21 thoughts on “DENYQUE ENGAGED

  1. So wait that chubby boy a give her bun looool why unu lie so. And when him find time to cheat and they be together most the time lol see no matter what dude always try to cheat.

  2. When u have them t rex raptor claws fi fingers,it nuh better u sport ur ring pon ur toe??BIG up urself sweetest G

  3. Sometimes mi haffi wonder if some ppl have sense,if she engage and have mate is the same way she ago married and have mate suh there is ntn tuh in anyone face here.

  4. JMG from we talk the tings dem ova yah 2 a dem a act brand new and extra, dwl !! Denyque u are a clown cuz u man aint shit an u nah stop get bun so enjoy u shut the fck up ring.

    1. Me think a me alone see di move and a dead…congrats pon di engagement, but wah di point if di man still hav up di bag a gal dem weh h a share between himself and him bredda?

      Fi di one dem weh love talk bout “winning” unnuh come explain how she a win?

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