Tuff face gal shorty u can chat to me cause this is all the man dem u f**k from Dunkirk.Batty face gal shorty member your big head sister work at delta too so work a work ugly gal

18 thoughts on “DI LIST

  1. Thats the dunkirk list… somebody run the new york list. Just add and go

    *The selector weh move gone fl
    *Wayne lots
    *Sam gotti
    *Natty chris
    *Her army man
    *One she post say she in atlantic city with but couldnt post him pic
    The ravers boy
    And these are just a few weh she post bout

  2. “Call di ambulance, a gyal p*ssy tongue dead. She tek more man dan “aspital” (hospital) bed” dwrcllll!!!!

  3. Shorty dem a rub yuh out f##ka yuh !!! Yuh love run pon ppl shit and ready feh criticize like yuh village lawyer run in now nuh mek the ppl dem rub yuh out sum more

  4. But dem seh natty Chris from 1-10 nah pack no heat, so shud we count di likkle buddy man to? Cuz mi nuh count nutten unda 5 inch enuh

  5. Shawty a f**k Unit Ravers 2 ugly f**r dem and him have a nice pretty girlfriend we hear say Shawty inna the party get all cabana her pussy have no principle then she post a light skin boy the other day knowing she still a f**k unit who keep the party

  6. Me never no a unit she with me did think a tony hype and correction is not natty Chris fr 110 a natty Chris fr red square him use to f#$k are niece too boy shorty dem done you never no u f**k so much man

  7. shorty Use to lick spragga Benz ass she a nick denham an say him batty taste like gunniness so a long time shorty a f**k down the place an a gawn suh

    1. Unnu bad eeee facts a never spragga batty get lick and unnu know a no Meedia this cause mixup Meedia know a no spragga batty did lucky..

  8. I feel so sorry for this girl, she has a history on her and it doesn’t look good.. Most time woman need to really settle down if it isn’t with your own men from yaad look an American or something else and just settle down and build something with someone and don’t jump around that don’t look good at all my girl!!! I feel shame for you too much…

  9. Me done say shorty an nick lick out spragga Benz batty an me don’t talk meedia from Kirk say dat straaa888 suck yh mada stinking pussy shorty

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