10 thoughts on “DI MAN DEM DID A SET FI QUACIE

  1. Met u know them sey if u can’t ketch Quacie u ketch him shirt?? Them fi work pon the family ya now esp this munx yute who them sey a give out guns to the lil teens them.The world won’t miss the likes of him nor quacie u think??

  2. Jahknooo di square would have been his death sentence! Him nuh jump poko in vain den! but wait we shall hear of his demise! Sum man weh deh jail on deathrow or watever weh naaa si back road must just pouce pan him puncture him liver or kidney!

  3. Everytime i see this piece of shit pitcha mi waaa kill him miself WHHHHYYY wi hez alive oh God why?? u mussy have a better punishment than death for him mi want dem gang rape him till him soil himself mi want everything thats bad to happen to him as torture :marah damn poison

    1. De one associated with the fruit and former jerkie?

      “Death before dishonor” we can’t dishonor we youth population that’s determine to strive.

  4. Him smell a rat man or him family dem pinch him a tell him… Das why dem nuffi waste Nuh time wid di family kill dem all an dun. A hope dem kill him in a jail.

  5. Sorry but if it was my child he kill and I can’t find him I’m burning down the houses of all his family members

  6. These senseless killings are getting out of hand. These young boys becoming murders instead of trying to do better for their lives. These old grown ass men need fi leave the young boys dem mek den go school instead of acting bad. But this boy hun a talk bout must dead. They told him to get out here with the badness and whomsoever response for him need fi feel the one who start him out in badness. These young boys think dem tough. I don’t feel sorry him when dem hold him and end his reign a terror because he will get worse.

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