21 thoughts on “DI CHIN DEM MATURING

  1. Nice, people grow & mature. Happy for them and they look lovely. Turned those stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Good for them

  2. Rosie still a tek people man. Even if the man a pay for your living and dictating what or where you can go…..that’s not life
    She cannot even post the man or their child on social media. Stop walk and tell people that all is well and that you a the man wife.
    The man married already.

    1. Anon @ 4:40pm, pressed much? who tell you she want to post her child online? After how everybody eva a do har up mi like har mi neva did a post one raas fi unno come salt up. Leave the people dem alone man, unoo too invested inna people situation. If it’s your husband that’s a very different story. Mind sharp is one a unoo a pose as fren badmind the gyal cause she a mek her way (tru mindings or not). Further more NUFF a unoo on here situation very dire. Plenty of unoo 2019 looking very dark and unoo haffi stay inna some lifetime movie fucked up situation and not a light in sight at the end of your tunnel. Unoo love judge when unoo out deh probably a do much worse for free. Nuff a unoo come yah true dem same situations and couldn’t call to unoo father outa road. Leave dem an move on. NEXT

  3. How them maturing?? Rosie still on her back to secure the Apt, to maintain the lifestyle style, and the car. The married man a spend nuff money to keep you on lock down.
    Rosie not happy. She think she secure the bag. The Apt a Washington Drive is nice and all, the BMW, the fake life style, just for the moment.
    Did his family recognized you on Christmas and the baby?? How is that maturing when she still a hide the baby and do what the man say.
    Leave people man alone

  4. A Rosie send this in to showoff!! My girl check yourself. Having a married man child and now a hide, is not a happy life. So matter how much money a spend, you are sad!! Big Christmas day, and the man or his family do not even acknowledge you or the child. What a shame.
    So showoff, you still not in the line up. Your life only possible because of him. Without him you are nothing.

  5. Who is this other married man or just rumors again?? How’s she maturing if she jumping from one married man to the next.

  6. Beautiful set of sisters especially Rosie. No matter what Rosie was always beautiful and has grown more beautiful! she is truly glowing. I have made an observation also that she is extremely talented and crafty. Her home decor is always elegant and nice and she is very creative !! Capitalize on that Rosie and continue to make tutus and stuff! You can make it on your own break free of depending on men and sleeping with men to provide for yourself!! YOU CAN DO IT GIRL!!!

      1. Definitely Not Rosie but I think she is pretty and talented. A lot of the times we tend to dwell on the negative things about a person and hang them with it and always overlook the good! From the little I’ve seen of her home it looks nice and as I said seems creative. Despite the fact that she has slept with sooo many guys she is still a person that can be acknowledged for her other talents.

  7. all these negative shit about rosie and this married man,, and unnu same one would a skin out unnu high mileage pussy for him,,, knowing he did all this her and hoping to be next in line,… gtfoh,…. badmind and jelousy run jamaica… how the fuck yall get paid by paying attention to this girl life… yall living at a funeral, cause unnu sad…

  8. live it up the Chin sisters. No matter what all you saying, Rosie still a live life. She is in country now at a one of the best hotel in Ja celebrating her daughter birthday and valentine day. Nuff gal baby father or man not doing anything for them.

    Girl never give up or give them germ what they want. Yu know the father of your child and the man happy. Daddy girls.

    Laugh loud Rosie, mek gal tek lesson. Keep them stalking. Nothing here for lol lmao

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