1. Yow, this is unreal !!! On one hand mi big him up fe mek sure say dat all de yute dem get fe reach a school. On the other hand, dis is about 15 pickney who a get squeeze up, and de vehicle is overcrowded, and dis should NOT be happening at all.

  2. Good morning Met.I had to laugh and cuss same time……how the one dem round a back get proper ventilation. A bout 14 a dem hold inna dat blow wow and driver wid the change inna di fingers.A long time mi nuh see dat.But seriously speaking, mi was a neat girl suh mi needa crush up my uniform or mek nobady sidung inna my lap a mornining time, evening different.Passengers deh pon either side a di bus, plus miggle row and ductor a tell u fi small up urself fi collect fare, smh

  3. Why should they lock up the driver? HOw about the government need fi do better. This is how must Jamaican in the “country”areas get around day by day. Yes it is dangerous. But what else can they do to get to school n work? You tell me.

  4. Yow as dangerous as it is, this is a perfect example why Jamaican people so resourceful and can mek it anyway inna life nuh matter the circumstances…..School haffi reach by any means necessary!!!

  5. mi cyaan agree wid slackness. All who nuh see nutten wrong wid dis mussi blind. The driver fi get charge fi dis, he is putting these children at risk. The car can only carry a certain amount.

    It look like seh him nuh see how many times Holmwood pickney dem dead off sake a reckless driving. I hope the necessary authorities see this and charge him.

    If its raining mek dem guh find shelter or get wet up. Young pickney a face death right yah suh.

  6. When di car tun over and dem dead off den yuh hear seh di driver shoulda know better. This nuh fi happen.

  7. When i was going high school, all 17 of us in the car. It was in Portland, all the police use to come round sea side & run us in the taxi and seh if any police stop uno down the road him is me pack the car.

  8. People in America or don’t know Our Jamaican Culture would say lock up the driver, My Uncle use to take us to the beach in a him Old Morris car and a so we use to pack up like sadine beause Everybody waaan reach a beach, Jamaica is NOT the only island or country who do this, All the kids want to go school and they making it work. Dem just need to slow down with the MAD driving.

  9. This is nothing new it happens all the time in the country…dats how I use ride home from skool too….Rain a fall & di driver nuh want left none a dem inna di rain

  10. Big up Driva!! He deserves a proper bus for this duty.

    The only down side a dem time deh they boys dem start get fresh and the girls dem a giggle…the slackness begins.

  11. bitch of all media and front row seat…..i have a question to ask….did either of you actually grow up in jamaica??……because the way you both speak smacks of the arrogance that accompanies privelege in a country where public transportation is at a premium and/or transportation is provided specifically for children…how many pics do you have to see of overcrowded buses in order to understand this situation is not unique to jamaica……..in jamaica and countless other countries around the world public transportation operators do not like to carry children because they pay a minimum fare and often as not quite unruly……so while im sure he is not doing it for free….this man actually has a heart because most other taxi operators would have ignored the kids….many preferring to go a couple more miles for the next adult fare……when i was in jamaica, even as an adult i would have to hop on or bail off a bus at my bus stop because according to both driver and conductor…..only some big pussy bwoy ago wait fi di bus full stop before dem hop off……lmao

  12. A dem way deh me went to school that’s why all my children have to knock out pay A* ,none a dem can’t come out wutliss .That is why it hurt my eyes to see the descendants of Jamaicans in farrin not taking education serious and misbehaving and filling up jails .Education is a way out ask the billionaires of silicon valley .De yute dem want learn that is why dem pack up inna car each morning .

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