If yo neva did a f*k like truck yo baby fadda woulda neva lef yu, from yo baby 2 months yu f*k bout 2-3 of the man friends, he move on now and it a madddddddddd yu?! Guy go clean yo house and wash under yuh hole and pay attention to yo baby 

256 thoughts on “DI MAN FRENZ?

  1. I dont care nothing about these folks – HOWEVER – Like how Im nosey. I looked up the address on google earth… uhhh – if my house looked so terrible, I would NOT be posting the rats nest for everyone to see.

  2. Who gives a shit about Pink, Chy and Zan? Dancehall gone to the dogs. All three of yall look like one bag ah crawsis ppl KMRT

  3. Brushflower 9:42 am, those ppl house paid for however where the fuck u live? Member ur name on here is brushflower finish hide n go brush underneath ur stinking section right pussy, y’all bitches hate so much on these females n probably owe ur bloodclot landlord.

  4. Everybody know that pussy Zantayyyy did want fi cotch up his Aids infested bruk self ah di ppl dem yard, cause the boy live outta his car, Pink don’t live no weh, Pink walk n beg food from blackie to feed her kids comin from they owna mouth, the two are both home rats that needed to stick together. Zantay u are no Man U go live n disgrace ur owna nasty self for attention the man dem ah laugh afta u, u never member when di boy di box u dung? Kmt u look like u only have woman strength u is nothing but SHIBBY SISTA. Bye girl.

  5. Wait bitch anonymous talking bout the ppl dem house how much house u own? Jamaica n America? Kmt Anonymous pussy gyal those ppl house safe a lot of dead dog like u, Those ppl help nuff ppl have a place to lay Dem dutty Pussy n dem hungry Pitney dem, by u writing ur Anonymous post u sound like u did live in a dem basement u sound big mad. Go feed ur hungry kids n Lowe the ppl dem name.

    1. Uno see how donna Gucci batty man son a trace and a act like a MITCH.. no regular man dont act so.. donna one eye daughter meah talk.

  6. Next topic u bitches in Philly is a fuckin joke, same boring ass topic I watched that nigga live n u can tell he is a Bitch, I would never book that scum for nothing. Any man diss his child mother is a nasty dog the NY man dem would’ve done him.

  7. Anonymous 11:36 exactly wat I said Pink look like she on that crack pipe, maybe that’s how Zan lost all that weight he was defying sum drugs. All these bitches lookin like they smiling sumthin lately Charm is a next one she look sick lately kmt bitch u have nothin over cherry. Y’all neee sum help Nect topic plz

  8. Well I know for sure pinky did live at the ppl dem place with her 10 Pitney dem n man n his fren, I know Lisa ppl for years always helping ppl, CHYANNE did not need that crosses Zan on her life, u can tell he wanted to live with her. Last time I saw him he had clothes in a car so I don’t think he live nowhere. These ppl need to get they life together before goin on live.

  9. Steve funeral this Saturday sip u dead so senseless, Zan take a lesson out his book u will definitely end up like him.

  10. Lol yes I remember when Zan get box down kmt the boy nuff, he don’t get no ratings str88 mama man!! Zan ah full time u invest in some dental insurance ur teeth dem yellow n brown n mouth smell bad. Kmt u was talking to my fren the other nite n ur mouth look disgusting. I don’t know wat these lil girls see in u. Omg

  11. Brush flower how many rat invested property u own? U sound like ur a mad tenant those ppl have house abroad n yard u could never compare ur broke Anonymous self to them. They help sad needy ppl like urself. Go brush up ur nasty pussy before u talk.

    1. Look bitch, you same one keep posting about how many houses somebody own. We know your folks own property in America and Jamaica but you act like legal money bought that shit. Thank President Regan for being president in the 80’s when money did ah run. Its great your father had sense to invest and have assets but dont be on here all boasy an shit because the house you so hype over is in southwest. Them run down rat infested ass houses over there. Girl bye. Its a blessing to not have to pay rent or a mortgage but the way you talk you would swear yall live next door to DuPont out in Villanova somewhere. That old ass house on 54th and Willows. Come betta yah. And dont go talking shit about your house in Yeadon cuz that’s just a suburb of dirty ass southwest.

  12. This comment is for falling star falling star, falling star ‍♀️ Could you please stop coming out in those five dollar wigs? Smfh fi somebody like you weh a fuck from you a 3years old yuh done out pussy don’t have nothing to show? Girl yuh stand realllllll bad hoe.

  13. Wait uno nuh see and hear wah gwan over miracles . Police and everybody go over there and pure drugs weed and corruption was going on smh ….

  14. Suh Syria Thomas yuh guh do yuh body too. It’s a pity dem cah do reputation cause bitch you still a hoe. A gwan like goodie when dun f— out Philly dancehall. Guh sit some where with the rest of fake bodies bitches.

  15. Someone sounds bitter. They have care credit…increase that credit score and go for it if you don’t have cash on hand

  16. Y’all sound like some bitter bitches! Jealous as fuck! The girl deserves to be HAPPY after everything she’s been through. Roxy owns a nice ass house, car has a good job, has her papers, she’s good mom, she has a good man, cooks, cleans, has a good heart and CAN FUCKIN AFFORD SURGERY! That’s the problem with a some of y’all women today! Instead of tearing each other down yall should be linking up with each other, supporting and each other instead of competing with one another and being social media gangstas. That way we all can get ahead together. But instead y’all rather act like
    fuckin uneducated, ignorant, STD having, bleached out bitches that stay in “mixup” as y’all call it…. chasing homeless ass, needing niggas! Go better yourself, take a class, go to therapy, pray, mind your business, treat people right, start a business, open a bank account, clean your ass and house! Maybe a man will want your ass and you too will be blessed and happy one day!

  17. Nobody knows this girl or cares,if u ask me she put her self in the comment section smh anyways u look good so the long post and the unnecessary live u did makes no sense if you have ur life so much together why sent yourself in girl

  18. Ok Make it make Sense in my best Monique voice.

    When in business you invest to get a return correct? So you invest in your body and not collecting an exrtra dolla ?

    Why go do ur body to sleep wid the same brukk pocket man, have the same mate who did her body too, While exchanging the same dirty semen ?? what are yall in competition to see who look more stupid or who can tolerate more stress? It crack me up to see yall standing in the parties posing on each other only to leave miserable and stress again.
    Did yall realize within less than 10 years you have to go back and redo that surgery to keep it looking normal, if not you will look like a Donkey with 4 sandbags hanging dung; 2 fi the titty and 2 fi the batty. lol . Ask Donna Benz. she is the perfect poster child because them titities been needed to be redone and she didn’t. as far as I can see a bunch a thot went and put them self in bankruptcy only to be more miserable and not banking or pulling any real money man.
    Why did yall skip the main thing that needed to be done like your teeth, or bad breath correction? no matter how good the body looks, once a man see your smile and smell that breath, he is not coming back. Can 1 generation hate themself soo bad? Between bleaching and surgery and cake on make up no one knows the real U..

    Half of yall have kids about to start college and can’t even find the first dolla.. keep waiting for government assistance , you see they stop laying with that free shit..

    I’m not knocking a soul, but yall look real stupid bougee and broke and every copying the next and can’t elevate any further.

  19. She have two by glen boy and girl him left her for blackie and she cause trouble ever since bout time she move on and be happy

  20. Glen and har left long time before Blackie came in the picture. She fuck pon him with flash and Glen catch har nasty rass that’s why him left har

  21. Flash use to move over the man pickney dem and fuck har right pon the bed with the toddler watching mommy fucking fuck

  22. Yes bye bye friend Flash fuck har inna the bed while the toddler watching and the man found out and neatly left har nasty rass

  23. But he don’t take care of her kids so why not be happy the next man stepping in just pray she don’t fuck around them again smh that is trifling

  24. She don’t let him see his kids, I heard he haven’t seen those kids in years because she bitter as hell

  25. Because she dirty, that make her sister’s dirty? How are they dirty? If you come with something, come with facts

  26. No sah it Look Like Twin Stop Fuck Daymeoon Now & A Fuk hotskull now too Tass , hot skull why you so hype a run down hype life and don’t have nuting broda yuh nah give Greg him money wah you own the man but yet inna a party a run down hype life and act like u got it like that …… twin sometimes u need FI chill you act like a big pussy gyal like damn hypness is not everything no Matta wah him go it’s like attention haffi duh pon him look pon tiggs have liked money but chill and no so hype . Twin love too much center of a attention man FI a man don’t look good . And hot skull just under him so never yet see hotskull with money only when twin pull out his him get hype .

  27. @ 1:18 So true him must have found she over Kensington r north Philly projects dark circles round yeyeball dem like sickness suck out she soul Twin has to be di dime piece ina him relationshit Hotskull suck Twin Poor gyal just a side piece for Twin hideous self

  28. Because Crystal fucking with a dirty nigga that’s why she look dirty to. And a next thing twin white we know you be getting a hook up in saks and those other store you be shopping in, and that’s facts. Until you can show those receipts with the same prices on the tags on the clothes or shoes? Den yuh can come talk to wi fassy. Twin white everybody know seh yuh is a informer you a work. Yuh better mek sure seh yuh naw work in vain.. and ain’t nothing wrong with getting a hook up in saks or those other store. But don’t act like you rich, pussy you a MAINTAIN! That’s a big difference.

  29. But twin white a fuck man and woman so ‍♀️ Sis be careful that’s all . When him was with him baby mada she never look or stay three bad but yeah crystal always look like a rass crack head like jus cause a label you inna don’t mean can dress she a natural pretty girl mi like that but how your man always at party hyping and shxt but you look a rass mess like a pick him pick up up no sah . And twin still a fuck him baby mada from New York so . Nothing new listen guess when flossing and have money gyal nuh cAre And him don’t look good like

    1. Twin still fucking his 16 year old baby mother?!?? Wow I thought he would have learned and move on. After he paid the hush money he still fucking a child? Good God

  30. Batty boy bones man yuh naw payback the people dem money Pussy every minute yuh a keep a flop party, the little money yuh mek from selling weed you spend it out in a yuh flop party dem.Pussy yuh come off Instagram because di man dem a look fi yuh a bay little pickney you molested all yuh gal pickney dem yuh moslest see how long yuh and yuh gal deh and she neva breed fi yuh but as she reach foreign she breed all dem gal deh want lick in face mek man a fuck off the pickney dem because she love sweets batty boy wait till mi send mi niggas a Philly cum find yuh.

  31. Batty boy bones man yuh naw payback the people dem money Pussy every minute yuh a keep a flop party, the little money yuh mek from selling weed you spend it out in a yuh flop party dem.Pussy yuh come off Instagram because di man dem a look fi yuh a bay little pickney you molested all yuh gal pickney dem yuh moslest see how long yuh and yuh gal deh and she neva breed fi yuh but as she reach foreign she breed all dem gal deh want lick in face mek man a fuck off the pickney dem because she love sweets batty boy wait till mi send mi niggas a Philly cum find yuh.

  32. No sah dontae stop fuck big sore whale veachy she gone to burgs now . What a shame but veachy we tried of that wig the color done out and meesha girl the blonde wig is the same also I guess that’s y’all going out hairstyle

    1. Get a fucking life. It’s bitches like you is the reason sum wukliss gyal feel like dem ah sumbody. My girl get a life and stop comparing your none existent love life to other ppl. worry about yuhself. Fix up yuhself. Nuff ah unu have a habit of always wanting for someone situation to be sadder than yours so you dont feel nuh way about what you nah do and what yuh aint going to do to change it. Worry about yuhself and stop watch veachy stinking front.

  33. Joanna Whale please to leave Veachy and Meesha alone weh look wayyyyyyyyyy better than you. My girl yuh look real uncomfortable ah Chills last night we nuh stop from laugh, gal yuh need fi go loose weight and do ah full body lift fi look like Meesha and Veachy

  34. But veachy body nuh stay good from morning and meesha tittles look weird as fuck Mek she look disform but hey


  36. Honestly some a uno call wear all the so called name brand stuff and still don’t luk gud and still luk cheap no fuck honestly the gyl dem inna regular clothes did luk Betta than some a uno . Simple a cute is always good jus a cuz a name don’t always look gud pon some a uno cuz uno cah style tings

    1. Da amount of time mi see veachy being defended by someone in di comments, mi only tink seh ah she ah try come defend herself.

  37. Mi seh mi affi laugh Falling Star yuh braveeeeeeeeeeee nuh bloodclaat why you suh wicked to yourself? Why yuh come out inna a G string inna a that flat ass. A yuh clown ass man really a lie to you? Because bitch somebody trick you. You look like one a dem big brown barrel weh dem sell a shop rite lol. Mi naw lie just picture one a dem big brown barrels deh with a G string pon it lol a suh yuh look what a sight bitch yuh full a too much confidence. Mi see weh yuh get it from yuh shape bad madda, it inna uno DNA it couldn’t miss yuh.

  38. MOVE YU RASS HATER !!!! The gyal did look Okay and she have confidence unlike some a uno dutty shape bad Jamaicans who haffi get body done and the body a lean from one side to the other she natural … mi never see nothing wrong with what she had on . Half the party never look good pure big belly , shape bad , bleach out different color skin gyal and gyal wah coulda stay home and pick she out . She must did look betta than yuh . A dat mi hate wit uno philly ppl can never give a compliment when people actually look good . She never stay bad . Atleast she have confidence FI wear and show her body something some a uno cah do cause monkey and the whole zoo done bite uno and toilet bump all over

  39. First of all falling star a must you write that Because bitch yuh stand real bad, nobody inna dem right mind would never ever write that and seh you stay good. Or a must yuh ugly family in-laws because di all a dem stay and shape bad, you blend in perfect with them. Who nuh look like bear look like gorilla foh lol falling star ain’t nobody hating on you bitch, your whole life sad and is a mess smfh.

  40. uno no see nuh veachy gwan a burgs now what is this !!! All dem gyal dah & man pass around like it’s no tomorrow

    1. Di while dancehall a pass round donkey weather you know it are not.. low fucking bitch. You sound hurt because nobody dont wants you

  41. Nobody said falling star never look ok inna har iceberg weh been stop wear, you missed the point….,,, mi seh she braveeeeeeee bad fi put thong inna har ass because she shape bad. If you seh falling star di look good in that outfit? Then you one wicked bitch. Uno need to stay fren, she need ppl like you in her life weh aguh fake it and boost up har confidence. She don’t need frens like me because I would of let that bitch know seh she look like one of those shoprite barrels lol, a uno a di fucking wicked mi fraid a uno bad.

    1. Why veechy n burgs can’t just b friends y a deh them did affi deh y a caan him friend d man no married n live wid him wife n him family so uno fi stop it plus burgs a somebody kmft the party did nice talk that the ticket them too dare n shanua u start to look like a big bag of embalm fluid stop with d ass shots now cuz yu tek it too far mi no c A GYAL inna Philliy dancehall wey do surgery n look good no sah uno blotched asf n boops u is a example of blotch cuz wat in the lumpy lumpy big belly u do go bk for ur money…..

  42. You sound like one a falling star stay bad so call frens or har ugly in-laws, you just nuh mek no fucking sense.

  43. She shape bad and wigs don’t never look good FallingStar . You body shape just like the In laws . DWL You Sure the in-laws isn’t the biological family in real life

  44. Boy uno one set a wicked people … every other week a di same people who a hate pon !!!! If it’s not falling star , it’s tia , it’s sexy shauna , it’s veachy like uno nuh see the people dem nah pay uno no mind DWL philly we haffi do better NEXT !!!!

  45. First of all nobody name you call in your little paragraph, ain’t nobody hating on them because all a dem bitches life sad nuh bloodclaat, dem need fi pack up and go back to Jamaica because dem nuh serve nuh purpose inna America, Except sexy shauna at least mi can seh di gyal have a whole leap a ambition. Suh get yuh argument straight. Because when ppl a hate pon ppl it’s a big fucking difference. You can feel the hate! Falling star life could an stay cause fi a gyal weh nuh ugly, from she young till now she a mine man, mi waw fi know if she nuh tired fi a mine man? Har life sad nuh bloodclaat she shape like square lol And di worst part about it, you and yuh little dutty stay bad fren dem a di worst type a bitches bout yah, di all a uno life sad nuh bloodclaat and a uno love chat ppl di most

  46. Anybody notice that the story that was posted last week about Jigga, somehow magically got deleted. I’m surprised because this site never delete story’s that were sent it. Jigga who you know?

    1. What you mean the woman husband don’t have no owner the owner is the wife periodtt….or whoever him own or show respect to

      1. Yall are all a joke. And you sound stupid af. Signed American girl we’re laughing at yall and your fuckry. Lmao!

  47. Indy is why Bubbles a gwan so pan you now / unuh nah talk no more?

    Kelly your life sad and miserable eeeh? Imagine you deh pan vacation a celebrate ur anniversary and you a post more than enjoying urself. Sad bad.. keeping faking it till you are happy yah.

    For the life of me can someone explain to me why these women wear theses tights under their clothe thinking it really match their Skin color. who are yall fooling? It is too hot for this. All a unuh muss a dead from Yeast infection di way how di germs a boil up ina unuh crothes. Imagine a pool party and unuh ina batty rida and skin colored tights? Lmao. Who are yall posing on tho? Cause all yall broke homeless and hungry . unuh teef the outfit and teck unuh rent money buy the shoes fi showoff pan unuh self. Some of yall could of stayed home really. If you are past the age of 35 you had no business at that pool party because your time of partying was expired long ago. Life has to be sad for the same people that can’t stand each other meet up just to look at each other and whisper and laugh. To how it hot mi cah believe people come a di party wid a full face a makeup. dwbl. I forgot you have to hide all the spots and pothole in ur face. Lol. The mount a money unuh teck a impress people unuh coulda buy unuh paypas and live somewhere decent for a change. Way unuh ago do now that di big man a start look fi all waste matters ina him country…

  48. It was cute girls at the party? Looks like the same girls that’s out at every party, every weekend.

  49. Who d bumborasacloth uno a write long paragraph all a talk bout kelly who not even was at pool party just mad cause kelly turn citizen n got a pool while y’all can’t even can fly go a different state y’all soon turn kelly maid clean up her house n a beg cup a water

  50. Veachy Yuh still a fuck Dante cause all when Yuh nuh in it Yuh in it to clath.a Yuh a alone a get fuck from K.C husband Inna di dancehall right this minute

  51. Veachy pussy friendly nuh rass who Veachy didn’t fuck n as for Dante him nuh have no owna how KC feel him name nuh stop call wid stay bad Veachy

      1. But dem don’t have nothing . Meesha don’t even have a job and veachy suppose to be her fren and cah help her get a job she don’t even have a diploma . Dem old and bruk with nothing jus come a party FI b center of attention and be naked that’s all

  52. Veachy and Meesha you are a disgrace to Philadelphia dancehall y’all came in Bevon party last night and took center stage right infront the Deejay so obviously all eyes is on y’all and yuh waan fi tell me sey the people dem have their personal belongings on the stage and Meesha thief it and pass it to Veachy and Veachy put it in har bag Veachy you as a promoter and fresh cash boss you should see people things and leave it alone because people came out their house to support an event and enjoy themselves but as soon as they turn their backs red eye people like you just sidung a wait to take people things that is very disgusting behaviour from 2 grown ass women and Meesha wid fi har dirty looking self look stink like she waan bathe after she pass it gi Veachy she went to the bathroom and waited for awhile before she came back to the stage and for the whole time Veachy look uncomfortable until Meesha come back then they act as if nothing happened and I wasn’t just watching these lady but they were sitting on the stage right in front the Deejay and if you dancing and A interact with the Deejay you gonna look on the stage and I was standing in front the stage so I see everything I can’t trust people like y’all with not even a candy y’all just some petty thieves how yuh fi thief from people who yuh a party wid people who spend dem money and support yuh event Veachy the receiver is a bad as the rogue…

    1. Kim Jonah wale event planner uno mad bad cah dem nuh share di wealth soon geh uno beaten fi mine di ppl dem business yuh hide an teef fuck frm yuh bawn uno stink rolling calf

  53. Rass meesha turn theif now a so bad it gone no sah & from morning meesha loook stink and like she wah bathe

  54. So donna your son inna unnuh cookout a tek pic with battyman no this serious the man weh turn woman weh name chrissy

    1. Gyal fuck yuh !!!! Just cause the man a tek picture with the people dem who come out wah the problem ppl come support so !!! Act like the man did a do something

  55. There’s been some cute new faces comin out… not sure if they’re from outta town but few of them been coming to parties for a few months. Maybe they’re mates… I guess people don’t notice them because they’re so focused on the old washed up Philly
    chicks that everyone argue and post about everyday. I know that one is a nurse and one is a attorney.

  56. @ANON 8:53 Nurse is with one of the boys in twin white crew. Not sure if she’s with Ratz or the other one. I didn’t want to call names and not be sure but I see them together in the streets. Also, there’s a video with the boys and two gals on Ratz fb…. She’s in one of the videos. The lawyer is with a money man… don’t recognize him. I saw them at a few bashments hug up.

  57. It’s plenty of established females that come out but they don’t be all up in the camera only the ugly dirty usual ones show off be broke as shit

    1. So true, those be the wuklis gals wanting attention. The established ones you nuh see dem… they just chill and don’t even want people knowing they have money.

  58. If dis the yankee gal she Kim dem fren. She nuh new, she just not about fame and dance. Guess she been coming out wid new man. Mi hear him papered up too… When she do come out a lot of folk big har up. Not all women are dunce, some have use. The gal heart clean she tun up in a real life. She help many folk it nuh normal. She get mi sista husband charges tossed and dem major! Sometimes she don’t even charge. True every year around Christmas she help about 5 families fi free wid ICE and other stuff.

  59. That last comment must of been Kim bout that’s Kim friend. You know her so well. Must be one of her friends posing like a stranger who heard things.

    1. Kim Spendas Is Nakeisha sis. Nakeisha is messy as fuck. The nurse is with twin. She’s in Kim’s and nakeisha’s fb pics.

  60. It’s obvious the person know the gal but I doubt its Kim on pinkwall. She seem to keep to herself and her pickney. It could be kim sister nakeisha… she chat too much and in everyone business…. or its someone else who knows her. Yall asked about the new faces so the people dem giving you whatever info. Someone say something nice about a person and yall vex. If it was mixup yall happy! Yall too brite.


  62. No sah mesha plz plz dash wah dat wig … FI yuh sah you a hot gyal yuh nuh see sah the wig stiff so till . The wig look like one a del Barbie doll hair plastic throw it .. WOW

  63. Honestly speaking some of uno need FI give dancehall scene a break and get uno self together honestly … some of y’all been partying since nifiji days , neva stay gud then and now worse nuh stay gud and a the one dem wah sah dem a the hottest gyal inna philly dwl plz stay home . Hair never stay good , clothes never stay gud and body look tried pop down and wah rest

    1. Wait wait wait a minute … Bobby best who ?? No sah somebody send in the details . Mi did hear sah fight gwan now but who did a fight

  64. Bobby is just a fool that thinks he is a bad man cause him have fren weh lend him dem pie pie. Him gwine back it pan di wrong person and then him madda ago wish she did love him and pay him more attention . I never see a more ignorant dumb ass and then him have Shakera dI puppet Who feel like she have bad man and no know say Bobby is a madman. Chu him know him family nah go damage him back him always a exhalt him self pan dem. Real bad man no back tool every time dem get mad unless dem ago use it. Every time him get mad di first thing him run fa. Him musssie a teck coke or Xanax fi a act so all do time. Him need fi humble himself that’s why people start stay far from him. Dem no wah him bait up dem life and kill dem by accident.

  65. Y’all see how lisa fray drop dung inna the party and chy stand and watch har a grung what a life

    1. Him buss up shakera face all the time and she think it’s love that girl be out every night and barley be with her kids I know her cousin Indian sheeka have a new born baby and a shack up inna falling star kids room cause she tell mi associate seh she feel like she have 6 pickini instead of 4 cause the cousin a live with dem and Bobbie don’t like that. My advice to sheeka is go find somewhere to katch before bobbie put gun to you next. All Bobbie do is pop pills and beat falling star how you have so much kids under 5 and you out every night a stall and most of the time yu don’t make one. Learn to be a mother now remember yu big daughter yu never raise her yu box her all over Jamaica and America and get her back big please leave dancehall alone and give those kids what yu mother never gave you love. Bobbie whole family look handicap make them continue mash up dancehall with them handicap self

  66. When 12 belly Lisa drop dung inna party? Suh weh dutty tuff hoe out Rosie did deh? Karma is a bitch. Dem love chat ppl too much. Dem old ass fi stay home. Old golden girl asses

  67. Somebody go check pon Kae FI see if she ard …. kae yuh okayyy we wah know you always a scream sah you a wife this and that and man never acknowledge you . We been Been did know sah a cierra windy sah from long time .. man say happy birthday to mi wife , kae like yuh and stinky mouth sista cah never find or have a man for uno self .. uno a really man clown and man carpet like markie woulda sah man toilet bowl

  68. The gyal falling star always out with her kids and dem look nice uno need FI stop if . People can still party an Mek time with dem kids shxt a lot of dem ppl in dance hall need FI stay home dem cuz half of dem never know dem have kids cuz dem with dem so a nuh she alone

    1. & plus Bobby and his sister been fighting each other their entire lives, THEYRE SIBLINGS. mind y’all business

    2. Exactly & Bobby probably been fighting his sister their whole life, they’re siblings, mind y’all business.

      1. Ok cool but at his party? That’s seems highly abusive. She’s not a kid and he’s not her father. Bobby get a grip before u meet yuh match

  69. Veachy at this point you and your friends can’t talk about nobody ugly or nothing cause not even likkle Vaseline you coulda put pon your lips before go pon life !” Look like the same man clown you a talk bout jus come inna your mouth .. and the wig no sah coulda atleast pluck it a likkle girl but please you been man clown since years and years but now jus a claim it

  70. No sah who Really A Fuck Veachy Though ? she Look Stink , Sore & Just Like She Nuh Bade ina Dayzzzzzz!!!!! Haffi Be A American Or Something So She Well Call Up Him Name , Cah Be A Jamaican

  71. Nobody wah nah bade Veachy and nasty Meeshae. Mi how Tia a beat dem bad. Dem tired wig deh weh dem a wear need fi put a somebody door step fi door mate cause dem stay bad. Veachy my girl stop wear neon colour clothes. Yuh fren Kelly couldn’t tell how yuh look bad a di cookout weh night? O’lord. Unnuh need help. Meesha stay home wid unnuh ugly sista nuh. Windy mek she look like dog weh day when a Chanell Birthday. Only man clown inna Philly dance hall and Veachy har fool fool sista weh a breed Meesha Kae and did rest s tired body community mattress dem.


  73. Yes good gyal veachy finally FINALLY A new wig . Maybe if mesha did have a Gud Job she coulda get one too

  74. Anon 8:20pm dont put that nasty whoring bitch on no American we dont want that nasty trash, keep her on yall team where she belong…now carry on

  75. Mi really would a like fi know a which TIA uno a talk bout? Because a caw di same ugly bleached out looking jowanan man uno a talk weh caw post a good picture or video without filter a kill har! Lol which part a that ugly bitch look and stay good fa weh day? With har buss up buss croches lol. Uno wicked nuh rass mi fraid bad.

    1. Stop hating the gyal a come together . Some a uno cah jus give ppl credit or nothing and uno no betta …. she a come together better than veachy and mesha dem

    2. Yuh know a true though Veachy look like big momma on the beach Inna har yellow swimsuit nd blonde hair/dreads Lmao

  76. Veechy your outfit look so bad at Bobby cookout what was you thinking and the hair is a mess why do you come out looking like that who is taking you that you lol good in those type of outfits hope it isn’t kelly the same cheap one pice lovely wholesale outfits Unno wear isn’t cute on try clothes on with class that look better on you it will make you look better

  77. Tia look like rupaul drag queen tranny with the nasty legs do better all you bitches in Philly look a hot mess and jealous of anybody that come out looking better the you

  78. Mi a wonder if a Dantae middle name Maurice Lmao we know him will deh wid you all if yuh big like house or mawga like a dog from Yuh can give him things K.c your needed mi love answer this Ooooooo

    1. Were not going to go back and forth on the American vs jamaican thing. Say what you want about us but you’ll fight hard for papers just to stay here. Anyway must be tia who send in all the comments about herself and liked it 25 times. How many times you’ll gonna keep talking about veachy? That girl probably coming out like that on purpose because she know you’ll come out to watch her, now that’s a showtime girl. She mad unnu bad and she sleeping good at night knowing you’ll cant function without commenting on her. I’m just saying.

      1. Why it must be TIA ?? Tia and veachy not sharing buddy so please look the other way.. dont you know dante is the man that these girls going crazy for. I dont have to say nomore

  79. 8:28 bitch you come to America to live a better life don’t ever think your better bleached out skin crawny legs no paper having sleeping ion a leaf no Education having ass bitch go back to Jamaica

  80. I will never Fuk for foood House never dirty speaking for myself you Jamaican bitch be and dance hall and standing around 5/10 niggas y’all fuked you bitches nasty af you bitches jump from dick to dick friend to friend and fuked 3/4 niggas in the same crew uno wicked

    1. Yankee gyal unnuh stop gwan like unnuh a goodas. Unnuh a dance broke like dog man affi buy unnuh sumtten fi drink. Who fuck ppl man like unnuh dutty bitch? all unnuh own family man unnuh Yankee gyal fuck. Unnuh fuck any and everything. If a nuh lizard unnuh dead fi thirst. Keyanna yuh fuck yuh own family man. Stop gwan like yuh a goodas. Unnuh live pan welfare don’t have car or shit. But a cum talk bout Jamaican. Wi may nuh have nuh papers but wi fucking working. Wi nuh dance go go or hide and sell fuck like unnuh. Unnuh Yankee gyal need fi find a gym or surgeon fi di big belly unnuh have have in front a unnuh and stop watch who di Jamaican gyal dem a fuck. Unnuh vex. A fi unnuh pussy dem a use? Guh find a diet go pan bitches

  81. Nasty American gal don’t forgot that is 20 dollars fuck you sell to the Jamaican niggas because no American men dont want you because they done rubout your stinking mouth already.. and yes we Jamaicans living better than most of you hoodrats in y’all own country.. dutty American gal you not belong here either (in my DONALD’S TRUMP voice) go sit your funky don’t have anything in America ass down somewhere.. damn brite.. skettel American gal no man not claiming you, neither Jamaicans or Americans you smell like puss piss.

  82. They stand in the club rolling there eyes and jealous of anybody that look better ..y’all mad because your skin need bleach for a lighter complexion you afraid of your skin tone but forget to bleach your feet to match …You idiot girl only in America to party!!!you can get a real education and further your life but y’all wanna go to party all week instead

    1. @6:34pm You aint NEVA LIE! But they mad and hate us! Their men LOVE us and those bald headed, non educated bleached out ugly ass whores hate us AMERICAN WOMEN! They’re F*&#@ up all across the board! Feet, teeth, body, hair, face and all! Makeup all caked up! No common sense or education…. STDs and all. Always borrowing and begging! They hate any woman that isn’t Jamaican no matter the race/culture SMHF. Only a HANDFULL can do good for themselves… WHO RAISED YALL JAMAICAN WOMEN???? YALL BITCHES need to take a damn class, learn something, better yourselves, stop stealing, stop dogging each other out, soften the tf up, stop being so rough and manly… yall look so damn rough because yall don’t take care of yourselves and party all the damn time then wanna run for surgery. THERE’S NO DAMN WAY YALL so young and LOOK the way yall do! Even the older women are washed tf up and still party! A DISGRACE! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  83. Vex move you sound upset you bitches go do yall body and still look Fuk up one boob bigger then the other and one butt cheek bigger than the other you bitches looked nasty last night y’all skin Fuk up bad you bitches talk soo much shit ain’t got a pot to piss in and a window to throw it out Fuk off

  84. I just want to k ow who is doing these girls hair . Shauna congrats on the business but stop letting kelly do y’all hair Veechy your hair looks like it’s too heavy blonde doesn’t look good on you at all .Cash you really come out like that . Your skin isn’t appropriate for that attire your stomach and head and shoulders too big for that stuff . All of Unno hair looks so nasty .Crazy hands does good hair won’t last long but she is good at melting the lace .

    1. Who isnt indie plucking? she suppose to live a yad wid har man and every cayliss Hood har name call pan. If she did look good it wouldnt so bad.

  85. Shaneek wingy the best looking girl inna dancehall Unno run her outta of Philly because Unno was jealous of her bad

    1. She run har self out a Philly wid har mouth and har busy pum pum. Prettiest Where? fi har looks can buy, the botch body can buy too. th bleach out color can buy too. so where is the substance in Shaneek? her attitude is her doenfall/. She feel like people hate har but she really hate har self. tell har fi stop go ina di people dem store and go spend time get a GED. go improve har life fi har 1/2 dozen kids and show dem some love.

  86. First of all veachy body look like big mommas with the fake stuff look bad and outta shape and shauna hair wasn’t bad at her party !!! Coming from and seeing other people atleast her closure was melted down . Some a dem closure gwan all inna the back of dem head

  87. Shauna hair look horrible all the time the hair color never look professional and her parts are always ugly the scalp look like it’s sick and balding nothing better about her wigs all of Unno hair stay bad in the hair department :thumbup :sorry :ketupat

  88. Sewage you jealous of wingy period she always looks nice fake body and all and why everytime somebody mention her name Unno stat chat about her kids dem at least they takin care of and not in foster care

  89. Hotskull no sah the peiole dem wah receipts and prove FI dem
    Shorts dah . Dark shorts look like straight from flea market no sah . Stop try keeping up with twin and batty man daymeon stay inna your lane and give Greg him money wah u owe him


  91. So Twin white nuh deh with the browing anymore this the third party mi see him with the little dark skin girl weh par with Neicy nd Tia them she look like 16 years old Twin white Yuh love likkle pickney eeehhh

  92. y’all Jamaican bitches are a mess! WHO RAISED YALL? There’s ONLY A HADFULL OF DECENT ONES! TRY a PROFESSIONAL HAIRSTYLIST AND MAKEUP ARTIST! PERIOT! LOOK TF IN THE MIRROR BEFORE YOU GO OUT OR DOUBLE CHECK WITH A FRIEND BEFORE YOU WALK OUT THE DOOR! THE BLEACH IS OLD, CORNY AND PLAYED OUT! Yall party all damn day and night and wonder WHY TF yall look so old then run for surgery! Yall rough as shit, Soften up! Take care of your bodies, feet and teeth! Eat clean, drink water, get facials. Change yall nasty ass attitudes and do some damn personal development and growth! Take a class, credit repair, save money, get job, stop being whores, stop stealing, pray, go to church, BE A GOOD HUMAN!!! DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE!!

  93. You up there talking about who raise us Jamaicans? Who the fuck raised y’all Americans and some of uno other bitches from different islands? First of all uno suck pussy like dog, uno fuck for a nickle bag of weed, y’all bitches fuck uno mother, sister, auntie, brother, uncle and father man. Y’all hoes jealous as fuck. Quick to talk about go back to Jamaica. Bitch we can go back to Jamaica any fucking time and nobody can stop us, at least we have a country to go back to if push comes to shove. Let me ask you bum washed up bitches this? Where the fuck will you crackheads go back to? Y’all bitches don’t see that y’all don’t belong in America just like us islanders? Trump don’t want y’all crackhead hoes here, white ppl don’t want y’all dusty ass here’ just like how they don’t want us here. So for you bum ass crackhead Americans bitches weh a try style Jamaican bitches at least we have somewhere to fucking go where we are the fuck wanted.

    1. My girl you sound dumb the shit you jam idiots do is not normal so no need to go back n forth live ya life the best way you know how survival is a must bleach out skin till you die

    2. Bitch you came to America to live for a better life why you come here to party only ?Jamaica has the best party’s so you in America for what . I never seen an American hate on a Jamaican . We live the best life and only in Philly you see that type of behavior sleeping with sis and brothers but you bitches are so envious of Americans and none of y’all have shit in philly all you can do is wipe the ass of the elderly because they don’t ask for proof of citizenship Because you been in Philly so long y’all fuckers start doing the same sexual acts as the rest in philly .I can tell you never been outside of Philly dusty bleach out skin can’t read and write illiteracy is not education .

      1. And you talking bout you never seen an America hating on a Jamaican lol, fuck outta here some of you Americans bitches bad mind worst than some of these Jamaican bitches Ctfu. Since all we do is party and we come to America to party. What the fuck you American bitches doing in the Jamaican party? Y’all bitches is a set of waste just like sum Of those Jamaican bitches. Uno pussy busy like the high way. Most of the bum dancehall niggas fuck out uno America bitches too. Uno fuck dog, cat, woman and man guh suck yuh madda bitch!

        1. Girl if you learn how to read and stop respond with foolishness I’m tired of you not reading properly and talking and all that you still you don’t have your right to be here . We are born here and y’all want to have what we have nobody jealous of none of you .Get your paperwork right before ice take you back bye hoe

    3. You’re talking so much foolishness but You’re in OUR country… WHY are you here? You can “go back” but you “chose” to be here using our resources, our money, our water, our housing, healthcare,BLEACH…ect to take care youself. bye WITH THAT!

      1. Any day anyone of you nasty shit breath Americans tell me to my face to “GO BACK “.. I will alright, BUT not until I fuck you up the real way BITCH… my country never refuse me yet.. it doesn’t matter where the fuck I am..NUH WEH NUH BETTA THAN YARD..you hear that bitch so dont get it twisted.

    4. You sound dumb, ignorant and illiterate which proves what most people are saying about YOU (not the other JA people)in these threads. You’re saying Trump don’t want the Americans but you’re over here in America. BITCH HE DON’T WANT YOU EITHER! Stop playing yourself on Pinkwall and get an education before you come on social media! That bleach got to your brain, all those various men semen you swallowed ate out your heart and the crack you’re on destroyed your soul… you’re a shell. Get some damn help! Your mother must’ve did a fucked up job raising you!

  94. Has for you fuck out wingy weh yuh pussy big nuh bloodclaat like the 50 states inna America, girl nobody remember you. Yuh love come over pinkwall a write bout yuh self and a act like nobody remember you. My girl yuh find a gyal clown fi lock yuh down. Ok bitch congrats cause we don’t miss you, you are not the first toilet bowl fi get lock down by a clown and you will definitely won’t be the last bitch. Go worry about setting a foundation fi yuh 12 Pickney dem weh yuh have. And stop worry bout philly business go mek yuh so-call wanna be don man weh yuh a fuck give yuh sum substance outta life, yuh too old now bitch, fi still be a big head bud. Go sit your ass down somewhere, cause for the 950 times nobody miss you bitch…… bitch make sure when you a put yuh pussy and mouth to use you a set a foundation down a yard. Remember you a walk pon chalk line inna Merica bitch!

  95. Bitch what away it burn yuh nasty rass, you Ms American bitch that keep commenting bout Jamaican bitches. You so bright and intelligent, why you keep following me up Waste Suck pussy Gyal? It bun yuh bitch!!!!!! Like I said before you black Americans bitches is not wanted in your own country of birth…… guh drink bleach bitch. And yes bitch last time I checked’ wiping ass is still a fucking job bitch……. and some Jamaican are legal in America bitch, so we wiping old ppl ass, we are paying taxes for your crackhead auntie, mother, sister, uncle, father and yuh battyman crackhead brother. We paying taxes for you bums can stay on wealth fair and crack bitch….. An don’t get it twisted bitch, because a lot of fucking Americans Bleachhhhhhhhhhh their skin too bitch. Yuh sound big mad!

  96. Cut the bullshit with Americans and Jamaicans dissing each other. I’m American and I fucks wit yardies. The inspiration for me being so ambitious come from yardies. Our cultures will never understand each other’s way of life. The foundation in which we are raised on differs. That’s how it go. But nonetheless I fucks wit yardies. One thing wit yard gyal they dont wait around for no man that dog them out and fuck dem fren dem. They aint playing the waity katy game so big deal if they find a next man to grine. It’s apart of their culture. The only reason Jamaican men like us American so much is because we naive, we sit down wid they fuckery and believe the lies like idiots. But deep down yaad mon dont want we for real for real. So just enjoy the spice, excitement. modeling, partying and music yardies bring with them and live in the moment. Stop getting wrapped up in who is doing what and who is doing who.

  97. At 1:54pm big up yuh damn self boo mad respect, Mad love boo….. you so right, I’m not going to entertain the fucking. But bless up yuh self….. I know you got real Americans bitches out there too.

  98. Bitches like you don’t deserve to live an America you can’t read to save your life or spell if the hood rat bleached out skin bitch up top would of never mentioned about Americans nobody would respond . I come to this site several times and I see comments about Americans and not one time have I said anything until today so until you bitches learn something besides being a illiterate dunce house cleaning dancehall mattress and stop bleaching your skin we won’t have anything to say about ya .

  99. 4:50pm bitch you have so much time on your fucking hand, first of all bitch! You an American. What the fuck you doing on a Jamaican mixup site? Bitch yuh real mad. It look like a dancehall bleach out gyal tek weh yuh suck pussy man. That’s why you fucking mad! Bitch go play in fucking traffic cause you one miserable suck pussy gyal. Bitch yuh so fucking education but yet still you on a mixup site arguing with an illiterate bitch lol i can’t with this cokehead. Go do what you do best and lite a 8ball bitch…… again, GUH SUCK YUH SUCK PUSSY MADDA! Yuh fucking rock head.

    1. Yeah man di whole dem dutty Yankee deh cum inna dancehall a luk di name brand man dem and nuh a dem nuh stay wid nuh a dem coke head ass. Only Lizard stay and him a look Greg daughter Deja. Keyanna hide fuck di whola dancehall including Winston Irie and nuh a di man dem stay. Burgs lef all di mind Keisha mind him. A dats why unnuh vex cause di Jamaican man dem fuck unnuh and lef unnuh fi di bleach out fake body Jamaican bitches weh unnuh mad about? Stop party wid wi if unnuh so much betta than wi Yankee bitches.

  100. A must Lizard ugly black man looking bitch deh pon pinkwall a talk shit, yuh ugly mother fucker ,You one ugly black bitch weh need bleaching/ makeup. Bitch do your ugly ass an favor and bleach bitch. You not even dark skin and cute, or soft looking yuh hard nuh bloodclaat. Yes bitch you the only American hood rat I know got all this time on yuh hand fi cum talk shit pon mixup site” You and yuh stay bad fuck out sister dem yuh ugly fucker you.

  101. Uno really a Argue about Americans and Jamaicans !!!!! No sah .. philly pink wall a get boring now if y’all really sitting here arguing about who better this and that like !!!!

  102. Twin white leave the likkle pickney dem nd guh look big woman Tia Yuh nd Tanice have daughters what are you guys indulge Inna just fi a bottle a liquor fi floss doh

  103. I dont agree 100% with 1:54 because I was born in America with Jamaican parents. It’s not just American women naive. That go both ways because I’ve dated jamaicans and I dont settle and deal with their bullshyt. Some jamaican women sit and accept bullshyt. Sit In camera light bout how their mon nuh left because in their mind, they feel their pum pum hold him etc. Meanwhile their man cheating and they know and settle(SOME WOMEN). The point I’m making is there is no jamaican women vs American women. A woman is a woman and will be naive, settle and put up with anything based on the level in which they care for that man and that’s the absolute truth.

    1. There is some truth to what you are saying, however, when I say American I mean a true American blood line. Not just born here American with Jamaican parents and Jamaican ancestors. Most of the American women that party in the dancehall scene don’t really understand the culture. They just see the partying and flossing and a bunch of thirsty ass men. And they fall for it. A Jamaican woman who was born here and has Jamaican parents may take part in the partying and flossing but they dont fall for the bullshit from the men. That’s the difference. More often than not you’ll have a yard girl that have her good up man that she live wid and he may be fucking everything moving ans she know but trust and believe she got a little stoogie somewhere deh bout. American women can be married to a yardie (usually being used for him just to get his paperworks but she believe the marriage is real) and he out here fuxking everything moving and she sit down wid it and cry and stalk him,play on the other girls phone, trail them and all types of shit but never find the courage to leave. That happens more often than not. So, you 4:42, I don’t agree with you 100% either because even for you to be born here you have a Jamaican background and I bet you aint settled with a yard mon, have you? I’ll answer that for you; no you haven’t. You know why, because you know better.

      1. You just love to hate Americans because you have a keyboard. I guess all you know is American hoodrats. Sorry that you haven’t been exposed to real black love. Cuz trust me what you talking about happens in any culture. You think because you’re Jamaican you’re above men and their bullshit behavior. Aint no way Imma let a man fuck on me, have a baby and hold on to him cuz just to say Im the wife!! You scream 15 years in but the nigga got 2 to 3 kids under 10. So just let it fly… You scream whatever you want to whoever but at the end of the day the same shit you scream bout Trump not wanting black Americans, Well honey at the end of the day he don’t want anybody with brown skin. But now you have the double whammy of actually being an immigrant. I don’t understand your deep set hatred, maybe an American took ya father from ya mother but hey its life. We all must put our best foot forward. LMFAOOOOO

  104. You Know what me realize there is a lot of Rich unhappy skettels inna Philly. Dem clean everyday ina name brand, the Purse valuable more than way dem have ina it, dem body do up , Dem Benz gi dem status but yet still dem home miserable a cry everyday cause no man nah stay wid dem. Welcome to America the life of Rich and soulless, Wake up sis, You come a dime a dozen and the man dem a look the same thing way you a look too.

  105. Veachy you must have yeast infection cause all you wear likkle thong clothes inna shape bad body and then leave dance go straight a work and FI sure we know sah yuh nah bathe and man
    Fuck uno no sah

  106. Mi know yuh nastiness a next Yankee gal weh talk up pure fukry bout Lizard family :hoax2 ano Jamaican gal know dem business like uno pop dung fuck out philly mattress tare draw tink pussy black ugly fucka dem :marah yuh soon geh beaten old dog shit dem :batabig

  107. No sah kae really a breed FI dutty windy wah jus diss her . No too bloothcloth uno don’t learn or don’t want no better . Jus wah Breed FI a man FI prove wah and the man don’t want u and diss u . Baby nah change nothing …… but girl wish u the best man

  108. So wait veachy do kae make up but not man looking mesha no sah . You nuh right At all and meesha baby girl get some human hair . The weave stiff no rass

  109. mesha You A Wah big whale Veachy Body Guard ? it’s Like every wah veachy go you back her like , A WAH OR WHO U SCARED OF CAH B BY YOURSELF … NOTICE PPL ALWAYS LIKE UR SISTER OR VEACHY BUT NEVER U MESHA

  110. If veechy has one so does kelly why this bitch never stay home with her husband. Or her kids she just out all the time wearing the fake Gucci sneakers and cheap clothes and cheap weave . No sah my husband will never let me be a dancehall mattress

    1. Her husband prolly have a woman and nuh care … she get her citizenship so she can lef when she want and yes never see her with her kids or veachy but Eva at ever damn party half damn naked like damn …. have a husband and always a come a dancehall half naked

  111. MI NAH CHY ZAN BABYMADA YU A COME TOGETHA GYAL HONESTLY . LAST NIGHT was The Best We The Philly people See Yu . goodie Keep It Up

  112. Kae baby gyal jus stop with di bleaching good gyal cause yuh ankle dem last night white white white like skin a burn off and body brown two different skin color

  113. Dem only look clean because it’s white clothes dem pussy still dirty feet still crusty and house infested with mice and dem baby father don’t claim none of the kids

  114. Kae never did a breed last year what happen so she’s pregnant again Jesus take the wheel and windy doing live bout how much woman him have kae do better nuh just fi the hype life

  115. So weh eva happ to brownin? She mek har man kill har baby father adi resturant hear di man family wah gi jungle justice

  116. Boops mi nuh know if a make up pon your teeth last night or dem jus dirty but good gyal hopefully use party money and invest inna some good good tooth paste cause dem teeth dah don’t look three right FI a smile.


  118. Twin a wah Mek yuh Cum outa ina sah night gown dah no sense mi brother . But all jokes aside twin white you ever a floss and wah be flippa so bad but thing with flippa he was for the ladies wasn’t jus for buying bottles to show off . You ever a buy bottles and not even ask the gyal dem if them wah some or pour out some liquor inna dem
    Cup that don’t look Gud ……….. like pure man mi see yuh a cater too brother and where was your husband hot skull tonight him outfit from China didn’t mek it in time .. but TWIN U GUD PPL BUT DAMN ALL THAT SHOWING OFF FI MAN DONT LUK GUD BROTHER

  119. Mesha only two pair a sneakers yuh own good gyal if it’s not the Gucci then it’s other one cah sah yuh a hot gyal and ever look crawny and bad

  120. Veachy come on stop with those outfit nuh yes you are confident can you switch it up on us please and thanks

  121. Tia through Yuh a par wit niecey nd har Drag lookin friend them Yuh hype Yuh stand across from Veachy and Meesha lastnight and a gwaan a wah Veachy kick Yuh down Yuh see

    1. Move your rass the gyal stand up inna the center with twin white dem cause her fren why you never kick down the gyal !!! Look from when veachy mesha and them stop chat and dem no do the gyal nothing .. den again gyal inna dance y’all no bad gyal all dem do throw word , write pon social media inna video light but nobody nah Mek no move so .

  122. Suh dem beat Bubbles last night a Twin White cookout. Dinky yuh a walk and laugh bout along time Bubbles fi get beaten. Yuh is a big pussy hole non papers status bitch inna America. A cah wait fi Trump dash out di whola unnuh weed smoking crack head rass out farrin. A wah dem beat yuh nasty looking ass one day yuh see. I hope just like unnuh dutty Philly ppl support batty man Twin White weh only guh a certain ppl event lastnight a suh u guh support Lizard weh guh a everybody ting and spend him good up money but unnuh Philly ppl love likes suh unnuh wi quick fi support a battyman ova good ppl.


  123. Marga hungry bell Chris weh Always deh roun a Studio 7 him and him friend dem crazy and beat King troubles lastnight. Duppy know who fi frighten still cause a kill dung dah idiot hungry belly bwoy Chris fi get. Lisa, Rosie and Sharicka wtf unnuh di inna Jago and Spa pix picture dem wid unnuh big belly or should I say big gut. All di make-up unnuh a paint unnuh face unnuh still ugly guh find a gym and low di make big gut old bitches. Oh suh Rimaz Zan one time best friend breed Cheyenne. How life Suh dutty and unnuh chat everybody. Cheyenne yuh nasty. Lisa, Chy unnuh nuh see Rimaz Yankee gyal a Twin White cookout lastnight a breed too. What a rass Christmas it’s going to be. Oooohhhhhoooooeeeee……

  124. Lizard can tell your wifey please either get tattoo brows or something the way she do her eye brows and her make up no sah like damn drag queen like don’t look good and she and her sister ever a chat people but cah never have a good wig on like . Two much make up and she still ugly like it’s sickening

  125. Me naw lie Chy me really like you hun , but the makeup have you looking like a zombie. Me wah fight u makeup artist or if a you do it please don’t, fi the love of Christ please don’t come out looking like that again. Thanks in advance.

    1. But it sad cuz her mada make up ever look better and chy always look drunk or high inna her picture like no sah

  126. PSA. Can some one tell Busy Panty yankee fuck truck Katina Scott to go tend to her Army a kids and stop come pon Socail media acting like she heartless. Girl benn fkkin Jamicans from she was like 10. all the men in the party knows youu for the last 20 years you are no prize, but a quick lay . you got bored and go breed Fi African and they don’t even acknowledge you now you want to come back to screwing the Jamicanc. talk about confused. You and your girlfriend Coya need to pick a struggle and change yall environment. YOu are a born yankee and no jamaican will wife you unless its for papers. you all proud thottin and befreindong everyone thing you popular when you look like a whole clown. go stick with tha African so he can get his papers and stop fronting caus enobady wants ya.

      1. No Peter mash it up before me write this. That is why me write that book about her. Every day this thotianna, breeding bag come pon Sm a brag like she good like that knowing she be home miserable and crying. You notice she start party hard now chu Peter a gi har bunn? My issue is that keep your pumpum ina 1 nationality , do not tour the world with it. That is why so much diseases is floating around.An another thing, be your normal self and stop trying to be the nationality of the men you are sleeping with.. bout she a cook African food and a wear African clothes, then a cook jamican food and a wear “dancehall” clothes. dwbl. you look stupid.

        1. I don’t have no problems with a Yankee sleeping with any man they want, but be ur self and stop fraud in. I respect the Glamma girls they stay reminding you that they Yankees and proud. You either rate them or hate them period, u gotta be a at a real low to try to act And dress like a nationality you not, it shows ur level of self esteem and confidence.

  127. Stop callin my man name with these nasty fuck out bitches from philly. He don’t want none of u whores go luk a bloodclaat life ! Rimas will get a fuk and suck from u back then u til yuh whores have receipts NOW stfu and gweh!

  128. Pink time ya worry bou ppl n dem fuckin makeup ya need fi golook pon ya ugly rass self go visit the zoo lowe di likkle girl ya alone wa ya so call man go tek set pon angella n clarkie duppy kn who fi frighten if mi a Lisa mi fix ya bloodcloth business long time go send fi ya man n stop tek set on the ppl dem pickney ya nav ntn better fi do with ya life first ya tek set bout she have degree n work post office now a makeup go find someting do with ya self man

    1. Why uno always think a the lady pink a write something , everybody and her own friends dem see and know sah she need make up don’t and she jus start get her hair done . Like she her mada and friends chat everybody so


  130. Yes pink wall a mi pussycloth day job uno come Afa mi daughter name she nuh just come merica come know stuff from she born till now she get the best she neva shit a bush yet n since ano pink anyone a uno big hole come afa r name talk how uno get uno fuckin papers everyday y’all say we a whore we a whale we fat we need hair done leave we the fuck alone come like a chyeanne y’all have strength for whole uno soon bloodcloth get what tf y’all looking for if she shit uno talk bout it she na walk n thief she work her 9-5 n make her own fuckin money n since uno love pink wall me love it wit uno couldn’t be some a uno muma look pon uno muma muma ugly nuh bloodcloth put me n fi uno age papers together n see who tf a who fa muma n yes me kn all who tf a write so uno gwan write just a matter of time which bummbocloth obeah man she owe uno na go tek no set pon r weh uno hear say we family big n strong anytime me attack one uno bumbocloth uno na go like it

    1. You ah one careless big ooman yuh nuh. I see why Carl ah fuck mi fren an mek she laff off ah yuh. Nuff ganja wi bun and chat yuh like a dawg. Mi chek seh Rosie guh duh surgery I guess it nuh werk. she top heavy nuh blouse an skirt. even wit a fat ass yuh still fava ms piggy rosie. loose sum ah di fat up top my girl around your hand dem. Cuz you hand dem ah start look like Anne. she guh duh har belly tuh but the fat pon har hand mek she show har real age. she look good still fi a big ooman. har dawta can take a page or two outta har book an stop look so stink fi ah yung gyal

  131. Lisa di same energy yuh have pan pink wall guh use it fi tek weh di 12 belly weh yuh and yuh friend Rosie have. Unnuh gut big like outta door. Nobody scare a unnuh big belly old asses. Hehe Humpy Dumpy.


  133. Wait a minute mama a suh yuh ago Mek twin white likkle gyal baby mada come FI your sister sah she look like scare crow no sah and all the likkle baby mada ugly too Cah batty man twin she a fight over wah don’t even pay baby no mind

  134. Lisa you and your daughter ever inna some problems are mix up , every other week uno have problems with somebody no sah !!!! A suh uno a germs and stay bad cah keep no good Friends or nothing like Lisa FI a big woman act very careless and wuckless and nah show your kids dem no Gud training and chy it’s sad cause the amount of man you fuck baby girl don’t Mek a name FI yuh self inna dance hall .. don’t lokk good like .. and uno wonder why ppl always a talk about uno cause give them things FI chat at this point uno love the attention and the fuckery wah feel like some body

  135. Yes me Ina bloodcloth mix up cause a uno bring me in deh yes mi daughter fuck out but uno ca beat we come kiss out mi 12 belly want one uno touch me or my daughter mi prison uno bloodcloth this not keisha Jaguar anyone uno a write touch me or my daughter the whole philly a turn upside down have my bail money uno na push ntn just behind a fuckin keyboard a type uno come suck out my 12 belly mi never catch a no bloodcloth gyal yard sleep pin no gal couch or no gal basement so bring it me bloodcloth lisa a write this mi love attention cause a uno love call me bloodcloth name uno a write on pink wall over a party date the party must go tf on so all who a write keep write uno love talk bout me a mule nuh phase me customs know me name state prison federal prison know me immigration know mi na hide

  136. Fada god early inna the morning and the drama on Facebook . God bless these people !!!! Philly need help


  138. Veachy I guess yuh sah who ever windy sah . But look like windy lef kae and wife up the gyal Cierra .. yes that FI reach yuh bloothcloth luv act like sah uno goodas and cah keep a man . But veachy yes a so yuh FI dress man decent and stop wear them string string and half naked like yuh a stripper

  139. So twin white ,,,,,,,,, we wah know a who yuh sah rite now ! Cuz we did think ur baby mada have her good good man a Jamaica and mi see how last night you give see and the light skin money so guessing both of them u a fuck .. and I guess when man have money woman haffi share the man to rass . All feel up baby mada and hand inna pussy crystal wah Mek u a tek dum disrespect dah I guess need twin white cuz luk like u nah wuk no education and when man a fly out don’t bring u so

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