Evening met, I must say for the only one of the three who is a mother Nickeisha body looks the best. Renee is 23 and look like she push out 3 pickney. I must say Sher is the most progressive of the three ,the girl makes moves and have likkle sense and ambition.


17 thoughts on “DHQ GIRLS

  1. Renee look like a 37 year old. She need fi rest cuz the late night early morning thing not doing her any favors. How she and Sher fat so fi “dancers” I will never understand. But I get to understand that all they do is call men to bring food for them. Ladies you need to go to the gym and WORK OUT, not take pics for the gram then sit back and watch the likes.

  2. Can’t stand these three bitxhes Kmft too fcking fat fi so active and can’t speak properly on their videos ! They don’t know proper grammar and it annoys me ! The whole a dem belly big down to nickeshia none a dem body nuh nice ! Sher look like a man and the next one mussi 32 cuz me nuh know wha kinda 23 she be

  3. Like serious how long this career can last for in a dance a go on head top. They need to make some use of they young stage and put down some plan for the future. Ranee the belly just too big girl Sher please cool down with all the fakeness that u adding to your body girl. Miss Nick you need to start make plans remember u got a child that has no father. All in all they doing they thing in the street but when u need to be call out on things it get to be done. Not stop drop your words on people who work when u all a show your p:::::y in a dance for a living.

  4. they drink too much liqour, go for a bottle of water next time u dehydrated at a dance, worse u are dancing and losing fluids, silly big belly bitches.

  5. Unu come off ah them name !!! At least them ah try do ah thing !!so what if them belly big ah truu dem can dance and Unu stuff like !!ah nuh every dancer ah guh skinny !!mi love how dem thick and nuh watch people and do dem thing !!if yuh listen to people yuh guh wrong !!!love the 3 ah Unu

  6. Dem need fi humble still ,dem a get too hype especially Nickeisha who can only travel the Caribbean.

  7. Dem Fi leave Fi girls dem alone Cuz di gal dem a do dem ting! Yes dem thick but look how dem active n frisky! Right now dem a di baddest dancers especially nickiesha, all Jamaicans do a sit n watch ppl bloodclaat bizniz n Fi dem own nasty n shit up!

  8. On a very serious note they really do need to get it together. The sender is stating real facts . For a young girl with no child Renee need to lose the weight. She’s a pretty girl but the weight is gaining and for a dancer it don’t look good. There’s no reason as good and talented as they all are they should all not just her but all be at the top of their game. I personally like dem and wang to see them make it far but appearance is everything especially in a world where there’s always younger and newer dancers coming up.

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