1. Ugly horse face man looking gal yuh too lie a f**k stash milli f**k u and put u out…yuh too lie yuh hype and man f**k and duck u for drink and rid…u f**g liar u went with your sister and sophia if u was so drunk where was they…the hold world know a u and yuh neice a share the bunk bed suh u had to go with your sister…..ps the first mi c a gal a piss with r panty and no top on ….

  2. Horse face Kim memba wen the English boy left you wen u use to over Halsden memba a so u drunk and drop affi building ,as ppl say suicide attempt , and a long time u a piss and shit a bush come on ,nasty gal ,u mumma and u Pupa a crack head ,shame on you ugly horse face gal

    1. We’ll make the judgment call over here once we see the video. For now, it seems like you abusing someone with psychologically issues, and she may have been taken advantage off and exposed unwillingly (unlawfully) by a perv; she may have legal recourse. We don’t like sexusl offenders and dem supporters over here :hoax2 contrary to what onu think about the wall

      Unfair games play more than once in life.

  3. Gyal draw dung you draws and piss yah,no piss up yuself or hold it een cause UTI or bladder infection very uncomfortable.

  4. Poor Kim she was drunk Lowe her nuh the Yankee boy video her she never no den him put it out deh him wicked fi dat.

  5. Unu low the f**g lady she shuda try find a bush yes or sutten but she never deserve for some body to film her and put it on social media kmt every gal whether they admit it or not has pissed on road some of unu chatting about her pussy ? Like say unu f**k her yourself to know all of these things us black women should be empowering and uplifting each other not kicking one another down !!

  6. Mi nuh know this girl suh whateva flaws she have irrelevant. Whyyy him a video a drunk person peeing ??? KMT EVERYTHING dem wah video and tek put pan social media, I think the nasty one is the person videoing. Like a wah him did a feel suh mek him tek up him phone a video somebody a piss !?

  7. Met I’ve seen the video my self, the guy was asking if she was ok and if she needed help, never once the video try to zoom in on any private parts or such. She was clearly drunk or high off some shit, if you’re in your back yard, why was the gentle there, couldn’t you have gone inside to the bathroom and finally where are your Friends?
    How could your friend leave you drunk at the roadside? They could have at least waited to see you safe through your door..

  8. I don’t find this funny one bit. Nuff time mi a go home from party and piss hole mi and mi stop and piss anywhere (its illegal here in the uk) so i can sympathise with her on that.
    But my question is,she went to the party with sophia and her sister who she happen to lived with,why wasn’t she with them?
    Why did they allowed her to go home by herself?
    This shit just doesn’t add up.
    Where did you go kimmy?
    Where was your sister????

  9. Met can you post the video and blur out her face because bear lies she’s telling in her little statement.

    She was sitting down on the floor looking like a naked crackhead! The man asked her if she needed HELP!! She lucky him lock of the phone and never continued videoing her…
    For a grown woman you should no your limits, imagine if the man did rape you? And where were your friends and sister? No way would i let my friend go home on her own in that state. All if they dropped you home they should of waited till you walk in the house.

  10. Just saw the video yous a nasty bitch lol. Your disgusting! She all a piss n a put her hand on the ground where the piss running down.

  11. Di gyal kim disgrace herself and a talk bout pervert kmft girl u need to go clean up yuh dutty lifestyle oh please bout dancehall hot gyal sick stomach.

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