She seh a she jus come from farrin and dem come style di madda and she go tell di madda done and him threaten fi tump she ina har face and tump har


  1. No man! Come from farrin? 27? One ting mi know Yuh drink nuff milk yuh teeth trang fi bite Chu bone so an it Nuh pressure… maybe a me but di last time mi check even doe a long time still Nuh bone inna we finga??? No man. She need aneda video mi have a whole heap a question.

  2. Him lucky it was his dick she had access when they were on the grung…he would be a eunuch by now. Feel sorry for the man that is dating this wo-man.

  3. Coming from foreign looking so dirty she don’t stay good. The black eye fit her so ghetto big woman if it was foreign this happened we wouldn’t here from you for a long while. Are you a dog? Tell your mother to move on you don’t seee the man new woman look clean and decent

  4. What a dumb bytch, and you have other dumb bytches co-signing this dumb bytch on YouTube. Her defense is that she was defending herself and at any given place or time a person should defend themselves, but of course she kept out the part about what she and her mother was doing there in the first place and why she even interacted with her estranged step father in the first place. The dutty gal went to go war the man and his new gf and gave zero phucks where it was taking place or how ghetto it would look. If you don’t feel embarrassed for having a fist fight in an international airport with a man nonetheless, you need to flush yourself down the toilet because you’re clearly a piece of shyt.

  5. Anybody weh call dem mada by dem first name has issues an will bite off any part of you body. She is a cannibal and no way should she be allowed to interact with civilized human beings. She’s public enemy number one and should be detained, contained and kept restraint at all times. This is sad. That man must have endured so much during the years he was dating this animal’s mother, he left. A must hungry dem hungry mek dem a trail down de man. I feel it for him jah know smh

  6. it looks like someone call she and her mumma on the husband. FOR,…. WHO COME FROM FARRIN LOOKIN SOOO DIRTY dem a go end up front a Judith pusey TRAVEL DOCUMENTS PLEASE, NOT EVEN DEPOTEE LOOK SO.. its coincidental the man and him woman out deh same time as her mother. a someone carry news and that’s end result.

  7. :ngakak She shouldn’t follow har madda guh ova deh…cause it sound like di madda guh ova deh fi war wid di husband and him current wife. From him tump di girl doe…dem she hab a right fi set it off pon him locks and finger :ngakak Gurl I ain’t mad at yuh…:ngakak

  8. She chat til she start chat shit.She claim seh him damage ar, then say a just the ponytail him pop off.A wa di police dem give yuh a extra charge. Bitch shut up. Yuh look like yuh have 27 rough years. If a me like the man I woulda take one a di locks & choke yuh.Damn disgusting.

  9. It shows a wider problem in the society. Men abusing women.. As a man, he should’ve kept walking and go on about his business. why didnt he hit the wife and not the step daughter . He seem to have an issue with this her from she was a child for years and acted out on it .. Like bottled up negative energy and anger and now he felt he got an excuse to assault what should be more like a daughter in his eyes. so yes she have a right to defend har self.

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