See thee four people them here that in the saga over portmore. Fantasia,Kevon,Don glory and onek. Fantasia go onek party and from them beat her the heat was on. Fantasia and her best friend Don glory now at war and don glory woman onek no do nothing more than buy out the argument, because she nuh like fantasia from a longer while because she once was taking fantasia man Kevon. Till onek all a walk and a tell people say Kevon say her p**y tighter. Lol, them say onek sell p**y and still Bruck n hungry. Fantasia on the other hand no stop throw cocky partner. Don glory u a man Paula, cause you a bring news back n front, bout you rich and you broke, pure water u buy a dance. Kevon you fi stop it and stop make u wife look bad





3 thoughts on “DI AMBITIONLESS

  1. Another Boasty bum, Jamaica come like it full of dem. I bet dis man can’t even afford to buy gum from a vendor who’s selling in front of a dance.

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