Woiiiiii a yah Suh nice!! Shanardo aka fuggyrebel mi here seh Yuh left Yuh good good woman and gone live with bare man ..mi here seh Yuh tun big big batty man now fuggy a true?how Yuh fi left gyal wah did a tek care a Yuh fi how long and gone with man?that sound fishy a same Suh u dash weh the twinz dem link .how Yuh Suh hype fuggy figot seh a south Yuh come from and a bandz Yuh go up fuggy a wen Yuh a come back a yard?? . Oh shit fuggy nuh wah day Yuh put up “can’t wait to be a dad” a wah Yuh tell the gyal fi do dash weh di belly? Fuggy Yuh life sad nuh bl***t! All DAT deh gyal deh nuh have no sense she shoulda left Yuh long time.met mi gone!!!


  1. Really fudge packer.the tip of your hood suppose to smell like ammonia.. you never hears the Dougie have AIDS. why in the world would you go by yourself with Dougie.

  2. Ah Paula Dean link dem up together
    She Dougie tell all him battimon crush n behaviors him luv keep up! Dis boi suppose to be a Stinger weh par wid her mon Andrew but him name a call up inna batti argue ment wah kind of crew dat

  3. That boy fuggy love likes enuh all him do a hype ova nothing & broke like..love wear ppl clothes now him a work a the airport him think him is the shit..met the stinger dem a batty man from mawnin Andrew a the biggest batty man cas him allow him woman best friend ova deh den gwan like him a somebody..the whole a dem love likes
    All the 1one name TINO him browning weh him live wid him Nuh stop gi she bun lmaoooo no sah
    Met the boy nah lef out the woman weh him use to live wid
    Every minute him have are car & gwan like a fi him own
    The woman lock him up & him still a itch round are
    Yuh Nuh c Seh them still a f**k lmaooo poor browning
    Bout she always a boast bout him Gyal him Nuh ready fi settle down tru you don’t know the stinger dem
    A papers then a look

  4. Sender a which one a di stinga dem you beg a suck off a dem cocky and dem never give you make you a come with your batty allegation

  5. Me always admire the stinga dem humble set a youth them only thing bout them me nuh like is that them love too much old woman go look young gal deh wid mon cho stingas watch out the hate is real see dem start batty up unuh name deh

  6. Fuggy is no stinga yall don’t see the big bloodclatt tattoo on him mark rebel yall quick to spread rumours on people sah especially batty rumours unuh fi tap it wooiee

  7. Leave di stingers dem some a u ppl band mind stinga yutes a try fi make it true some a u na do dat fu_k u bad mind bbc ppl

  8. leave the bwoy alone…. him not living with no man…. he’s no battyman & him don’t wear ppl clothes.
    get unuh facts str8 bcuz unuh lie like show,
    stop brand Fuggy, the hate is real

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