Dancehall/reggae artiste Devin Di Dakta, who celebrated his birthday yesterday, said he is overjoyed at being nominated for a Grammy Award adding that it is the “best birthday present one could ever receive”.

The entertainer, who was a 2015 winner in the Magnum Kings and Queen Competition, told OBSERVER ONLINE that he cried for about half-an-hour after hearing the news.

“After about half an hour of tears of joy, I am now feeling overjoyed,” said the artiste, who along with JL were nominated for the collaboration EP Sly & Robbie Presents Reggae For Her in the Best Reggae Album category for the 59th Grammy Awards.

The collaboration features eight songs written by Devin Di Dakta and JL on the Tuff Gong International, Taxi Records label.


Meanwhile, pop star Beyoncé is leading with nine nominations followed closely behind by Drake, Rihanna and Kanye West, who scored eight nominations each.

Adele in the meantime has been nominated for album, record and song of the year.

Other Reggae nominees include: Rose Petals (J Boog); Ziggy Marley (Ziggy Marley); Everlasting (Raging Fyah); Falling Into Place (Rebelution); and Soja: Live In Virginia (Soja).


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    1. he won magnum kings and Queens of dancehall last year i believe. He’s doing his thing man. The same yute who Corey todd beat wid belt over stripper smh. GLAD that little stint didn’t stall his promising career.

  2. Should be bigging up devin and asking who are the others.
    Charlie Blacks sold platinum. Did you guys miss that?

  3. Congrats Devin, u not controversial so nobody paying u any mind, remeber they wanted u to fall. These are real accomplishments right here, proud a him.

  4. yes Met him get nominated. Change the headline cause if it was certain atiste it would have been a different headline.

    Give props where it i due. Well done.

  5. Yes, he did get nominated for being featured as part of a compilation album with Sly and Robbie and another individual. wonder how Corey feel?? Shelly-Ann Curran supposed to feel good now lol. Also Charlie Blacks’ song “Party Animal” is now certified platinum. Big up unu self!!!!! Thanks for flying the Jamaican flag guys. As a yardie, I appreciate it!

  6. all u met is something else eeh, instead yuh research and try to verify u jumped out the gate and discredit di yute, and when ur followers confirmed u nuh even say “sorry fi discredit u young man”, as charlamagne did say “nobody cares about the truth if the lie is more entertaining”! thats u met.

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