story per someone who was not there. It wasn’t Radigan’s party. He was there by himself, not with his crew. His friends removed his chains, Rolex, rings, wallet, phone after he died and gave them to his baby mother. I do remember seeing that in the hand of a woman who said she was his wife in the LA Times article. Someone said that was Sophia.

    Radigan Robert Davis, Robert Henry murder victim Los Angeles dance hall Dilly’s Jamaican Kitchen

    Radigan Robert Davis, Robert Henry murder victim Los Angeles dance hall Dilly’s Jamaican Kitchen

    I don’t know which baby mom as he had at least two. Radigan was not involved in the issue. He tried to get both sides to come to peace. Jr did not shoot Radigan. Jr is dead. Sock or Ti from New York shot Radigan.

    Per another version it was allegedly Radigan’s birthday weekend. It was his party which is how people knew he’d be there. Supposedly Jr and John John and John John’s woman who may be named Tameka killed Radigan. Jr and Tameka removed their Instagram photos. He was shot in the head. The reason was because, I think, someone shot someone in the foot, stepped on their foot. Maybe it’s a phrase and not literal. Another man who died was shot in the chest protecting his wife of two weeks. Another woman shot in the back by accident. She’s had multiple surgeries as her internal organs were damaged. She is the one laying on her back on the ground at night. Another woman shot in the face by accident. Another man shot in the hand by accident. A couple of guys are threatening war in retaliation. They’re threatening to kill the murderers and their families. People trying to calm them down. That’s the last thing we need here. Innocent people were shot in this shooting as it is.

    Another alleged story. Seems a guy named Steve was coming back from Jamaica. This was a welcome party for him. The guy who shot Radigan in the head is Bready cousin Junior. John John and Junior started the shooting. After Junior shot Radigan he took all his gold chains and Rolex off his hand. Radigan and his crew were the targets. Two other men were killed unintentionally. One of the dead is “Blacks” who used to drive a Taxi from Mission Rd.

    Another story. A guy at the party shot someone else in the foot few days ago. Jr saw the guy at the party and shot him in the head. Radigan was not the target but an accident. Everyone knew who would be at this party. Now they’re saying Jr was killed. People are saying they were idiots for going to a well known party where everyone is armed. They are saying this was not a drug deal problem.

    Radigan had a wife Dawnette and a mistress Sophia. He lived with his wife and two kids. His mistress Sophia had a kid or kids with Radigan. They didn’t live together. Now they are fighting over who will bury him. Lots of fighting going on. Most believe it was a senseless killing which involved innocents. Most said house parties are the most dangerous place to be especially Jamaican ones.

    First victim named Robert Henry aka “Radigan” who has a history as a convicted drug dealer per court records below. Second victim may be Zaza. First two suspects arrested. They were shot and treated at hospital. They are Mowayne McKay, 33, and Diego Reid, 25, Jamaican nationals. The info for Diego Reid isn’t available yet. First suspect has $2,000,000 bond and a criminal history for drug dealing per court records.

    Booking No.: 4808243 Last Name: MCKAY First Name: MOWAYNE Middle Name:

    Sex: M Race: B Date Of Birth: 08/15/1983 Age: 33 Hair: BLK Eyes: BRO Height: 509 Weight: 165

    Charge Level: F (Felony)

    Arrest Date: 10/15/2016 Arrest Time: 0450 Arrest Agency: 4296 Agency Description: LAPD-SO. BUREAU HOMICIDE

    Date Booked: 10/16/2016 Time Booked: 0857 Booking Location: 4212 Location Description: LAPD – 77TH STREET

    Total Bail Amount: 2,000,000.00 Total Hold Bail Amount: 0.00 Grand Total: 2,000,000.00

    Housing Location: LAPD

    Permanent Housing Assigned Date: 10/16/2016 Assigned Time: 0857 Visitor Status: N

    It appears Mowayne and Robert Henry may have worked together previously.

    Radigan murder victim Los Angeles dance hall Dilly’s Jamaican Kitchen

    First murder victim named. His name is Radigan. “Flossing” means to show off money, expensive things. In one party pic someone dumped a ton of money on the floor. That is flossing. I personally think that is asking to get robbed.

    People are confusing two very different people. Here is an image to explain it. The one on the left a convicted drug dealer real name Robert Henry gang name “Radigan” is dead. The one on the right a Reggae DanceHall DJ is alive in the UK. His name is Sir David Michael Rodigan. He’s white, born in Germany, lives in England. This is his website Here is his Twitter account

    Jamaican drug lord Radigan dead, DJ Dance Hall Reggae David Rodigan, alive
    Allegedly one of his wives just made this tribute video. They are now saying he was merely a Dance Hall “personality.” He would get dressed up and go to clubs and flash money. He would be in Dance Hall videos in Jamaica which are just videos of people dancing in clubs. Per the minutes of court room testimony he claimed he was old, poor, barely ever had any real work. He was supposed to be deported after his last prison stint. His friends admit he was the head of drug gangs in Jamaica and Brooklyn, New York. That is why they called him DON. They mention the intersection they worked Troy and Lincoln in Brooklyn. Most of the people who knew him said “you mess with drugs and crime, you will end up dead or in prison.”

    Link to video hosted by someone else removed per Peggy’s instruction.

    “Dilly said that he knew ‘Radigan’, one of the men that died, noting that he was a friend and a popular person on the dancehall scene. As persons on social media caught wind of the story, tributes began pouring out for ‘Radigan’- who is the only one of the three victims which has been identified thus far.“One of the greatest flossing king of Jamaica dancehall word saying that him is dead floss from the 90s, radigan fly down with the benz and the latest trendz sunlight street turn heaven,” said one social media user. “Social media users note that Radigan, who hails from Maxfield Avenue, (Kingston, Jamaica) has been a popular figure on the dancehall scene since the 80’s and was a foundational member of the Sunrise Crew.” He was the boss of the Sunrise Crew gang.

    Seems Radigan was a drug lord who ended up in prison for a while. He would have been born 1960. I think some people are mixing up David Michael Rodigan a white DJ into dance hall reggae music. It’s not this guy VERY different. Here is a pic of Sir David Radiggan.

    Sir David Radiggan alive in the UK DJ who plays reggae and dance hall music

    Here is a pic of the real Radigan who is dead Robert Henry from Jamaica. He was a member of some Jamaican gangs and a convicted drug dealer per court records.

    Radigan Robert Henry Jamaica dead victim shooting los angeles california dilly’s jamaican kitchen drug dealer cocaine brooklyn new york jamaica

    Radigan Robert Henry Jamaica dead victim shooting los angeles california dilly’s jamaican kitchen drug dealer cocaine brooklyn new york jamaica 2012

    ” In December, the strike force nabbed a Brooklyn man Robert Henry, 35, of 1020 E. 85th St. in Canarsie who authorities described as one of the biggest Jamaican drug lords in the country. Henry, his two brothers, his wife and two associates ran a “Home Depot” for drug suppliers at Troy Ave. and Lincoln Road, selling as much as a pound of cocaine or heroin at a time, Cimino said. Prosecutors said they’d been receiving complaints from residents about Henry, nicknamed “Radigan,” for nearly a decade. Henry’s lawyer declined comment.

    CHRONOLOGY MAJOR BUSTS Major Operations of Community Strike Force: December 1995: Francisco Mendez is arrested in his East New York apartment with 60 kilograms of cocaine. July 1996: A Crown Heights drug smuggling ring is busted as members unload 78 kilograms of cocaine from a ship docked in Port Newark. August 1997: Authorities arrest more than a dozen members of the Cash Money Boys, a Park Slope drug ring. December 1997: Cops arrest Robert Henry, 35, who allegedly ran one of the country’s largest Jamaican drug cartels.”

    I searched legal records for Robert Henry. I see a Robert Henry arrested in Brooklyn for selling crack cocaine. That Robert Henry is from Jamaica says he was raised by a single mother had a young daughter and older son. The age is a little off. Still, if this were the same Robert Henry the birthday party might have been a release from prison party. I see another party there in 2012 which might have also been a release party per court records. As I don’t have a birth date nothing is confirmed. That is a very common name. He also used a different nickname when he was most recently arrested for selling crack cocaine in Brooklyn, New York. With his past it would make sense to change it.

    Radigan’s girlfriend Sophia confirms it’s him. They confirm his first name is Robert. He’s a Virgo. I don’t understand the Jamaican slang. I think “Sunrise Crew” is a gang, so is “Kingston 13.” I stupidly originally thought they were names of music groups.

    This appears to be Radigan at Dilly’s at another cookout. Easier to view it in slide show large format. Such a shame everyone is having a good time and someone has to go and ruin it by shooting people. Innocent victims were caught in the crossfire.

    This is titled “Radigan’s free” January 2012. I assume it’s his release party.

    It seems quite a few people don’t like Radigan or Radigan Jr because Sr made his money selling drugs. Others hadn’t heard of him because he was in prison so long. I assume he was in prison from 1995 to 2012. Some people said he’s dated and looks like a Back Street Boy. Radigan Jr telling everyone his dad is Lord to be respected. Others said no one respects someone “who made their money off drugs, pussy.” I still can’t find him at or courts for some reason. Maybe there was a name change? Odd as he was supposed to be sent back to Jamaica after his prison sentence.

    2918 Rimpau Blvd, Los Angeles, California, 90016, Dilly’s Jamaican Kitchen, restaurant, murder, shooting, three killed
    UPDATE: LA Times updated again. Seems it may have been a dispute over a drug deal. The victims said they didn’t know the people who shot them. Police don’t know if that’s the truth or they just don’t want to say. The primary intended victim was killed. They allegedly used semiautomatic guns.

    Dilly stated he’s 63, is from Kingston, Jamaica, owns the house, plans to sell it and move back to Jamaica. Per records he does not own the house. He said one, maybe two of the victims were his friends. He said he used to be a cab driver. I see one other lawsuit as a cab driver in LA. One of the victim’s nickname is “Black” was a cab driver.

    Three men died at the scene. 12 were injured three critically. A man and woman were arrested. They are both in the hospital. Dilly aka Vincent Bowens was not shot or injured. He said as soon as he heard shots he hid.

    There was a bench warrant out for the DJ. He was on 36 months probation, had to take an alcohol class. He was found guilty of reckless driving September 2015 case number 5IG04488. He missed a progress report. He was charged with DUI and not having a driver’s license. They said he was a first time offender but this is the second third offense that I see. He also had to do 12 days of Caltrans, pay $390 fine and take alcohol classes for three months.

    01 23152(A) Vehicle Code Dismissed or Not Prosecuted 03/04/2016
    02 23152(B) Vehicle Code Dismissed or Not Prosecuted 03/04/2016
    03 12500(A) Vehicle Code Dismissed or Not Prosecuted 03/04/2016
    04 23103 Vehicle Code Nolo Contendere Guilty/Convicted 03/04/2016

    Seems Mark Anthony Bogle has a longer criminal rap sheet. In 2013 he was arrested for drug trafficking in Arizona. He was selling pot. Big deal.

    LA Times updated their article. There was allegedly a private party at the house/restaurant last night. Mainly younger people age 20 to 30 were there. Neighbors said the party goers are generally older and nice. They have been having parties there Thursday, Friday and Saturday night sometimes with a DJ. There was a DJ there last night. Another neighbor said there were shots fired few months back there but no one was hit. The owner who identified himself as only Dilly said he’s a caterer. That is not a restaurant. He just cooks for people on Saturdays.

    We don’t know who was shot or

    Mark Bogle is the DJ. He lists his address on Rimpau. He’s been arrested a couple of times

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  5. Shebada u too dam wicked a scam fi true u nah help no bady now ppl call u out u agoh dou somthing fi gwan like u a help.ppl but a scam fi true u a demand dat ppl send u money cause u help ppl an ppl noh fi trust u cause u will dash out ppl business who u gi tings u need fi tap cause u noh have no show a gwan rite now an money tight talk d truth an lef gofundme alone a scam fi true d money u get wah day wah u dou wid it ?????

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    Weh day she open one fi her bday, then all now we don’t know how much shamika parents got for the funeral, then the gala weh she did keep and all now we see she donate no money to the hospital she fi gwey

  8. Bumboole anon 8:42 how the f**k me reach a badmind gate bitch? If the ooman never put har business pon facebook nuff people wouldn’t see it cause we no live inna har closet. I don’t know where you riding from but no unbridle your horse inna me stable, I merely pointed out the source of the scamming accusation againts Shebada mentioned in the star. Whether she have good credit, bad credit or no credit IDGAF. That no stop people from say she a scamma and we all know thief no like see thief wid long bag. Ps. A the fuss “humanitarian” name me ever hear call pon so much “donation” descrepancies, why tho?

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    1. Co-sign 99%,holding bk the 1% becuz I doan know if anon involve in scamming since defending a scamma doesn’t necessarily mean yuh a scamma too.

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