Met post this story for me plz.
Nelly nellz, shenell, latoya, u see he much name this bitch have ppl. Girl mi f**k yuh man n him breed mi, mi find out bout u. Me nah trouble u so don’t BBC trouble me. Stop WhatsApp mi BBC phone. Everybody knows I’m a stripper cause I don’t hide it. Stop text mi a tell mi seh u a escort in da making. If u wah sell ure p**y is ure choice n a ure p**y fi sell eno.
Just stop text mi phone nelly nellz. This stripper don’t got time for u. Busy a take care of ure man son that I have n making money. Stop pree me n go talk to ure man.


6 thoughts on “DI GIRL SEH STOP PRE HAR

  1. Dearest Phantom Phoenix yuh see that bun nuh partial??stripper a tek whey doctor ooman man! All the education inna the world n the man will still give IT to who some ppl consider the Least Common denominator! Mi ongle a shout u pon this becuz u is one of the educated woman pon here mi woulda swear blind sey this can’t reach yuh!!

    1. :hammer

      Me know say bun no partial, YardieT
      Mankind wasn’t coded for monogamous relationships.

      Me is a student of “who feels it knows it” :kiss

  2. Wait me confuse!

    So she a call you a tell you seh she a escort in the making! Fi wah!?

    And wah di rass she even a call you fah! You a stripper (which you a own up…big up yourself) and har man more than know that and guh breed you!

    She need fi guh talk to the man she a kill up herself bout!

  3. Everybody a big dis and dat on FB and bumbs inna real life. If she a medical Doctor dat mean anything har man catch she can cure it……well except the belly can’t laugh

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