5 thoughts on “DI BUS BACK

    1. G!!!!! Mek yu awful so?! :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

      Met she bout who accountable fi dem :sup2: :hammer

  1. Di man muss tired cause him afi walk go every weh cause no conductor nah let him on even wid him money. Dem fi have transport fi mad people tuh cause we have enough

  2. Mental illness is rampant in Jamaica yet the government seems to just look the other way. Something needs to be done to bring awareness to rhis this Tabu.Depression and suicide very common now.Things and times have changed.
    Who is the minister of mental health & hygiene?? There is a minister for everything else or is this person already on parole but somehow not visible.If there is none,this position is legit and is very much needed.Take away some of the ‘perks’
    and make a budget for this.
    These are people too who if some are given the right care can be apart of building a better ja.
    Alot of us are walking around mad like shad but we still function we just don’t know it.There is a fine line between sane and insane we only know the line when it is crossed then we see it.

  3. In the US they put severe cases of mental illness in a mental institution. The less severe receive outpatient treatment. In my case I’m less severe so an institution will only keep me 24 hours and it was voluntary. Major depression and anxiety is very common but treatable. I received help in 2010 and have regained my whole life. I’m 2 years shy of a degree. I’m looking forward to helping others reclaim their lives. It if possible.

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