Cop tells thieves to grab purse on Wednesday … Now under probe for breaching social media policy

A policeman who used the social media platform, Facebook, to tell criminals “nuh bother grab nuh purse till about Wednesday” is now under investigation.

The Inspectorate of Constabulary said yesterday that the posts are disturbing and in breach of the force’s policies.

In one of his Facebook posts, the social media cop shares a picture of himself in blue denim police uniform, with the JCF pin attached, while resting his head on a marked police bullet proof vest. His rifle is also seen lying close by.

An excerpt of the photo’s caption reads: “Gm ma people. What a lovely Monday morning. Just behave unnu self today, zeen, no inna d mood fi run down nobody. No stab u enemy today. Landlord lock off di light pan di tenant tomorrow. No take d people them man today n no bother grab no purse till about Wednesday”.

In a follow-up post, the man shared another picture of himself seemingly in practice combat mode. He is seen wearing his uniform while standing in tall grass carrying a rifle.

“Gm my people what a lovely Monday morning. Last week, I asked for a day of good behaviour n I got it. I wanna say a big tnk u to u all especially d purse grabbers n d matey dem weh never trouble d people dem man. Me know me no so lucky fi get another perfect day so soon, so guess wah, anything unnu deh pan today me reaaaaaadddyy like freeeeedddy ..RAMP WID ME NUH.”

public interaction policy

Assistant Commissioner of Police Wray Palmer, head of the Inspectorate of Constabulary, told THE STAR that the cop appears to be in breach of the force’s social media policy and the police public interaction policy.

“The force does not support this kind of behaviour. We are out there to enforce law, to enforce order, and to give solutions,” Palmer said.

“The person has no authority from the JCF to be making these posts. We have to thoroughly investigate the matter, come to a conclusion that one, he is a police officer and carry the investigation from there. If it is determined that he is not a police officer then we will also need to carry out further investigations as he would still be in breach of the law,” Palmer said.


  1. Are they for real? That post was nothing but humorous! Man continue ur posts aftr yuh nuh mechanic kmt i see nothing wrong. The man want a break! Or maybe is the wednsday part they see as troublesome but c’mon kmt.

  2. I hope them pressure the killers of t lil 2yo with the same vigor.Same way them pressure the cop that Did dj at the 9nite smh.

  3. Him really in violation because of uniform and gears…while on the clock 😀 hope him not reprimanded heavily because the context wasn’t negative…just free spirited.

  4. n d matey dem weh never trouble d people dem man. Deh part deh get me. I kinda get the humor.. But because he give a day that’s why they on him. But dem fi guh focus on bigger crime.

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