70 thoughts on “DI DRESS IF A DI REAL TING

  1. The belt never necessary. There’s nothing class is or wow about the so call put together. Kerry did look better sorry Apple.


  3. Surprised ah that she come with. She looks regular as hell. They don’t realize less can be more.

    The shoes look like some DSW 30% off after thought.


  4. dem do body and a wear belt ugly harpple ,they both look ugly ,was this the changing editionomg ,kissy do better for u girl go back ,and leave the people them credit card, prisonnnnnnn coming gal u and ur informer crew

  5. Because di dress fake, why buy a ill fitting $5000 dress when you could get something cheaper and that fits better. That ugly belt mi waan beat har wid

  6. Jay is so fashionable, look how he flawlessly matched his hand tp his socks. All hail the fashion ki. . . Quee. . . Thing, he is a thing caan figure out him a wah.

  7. She can wear di 5 grand dress all she want…ar man still fugly and har body still lopsided.

  8. Failed Failed Failed Epic fail for someone who claim their the baddest in New York City :siul That dress is ugly and I don’t give two shits if it cost 5k it’s UGLY! Rotten apple you looked like a stuff turkey :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak and that ass loom handicap :hoax2 :hoax2 :hoax2 :hoax2 :hoax2 :ngakak :ngakak :siul 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  9. Wait dere..so ihavecholic have on a short jacket a long shirt a short pants and one man ankle boots ?? hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhehnergy :hammer

    1. :cystg :cystg All mi see a wah pair of tights/capris and a dress/tunic…him need fi come outta apple closet and stop wear di Oman peices them.

  10. Her credit limit on her BLACK card has to be at least $20,000-$40,000
    WOW, Kiddos to her. Money well spent. Hope she has a college fund, IRA or life insurance set up for the future…..

  11. Yes mi see the boot.. I also see Apple tracks. Met plz do a close up of the back of her hair. It looks a hot mess.
    She gwan like she top a top and har head no tan good.
    She look like Charlene aka Matterhorn baby madda.

  12. Epic fail Apple didn’t look good her batty that she keep injecting blow her up Mek she look fat the dress could a be BALMAIN it don’t look good on her and that’s the truth! Jay look a batt man bleach out and stay bad with that rusty colour

  13. Better u say u hope the card is actually in her name!! 5000 dress but they reside in a apartment in the Bronx! No job no credentials get ya life

  14. The dress is a knock off.. That’s why it’s so ill fitted. These girls are trying way too hard and we give them the platform. They look forward to being on gossip websites after there events. Anyway Apple? Kerryann a kill you bad bad bad. Better face, hair and I’ll even say body too. She look more relax less frightened. Sorry

  15. U People kill me u Know the girl Looks good, Apple U Killed it These people are so judgemental Who cares if the dress is fake or real she looks great. Jay not to fond of your etire but who am I to Judge. U people get up early to criticize her looks and outfit and most likely u don’t look no better Apple u give them something to talk about

  16. Apple even at ur so called worst u still shining bright!At least dem can’t say yuh basic,never ever!

    Still winning and slaying with or without that GOD awful ugly belt!

  17. Nah lie kerryann look great!!! Nah lie shi look good from head to toe!! Sometime wi fi wear wah fit wi and tap wear money!!! Too bad michieboo from england wear di boots first

  18. If you look at the real balmain dress it cuts in on the waist part to give a shape hers don’t have that that’s why she wore the belt. The fake dress has no shape what so ever.. And one thing about expensive designer stuff they accentuate your body because their material is good quality their aim is never to make you look droopy n sloppy. Really liked Kerryann look.. Simple not overdone especially her face hair n bad ass teeth. Kerry who a you dentist? Bad!

    1. Agreed. Apple face looked like it go thru mortal combat and it a wave the white flag and a beg fi mercy.

      Apple keep it up yuh soon fava yuh beautiful madda.

  19. U Know a 3 big party keep di day n one naw talk bout dem woman and how dem dress Hop off di people dem. Uno was dying for dis party to reload LOL

  20. Passion looked great at his party which was held the same night. The reason why people not talking about the other parties is because those other individuals don’t seek the fanfare that these people go crazy for. It’s like the kardashian and the Braxton’s they each have their show and their fans the kardashians just crave media attention more.

  21. Hair look like the cheapest pack a hair off a white plains road ….shoes look like DSW $39.99 and the dress oh the dress it look cheap yes because it is cheap…..deh bwoy deh look like him tek him pants measurement inna wata n dress inna di dark.

  22. met does balmain make plus size dress?, because with the size of apple ass how does it fit designer size 12 is like size 8 , well i maybe wrong but but i think that dress is fake r come with recite apple r maybe she could get it made in china n sent to heri dont shape like apple n can hardly fit them designer stiff clothes muchless she, thats y a pure dressmaker n stretch clothes tanisha images n sexyclips n more have to wear so apple pls go have a seat.

  23. count the gold lines that goes across the dress from the knee to under the belt n check the real one n see the fakeness apple own has less

  24. Just look at the neck of the dresses n you can tell they are not the same. Busted! They asked for it!

  25. How pathetic are these ppl. Balmain to a $20 party drinking cheap champagne, showing off on nobodies like themselves. Smh take ppl out the ghetto but u caan tek d ghetto outta dem. She and him still don’t look good. When your dress has more value than your bank account you need to step aside and reevaluate.

    – Zip fastening along back
    – Fabric1: 100% polyester; fabric2: 95% acrylic, 5% polyester; lining: 100% silk
    – Specialist clean
    – Imported

  27. Balmain
    Long-Sleeve Embellished Mini Dress, Black/Gold

    Online Inquiries: NMS16_B37T7 | Store Inquiries: #32061664
    Balmain sequined-jersey dress.
    Plunging V neckline.
    Long sleeves; zip at cuffs.
    Fitted silhouette.
    Straight hem.
    Exposed back zip.

    About Balmain:
    The House of Balmain was founded by French couturier Pierre Balmain in 1945. For decades, the label was known for glamorous, beautiful gowns and daywear. Today, under the direction of Olivier Rousteing, Balmain has evolved into the edgier side of couture, with designs that exhibit a distinctly downtown vibe. The Balmain street-chic touch extends to its handbag and shoe collections (which add a refreshing pop of attitude, especially when worn with lady-like looks).

    French Sizing

  28. Criticize no one, know the difference between to, too, and two. And what the hell is ETIRE? I can’t tonight so I stopped reading at your response.

  29. Smh 7:59, the real dress has 12 lines on each side and Apples dress has 8 and that stretching it. I would be so ashame to touch road. Dem ah big fraud. Ole plastic Apple

  30. As much as I’m not to fond of this bald headed heffa, I gotta be honest and say,her dress is 100% REAL.

  31. @anonymous 10:53 pm yuh right to rass, mi think a me alone check it is just read the post. Met please re -run this post a,fake balmain, this is not the real dress. Either apple get it Meck somewhere or apple still a link with the African man that she and twinny aka Opal star or Opal trendsetter, a pure fake them wear or wear and bring back. Apple and jaydon Bruck like dog a that’s why them run guh keep remix party a month after keeping a $30 party they kept a $25 party and never expected it to flop. 2 dunce people apple and jaydon a musi, 5 bottle of rose them dash pon jaydon. Jaydon shame like dog most of is champagne friend didn’t show up. If jaydon so rich why him couldn’t wait on July to keep him party and met where is the porche wey apple post up it wasn’t at the party it look like mr and mrs Richard’s them rented the porche fi the first party but from it flop the porche disappear it was the first thing I looked for in the vip section at the front of the club. Apple uno loose again. Poor apple a jaydon. Apple your dress is fake. And twinny everybody knows sey all the clothes shoes, bags, glasses and belt that u wear are fake your friends them look into yuh phone and saw u sending the African man people picture with the brands them and a ask him if him can get u them please. Poor twinny aka Opal trendsetter everybody laughing at u and your wannabe rich self.

  32. @anonymous 2:30am I agree with you 100% *First come Fame then come Shame!* :ngakak 😀

    I know personally Apple and Jayden don’t have money the way they portray on social media. Have any of you people seen Apple in real life on the streets? :bingung that tranny stay baddddddddddddd and very hoodrat looking. Then when you see her in the dance she’s well dressed to impress a bunch a folks who don’t even like her. Does that seem like a person who’s everyday life matches her night life? That’s a woman who puts on a show for others to assume shes financially stable. :hoax2 when infact it’s shes really not! Majority of Apple Expensive shoes, chanel bags, and dresses we’ve seen her wore at Jayden’s party are all back in the stores (Return Queen) Dwfl!! :ngakak Ive never seen a more insecure woman with deep self-esteem problems like her (Why do you think she keeps going under the knife constantly) Hence! the reason why she can’t even post normal pics without photshopping or editing a ton of filters to cover up that nasty skin of hers :dp Apple is a regular bleached out stay bad inna real life handicap botched looking ghetto Troll! :cystg I’ll clap for this tranny when I’m actually Impressed, until then I’ll continue laughing and chatting her.
    :bingung :bingung :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ilovekaskus :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  33. Gunshotssss for these last comments! Made my damn day. As the blogger said above “First comes Fame, then Shame” Big up yourself Met!

  34. Apple we no wan see dat American express card cause me have American express and it no hard fi get .actual right now every card easy fi get show we the teefing card wid the people dem name pan it jay shape bad so clothes no really fit him good plus him need if go up a size more apple you look like last year change up now I don’t care if you dress cost $10,000 it don’t look good pan you what you should do is spend the money pan you stay bad skin and stay out of housing court if only your case worker could see this kerryann go hide you 5 months late wid your tired outfit a who sorry fi r robbas a who mek you and daffy outfit cause it no ready section 8 all you’ll and act like uno rich go pay full rent and den show you rent reciept

  35. When this “Drag Queen” can show her AMERICAN EXPRESS card with her actual name on it( and not hide the rightful owners name) :ngakak then I’ll be Impressed, until then have several seats Rotten Apple that spoiled the bunch :ngakak :batabig :ngakak

  36. Apple that American Express card is Fake just like your deform booty. You’re a credit card scammer (You remake cards) so of course you can punch in your real name and someone elses real card number on the card. I’m well aware with how you can punch your name on a American Express Gift card or someone else real AX card that’s not active anymore. Dwfllllllllll

    Met! That’s how scammers infiltrate getting away with such high value items and not be caught right away because it’s really their actual names on the card and with her ID as her identification these stores wouldn’t give her any problem. The only way official would know is if they investigate the card number and who it really belongs to. I know for a fact that’s what going on here.

  37. Apple where did you take your son for his birthday? I notice every year you stuntin on the gram with your husband but never see you go all out for your kids birthday’s let alone on a regular day. That’s weird. :hoax2 :hoax2 :bingung :bingung :hoax2 :siul :siul Between you and dolly I don’t know who’s worst when it comes to not going all out or doing things with your kids.

  38. That’s my point exactly exactly Met! So why she acting like if the card really belong to har? Dwflllll I was just filling in those who aren’t aware of such thing that exist. So folks don’t believe that bitch bout she have AX card. :ngakak :ngakak

  39. That’s y they will forever live Ina rent house wasting all this money on clothes and it
    Don’t look good .. Get a little condo man…smh I pitty these fools

  40. Who this troll putting work THO? :bingung :bingung

    Apple you are not pretty stop capturing your photos with f**y pon instagram. How about you lay off the 1000 filter to make yourself look pretty :ngakak How bout you do that!? Go read a book dunce bat and stop chat f***y pon instagram. Nobody wants your hoodrat life. God dammit! you don’t even want that shit yourself that’s why you have to keep up with your shenanigans. Hurry up and return your Balmain(Balmaan) dress and just STFU!

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