1. Good morningggggg Metsy :peluk metters this girl is crying for help eno bout servant exit ahhhhh boyyyy di mad ppl dem loose pon we wicked wicked

  2. Hi Met, and other Metters, this BUTTU GAL is the exact definition of a HOUSE SLAVE. It is so sad in these days and time. proper neva see come see, an caa deal wid it because it too big feh har cranium.

  3. I just hate it when people try to act high class and they have no class at all. Did this Jefferson just seh go suck you mumma? The pig is out the mud but the mud still in her. Why would you allow a dirty person to cater for you in the first place? The low budget bitch can’t even spell. Biotch paleaze

  4. She feel bad cause the girl no whan come to her event ,I don’t blame her just cause people talk to hunuh ,pon FB them want invite them like them is fren, she don’t know. So she not coming ,

  5. but this woman no easy after she invited the woman.. the invitation ad the woman turn it down she get velly velly angry.. but you know say when the woman get the invitation she coulda just ignore it.. me no wrong the woman.. you no see COUNTESS a one mad woman.. me no wrong the woman don’t send you child a no mad people yaad

  6. But look pon dis eeediat illiterate Cuntaste! Whore get tek offa street corner fi guh whore inna house an feel like she arrive.

  7. Mi say it already in a Den Den post and I will say it again. If Denise a run a business she haffi grow a thick skin an nuh follow up tings like these. I don’t know who first start it but she need fi tek di high road more time. All she had to do when di “Countess” start gwaan wid har antics, was block har so dat har comments don’t show up in her newsfeeds or on her page. SIMPLE. She love follow up things like these too much. Dem say any publicity is good publicity. But not in all cases cause I’m sure she doesn’t think this is helping her business at all. Gosh man.

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