1. Very nasty ass people dem. Tanisha wants some good r*** box and thump. She nuh fraid worm drop outa her p****. These are some of the reasons the aids epidemic will never ever end. Very sad!

  2. A wah new world Mi live inna? a Neva think Mi woulda see a man a war wid a woman an why dem keep say har?..wah di bloodclawt? No sah like a some bribe ting wtf Mi affi listen ova

  3. And dem very bright too cuz it sound like one bottyman gang come cuz about 3-4 different bottyvoice mi hear!!!

    People nuh know seh as uninvited people come ah yuh yard gate ah time fi put on water inna di biggest soup pot yuh have fi boil???

    Mi have ALL RIGHT fi protect me and mines so some boiling hot water yuh ah go get! Very bright & outta order ah come ah people door! & she did deh ah ask him wah him ah go do! Fling out him bottyman rass & him clothes dem Mek him botty gyal tek care ah him from now! Clap yuh hand & say “Good riddance to bad rubbish!”

    Some people don’t even realize when God ah gI dem a way out!

    1. I hope har brother fling har a road! Gal ambition nonexistent. She wouldn’t mind the battyman dem tell har fi come join dem too just fi keep de cock.

      She fi get peppa and beat fi a contaminate the heterosexual community. She know a man man shi did a phuck and a gwan like a new news.

  4. LOL this man is a batty man , the girl IS a clown and the batty man gang is bold………….what a thing ……as mi tell a man weh day batty man chat and love show up themselves more than cockroach …..as u f**k one them a sound the village …is a stripe to them …..them worst than a crazy woman ….. blair love man and woman. the lady look like the FOOL…..one bag of STD stir fry ………NO SATR

    1. Di batteyman a di bad man mi neva si nothing like dis……….whennnnnnnnnnnnnnnn a batteyman cudda come a my yard come gwaan so and mi nuh show him whats good

  5. Ooman a fight fi keep battyman!! LORD it nuh ezzz out deh. Shortridge pon di land. Save dem. A wonda if a dis Robbas, Kerryann and flApple a guh choo mek dem haffi a strap awn fi keep dem huzbands??

  6. Tears@Little Willie

    Is really a shortage to rass!

    Mi sorry, better cobweb full up in deh before mi haffi strap on fi seh mi have ah “man” because in reality, you DON’T have ah man! Dis bottyfish has turned you into ah lesbian! Cuz is 2 gyal inna di relationship now! Or maybe dem turn yuh into ah transgender like Braitlyn cuz if yuh ah phukk dem with ah strap-on like man, den yuh turn inna one man but yuh is still ah woman, Lawwwwddd dis too confusing!

    Who can live & be emotionally happy in ah situation like dat???

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