23 thoughts on “DEN SUSHANNA BAIL A DUS 2K?

  1. Pardon me but mi did think sushanna was a likkle girl in her 20s weh nuh know better. Damn shame big hard back gyal like dat them really have di right fi make she stay in jail. Smh 37 year old a thief clothes on the regular

    1. Madame mad head you de bout? Miss yu.

      Me wouldn’t bail har either, worst if she need bonds man. Better she do the time. Because fi spend the money and she get lockup again, quick a clock, then a waste dat.

      Let’s not forget say she a come out fi fight who a tek har baby daddy :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  2. Where is all her rich and famous ghetto welfare friends at. They cant bail her out, but they are wearing and living million dollar life style.

  3. Gm sender leave the rich people them with them legal aid lawyer and no apartment. Kotch ing and hype logger head didn’t Shushanna have a Hermes Whay dem claim was a lot of money and kotch a people yard didn’t dem run come pan ha come say brother and muma get whole heep a house. Me gawn ya man this rich people dem too rich for me lol lol lol lol

  4. Why should they pay her bail??? She’s a grown ass woman she shouldn’t have went out theifing knowing she have a little baby .

  5. her man cannot pay her bail money ????but he can .. Use champagne wash money train shoes smh but on second thoughts she needs to stay in jail because she serves no purpose

  6. I wouldn’t bail her either, she guh jail too often to bail. Folks just tired a di fckry. Get your shit together for a change. Even if she caan get a regular 9-5,cause of her record, gwan guh sign up wid one of dem Russians spamming place, dem actually pay ppl fi put out di spams bout my aunt is making $8000 a month while she sleeps….

    1. Russian spamming place could you give more details I need to to that Is there a website to enroll?

      1. They usually advertise on sites like Craigslist, and they legitimately pay dem staff. You just have to be very careful because there is a lot of identity theft going on, so you must be savvy about what you share. The jobs are under the table so they shouldn’t be asking for ssn. If they want to direct deposit funds then create an account just for them as an extra layer of protection, do the same for your email address, and make sure yor computer has good antivirus, spyware protection and a firewall, better to be safe than sorry.

  7. She has a $1 at the front look!!! That means it’s a hold!! So it makes no sense to bail her on that charge for the 2000 bc she still has a $1 bail that’s a hold! Usually like probation parole does a hold like that!!

  8. When you have self absorb friends, you cant expect better. Having a baby with a man that cant provide essential things is a no no. This is where I stated in a previous post of all of this casual sex and bringing come a causal sex baby. Theres no foundation set period so now, another lost child growing up without a connection with mother and father.

    If any women go tek up that man, dem ah fool too. How a women going to run fi have pickney with a man who party all night and 7 days a week dash out champagne pon another man foot?

    These bitches be having MEDICAID and cant get birth control…SMFT. 9 to 5 anyday. It’s steady and productive. Pension , 401K, is better than having nothing.

    Jamaicans make shit harder for themselves too. I’m so tired seeing Jamaicans doing the same shit all the time. Put problems on themsleves watching others and try to do the same. Red EYE always get the best of them. Most want LV and Gucci dem try hustle and get caught up. Look how many of them get deported back to JA. The wanna be and hype got the best of them.

    I dont know why people wont just get a valid education to have a better career. Selfishness to themsleves. All the flossing dem do and cant get a greencard. If Trump wins, I feel so sorry for the illegal welfare people. The section 8 people. He lives in NyC and he knows the deal.

    1. Like it or not education have limits; not everyone born to read, write, earn degrees or certificates.

  9. Pinkwall did warn did gal fi change har life wen she first come home after her bid to stay away frm dat fake crowd seeit now oh well another 1 bites da dust system mus tired a she now

  10. @FashionPolice you can’t call the other people on here who are leaving their comments idiots, when you are having a problem with spelling “IMMIGRATION”, or u just decided to write it the same way how you talk?

  11. lie them offer her time again but she never take it,she going back to court the 18th of julydutty baldhead a throw bottles pan people and she in great need,

  12. Never Mind That just solved Fashion Police problem who really explained what Something You Should Know was trying to do but failed!

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