1. Howdy Met manners pon you blog site . Trust me you no easy how you get mr chin picture & watch him how him happy a pose with him wig :ngakak :ngakak

  2. I’m glad no one defended her. She swear blind she didn’t have it, yet the man took it from the bag. She fi get beaten.

      1. Missa chin smart. Because getting back the wig cheaper than tugging and letting go the bag and have that thieving liar drop down the steps and him catch a suit…the girl behind her on the steps work in the store.

        Me glad no one intervened cause they look verrrrrrrry foolish.

  3. The boy said “It’s not Brazilian..it’s not Brazilian” :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

    Moral of the story: only go to jail for stealing Brazilian.. :ngakak

  4. naw cuss her, she wrong yes but a who thief like them they no exchange nutten when it go wrong, pure substandard shit dem a sell a Jamaica, they in a Jamaica a gi ppl hell one beat a woman karate her she have to run go station u cant carry back nutten dem a run u out dem shop.l its the worse ppl to thief the button eye rass dem eye fast, oe I court fi lick him worker in her neck back while she was in the fridge getting something to drink a hope pastures

  5. two wrong doesnt make a right. if they selling substandard things then dont buy from them and dont work for them but dont use that as an excuse to be a common thief.

  6. Mr Chin shop full a things though! Gal lie bad and di worse thing she woulda thief it fi go wear instead a sell it and hold di money!

    @Anon mi never see Mr Chin beg nobody fi buy ntn from him yet! If di Jamaica and di rest a di world stop run behind dem, den dem woulda haffi back off and go back a China!

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