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Rico bad yes but a di likes whey him get really talk di tings..Di people dem doe understand wha him write but dem go click like…All 16 specialized translators -_-

0 thoughts on “DI 16 LIKES IS OF ”CONCERT”

  1. _______________________________:tkp
    no to de bloodclaaat de man seh “2050 speech for day”….
    Is who drop dis inna met INDOX,i really doah UNDERSTANDTHS unno stop being BUYAS luk how him just tell unno wah nuh CONCERT unno leave it alone…stop TWIXX up nd CORRUP de man formation ooooo

    1. :ngakak Simpli I laugh till every part a mi a hatttt mi, some ppl like evrything till dem like shit, a wah dat him just seh, ppl like him need a PR eh nuh, cauz dem love post up comment and cant even spell fi save dem life. :ngakak Simpli a love how yuh use up him new words in yuh vocabulary doah, lol

  2. You know I normally laugh wid baaaaaayyyyyyyy sarcasm backa eit but this time I just kaint…….Aaaaaayyyyyyeeeeeee Metttttyyyyyyy why some one of the 16 couldn’t inbox injected Barbie and tell her remove her Baby Father from the keyboard. All this from the Kackie she waa war ova……Barbie I’m sad for you! :sorry

    1. @Quena have you everrrrr hear Barbie speak?????? The 2 a dem give new meaning to birds of a feather flock together. A swear dem know how to pick each other.

  3. The new talk is (2050speech for the day). Ricooo yuh fi record and post tings, mi feel sey we will all understand yuh better. Mi shame fi him :malu2.
    A same way suh him sister write. And to those 16 likers, unuh nuh gooddddd none atall :malu :ngakak

  4. U know wa I na stay round ya cause mi is very buyas. Dunce boy Mek mi help u with di correct spelling is Bias BIAS BIAS u face look like black lizard. Hey nico anytime mi come a u party mi ago tek di mic a say people I’m very concert for nico is grama is very buyas against him a mi ago Mek sure mi do the spelling too.

  5. Happlet come come tell wi wah Rico write up top mean…oh hell what am I saying…
    BTW who pan here can decipher fi mi? mi deh get a headache from trying, mi really mean it.

  6. Heh- haaayyyy! Po boy, what is all this, is he having a concert or what? Woooiiii, back to basic school for you Rico, mi 9 year old granddaughter say she will help you with your home work cause she way a head of you,po boy, lawd!

  7. You can’t even blame auto-correct for the mess up top.
    If you know you are lacking in basic writing skills please leave social media alone. There is absolutely no excuse for an adult to not be able to communicate even at a 16yr old level, if you are an adult and you are below this, please go and get some tutoring. There are free classes offered in every city and nobody should be ashamed of self improvement.

  8. Bwoy mi tek a walk go look ova di dunce page a so rass spelling ova deh mi run come a mi home jmg cause mi no wa mi brain fi freeze.

  9. His so-called baby madda should be ashamed to put pon social media how the side chicks won’t be wifed or live in his house over this duncehead bwoy. no class birds

  10. I don’t know how ppl can feel down and out when all they have to do is go on the internet, I almost fell off my bed reading this post and the comments that followed.

  11. An the funny thing is…..him still nuh see or understand what him write wrong. Him cyaan see di mistakes cause him nor di ppl round him doe know better. Blind leading blind. Dem dunce and fiesty wid bare badniss bakka it. Rico look like di little stick puppet weh di Spanish man dem have pon di string a dance to di Spanish music. Di one weh dem mek wine up to di Shakira kinda music. An him don’t even look like di man one….him look like di girl one. Kmt

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