Met dis big woman weh nah tap walk and taunt every young gal this boy deh wid won’t leave ppl phone alone. She come bk a do the same ting , and di boy live wid him good family she deh walk deh tell ppl say the boy pickney live wid him . Stay bad Trisha u fi tap eh. And tap live a lie coz u kno u lonely. Dwl sad witch



  1. Both of them big people so they need to stop play games with another and just keep it real, too old to play kid games…

  2. Isn’t that the gangster/gang leader from Mobay that was put up on this site and then taken down earlier this year? He lives in Ft. Lauderdale, Floria.

  3. A real country smaddy write and send in this yah mix up yah… ‘Me deh think’ u fi mind ur own business

  4. Mi god Trish u get the chance fi go bk a Mercia and Yu nuh change, Yu a big woman now could be him madda. Stop use u scam money and try hold him memba u gone over there wit u scamming but u see how it a go . u better be careful and save , met how u kno the body chop up ? Him stay bad fi chue me su a pic of her b4 surgery and after, cray Yu heart strong . but fi real tho mumma u can’t change this a dog and him have bout 10 gal now and live with him baby mother with a pretty daughter so how u deh manage. Nutten nuh hide a bay and everybody kno unoo business, wah day one a him woman battyman friend u off pon Snapchat me hear , free up di likkle boy . hope u nuh mek him dead this time. Micheal must glad him tek two f**k and duck u. Carless big woman and u dash weh belly daughter

    1. One big chop dung di flank, one cross di belly and two zups dung di breast…Surgery is not her friend at all dat is way too much scarring pan one body

  5. Mi rass no sah me jus go look bk Pon the pic. Is which Doctor do her surgery dem chop her up like a animal star all her breast lean , trish do wear clothes and cover up and u Gwaan so if ppl ever kno wah under dat clothes. Smh me feel bad. And weh u tek dat pic and send it to ppl fah. Dem don’t like u dem wicked to u. Coz me kno is mus somebody u trust fi send them that .

  6. Smh shanique a give her headache. She need to stop beg people fi find out bout good body lishan and cray dwl yessss a lishan a help spen yo money lady weh born before christ!!! Abaay

  7. boss bitch wid di chop up body trisha u live inna fairy tale world lonely n sad trying to use her money to hold di likkle boy weh caah tame.

  8. @anonymous 10:09 from met nuh put it dat mean it musi nuh fit fi pink wall. Lol is somebody send mi, mi might can send it to ur email , if it’s ok wid met or ask met y it nuh up ya. Wooooiii Muma dem beat u bad Pon dah one ya. Yu mouth mek nuh baddie nuh like yu , chat and walk and buy friend to much and all a yu friend dem done yu and only use yu fi tings. As Jahvin dead u run gone coz u kno a di yu next. Look like u have u own boat fi summady weh get deport 3 time u reach bk again. Mi Breda want the boat link and mi want di Doctor info. Or a dentist chamba champs yu so.

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