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Jamaica men are really living up to their Africa ancestors name by having more then one concubine but in this Case they don’t live together but they know each other. These are two set of concubine for two guys(Ruxie and Blingas) They are more but can’t fine pic for them


6 thoughts on “DI CONCUBINE SYSTEM

  1. This set up is a regular thing in Jamaica, so I’m not sure why Usain and Kasi’s typical Jamaican relationship is under so much scrutiny. I guess because the normal practice of open relationships in Jamaica is under international fire, so now people in Jamaica are starting to realize how desperate and dysfunctional it looks to be sharing your man with multiple women just for some tangible gain. I know regular men who don’t have a fraction of Usains wealth who have similar set ups with their girls in Jamaica. Have all five of them, who all know each other, but still hoe-exist peacefully as long as everyone gets what they signed up for. Monogamy should be the aim for both parties involved in a relationship, if not then don’t bother to get into one.

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