him come from common cross from uwi hospital him live inna lane beside basic school right addi sign weh say common desso . a long time him a teef anuh jus now. Long long time . me kno couple Ppl weh him Rob . Ppl dem tired a him him a get from bad to worst



  1. As mi seh di driver and conductor fi stainless coaster bus fi get f**k. Onu knw dis piece of shit and knw wat him is about and yet onu stand by and allow this to happen. Onu ave mi a wonder seh a onu set it up fi him ROB the bus. Onu taking the deceased to hospital dont cut it a rass onu knw seh di bwoy a big thief and onu still pick him up pon di bus.

  2. Gm all,if u check the levels this is a easy one 2 fi unno shub out a wasteofsperms grems ya. Everyone knows u gonna shelter a top shotta,benefactor,Don..anyone that do tings fi ppl n the community.

    Wrong as this is just know a so the thing set inna the inner-cities of Jamaica.However the mere fact this scavenger a teef watch n banger phone fi get by means him barely can feed himself muchless be of use to others including his fambily.

    Unno know what to do,if unno Doan want loud it up do it quietly n left the drum pan/barrel a Papine market with his remains. Shub him out,he’s just gonna hot up all yall spots becuz both BaD men n cops coming for him mark my words.

  3. Senda, wha yu mean him a get from bad yo worse? Being a child killa is the worst…him reach and a hope him dead wid him teeth kin like kong dog.

    1. Big up mi Linky,i Don’t think Jamaica forensics reach anywhere near what we see on CSI,therefore I hope them nuh burn him.GooDly him teeth alone woulda can use to identify him n again we nuh so prepared.

      If Jamaica did really serious bout reducing n solving crime we woulda invest some money Inna upgrading The coroner’s section,Ballistics,forensic labs fi test DNA,upgrade wi fingerprint n known criminals Databases.

      No matter which way you cut it the total cost Would be 1/4 of What We’ve spent on Grand gala (Lisa n babsy time),the $82mil fi runners them,$29mil spent fi sign up pon a Reggae boyz ball(damn u to hell capt burrell)…even the millions fi sen bk that abuBaka trini terrorist!!

  4. Me tell unnuh all the time say police know all the criminals, but they never go after them until they do something drastic, cause nuff a dem a bredrin wid di cruff dem. Jamaica won’t change until the police dem start doing their jobs. Police nah too go for criminals cause nuh money nuh deh deh so, dem focus all their attention on stopping vehicles and circling events cause a deh so dem can hussle a food. Looking for criminals nuh gi dem the chance fi take bribe.

  5. I feel so sorry for this little boy family My prayers with them. For his killer I will give him a slow dead all you germs is a waste of sperms.

  6. All him family the people them terrorize and run out of the community. Make their lives miserable (nuh kill them thought), just uproot them out the community. The whole family know say this cruff was a thief and a terrorist to in a the place and them uphold with him slackness so till now him go kill the poor little school youth and robbed him of his future.

  7. Met this dirty bitch came by where my relatives dem live standpipe area the same day it happen cuz him cousin did deh with one boy wey live inna the lane and him come borrow one shirt but nobody never hear say a him is after him gone, and him picture start circulate dem a get fi know the man dem pon the ends bend cuz if dem did know dat nastiness dead from the same day. A just true dem never know say him, but a longtime him fi dead cuz him did tek him hood shove inna one likkle baby mouth mi a hear but wait same man a common ago fix him cuz police ago start tek set pon ova deh and them no like them things deh.

  8. This the problem with the Jamaican mentality.If Khaleel Mais’s killer can walk without public protest,what is this kids life worth …nothing. No one living in Jamican can honestly say their life is worth anything to their fellow Jamicans.Cries for justice after the failure of the system to convict Mr.Powell is pure hypocrisy. The Mais family will not suffer alone.You all will bear the reprocussions of that verdict.

  9. That’s true sender. Him live a common. Just talk to mi brother a tavern drive, Papine and him tell mi seh dem know him.

  10. And di whole a unnuh dutty rass siddung deh wid him…police pass tru comments every f**g day….you mean f tell me seh unnuh nuh go prips one and mek dem know wah gwaan….wah kinda bloodclaat complaint none a unnuh can hav.

    When dem nasty f***r yah don kill of everybody out a road unnuh fi remember a a unnuh who round dem a go left and dem nuh partial.

    Kill off di ppl dem good good pickney fi ntn!

  11. I neva waa comment frm mawning but the villagers are as bad as Quadromoto! (from hunch back) like whhhy tolerate this manace for so long till it manifested to this hight of cruelty? Mi dnt even waa read bout who knows his whereabouts blah blah ya’ll at faults here! Him shuda off the streets lo0ng time cuz hez no bad man (Don) dons dont do these petty things bad to bad!

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