JUSTICE Lennox Campbell will today hand down sentences on Vybz Kartel and his three co-accused in the High Circuit Court in downtown Kingston.

The judge last week Thursday postponed the sentencing after defence attorneys informed him that they were not in receipt of a letter he had instructed be sent to them seeking their assistance on sentencing guidelines.

The letter has since been delivered and Vybz Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, Shaun ‘Storm’ Campbell, Kahira Jones and AndrĂ© St John will know how long they will spend behind bars before they are eligible for parole.

The four were convicted for the August 16, 2011 murder of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams.

They have, in the meantime, all signalled their intention to appeal the conviction.

At last Thursday’s sentencing hearing, attorney Tom Tavares-Finson, who represents Vybz Kartel, informed the court that his client was maintaining his innocence and was not seeking any leniency from the court.

Yesterday, a source close to the Department of Correctional Services told the Jamaica Observer that Vybz Kartel might not be removed from the New Horizon Remand Centre, where he spent almost three years awaiting the end of two consecutive murder trials.

If he remains at Horizon it would dash hopes of the entertainer openly recording music while incarcerated as the department’s record studio is at the Tower Street Adult Correctional facility.

“It depends on his risk assessment. If he is deemed high risk, he might not be moved from Horizon. If he remains defiant and maintains that he is innocent, he certainly will not get into the rehabilitation programme as he must admit to his wrongdoing to be admitted into rehabilitation. It depends on his conduct, too,” the source said.

Some high-profile prisoners deemed to be high-risk who have already been given hefty sentences are still housed at the New Horizon Remand Centre. They include Joel Andem, Donald ‘Zeeks’ Phipps, Christopher ‘Dog Paw’ Linton, Kevin ‘Richie Poo’ Tyndale and multiple murderer Michael McLean.

Police are expected to increase security around the precincts of the court to stave off any unruly behaviour by supporters of the convicted entertainer.


  1. Mawning Met, well it deh ya now, knowing how kartel defiant him might jus tell dem fi mek him stay inna horizon suh him nuh haffi go ova to the gp fi mek no music, suh that di proceeds go to the victim or the rehab program.

  2. Mis-andry, mek yuh so wicked, why yuh first me???…lolol…ah dat mi ah get ready fi write…cho man….this man doe do nutten wid out a reason, so him not begging for mercy and staying at horizon is exactly what him want, why?? ongle God he knows, probably him pari dem ah coach him…

    Good morning Met and all..Observer where are you, mi nuh see yuh this long time…big up yuh sef Chuety, Phantom, Simplicity, One drop, Cita, all de London and Lundun dem and every body whey log in todeh or ah peep…..Obara Greet you all!!..have a very good day!!!

    1. Greetings Obara, yuh nuh si seh wi ova yasso spot kartel pattern and gauge hom personality mi nuh need di psychology degree fi si seh him woulda rather dead fuss dan fi contribute to nutten eha nah benefit him

      1. Mis-Andry ah true…we done peg him from long time from him was landlord over here and eeda Met or danhai Skeng did name him Shrley pon de wall, lololol…@Real big up, where are you???..good morning mi fren!

    2. good day obara, i hope you have a wonderful day too.

      mi pitch tent pon yah from afta 7 met time dis mawning, cuz dis sentence yah naah reach me late, nope! :hoax2

    3. Aftanoon, Obara! Yuh right…Kartel don’t do nothing for no reason. Right now he is just trying to appeal to the dunceness of the fans that are using the logic: “If mi neva duh sinting, nuh guy nuh tek my money offa my werk!”
      Kartel always a beg fren, even when he run weh the ones weh him have!

  3. Mo wa nibi mi arabinrin Obara,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,mi cah miss it along time mi a wait i di killer of souls face him faith …Olorun ni odara O…….Manin Met…everyone seated in the court …………….rrrrrrrrrrrr

    1. @Real…Yoruba to de werlll, yuh bad eeh!!!…emina wanibi lati gbo esi osise ibi ,olorun lole se idajo fun gbo gbo awon oni se ibi ni orun ko orunmila aseee …..seet deh mums….ah yah suh mi deh!!!!

      1. hehey…..a u bad….cause mi haffi get help pon it u just a dash out………Mo ro pe Mo wa Igbo so Mo mase gba ohun gbogbo

        1. ogbi yan ju ede Yoruba, o daa bee….(you try Yoruba word, that’s good) I will teach you aldoe mi nuh perfect…Ekarro……(eh kaw roe.. good morning)… Ekasso…eh kaw so (good afternoon),
          Ekale…(.eh kaw lay…. good evening), odaro ( o dah roe…good night)…odabo (o dah boe….good bye) ekabo (eh kaw boe…welcome)

    1. it is a rehabilitation centre…not only degrading music is recorded in a recording a studio …the christians, muslims and rastafarians who do conscious music record as well

  4. Not to change subject but who is this Michael McLean? I did a quick google but all i got was generic info on the six murders he’s charged with.

  5. Kartel nah go want to move from Horizon because as the source say, in order for him to participate in the program- that would be an admission of guilt. If he is planning to appeal, yuh can’t admit say yuh guilty then a look an appeal. So he all most likely agree to the terms IF and when him appeal and it gets thrown out. At that point he will have to resign himself to the fact that he is a convicted murderer, something his psyche still refuses to acknowledge or accept.

  6. Kartel not going nowhere. Him hoping for a lengthy prison sentence that will be overturned on appeal like Tesha Miller. Dem coulda give Kartel life without parole today, that won’t faze him cos right now he’s so certain of the appeal he thinks the higher the sentence, the better his chances of appeal.
    For that reason 1. He will not beg for mercy 2. Will never admit guilt.
    Kartel overrate himself and his invincibility to the point where he has absolute faith that he does not belong in prison, he always wins and must outsmart the system. All now reality nuh set in for Kartel and his boys wey so believe ina him.

    1. A wen dem seh him a world star and him so believe inna him self dat him not even siseh him cah lef di island ……..him stay bad …mi sorry fi him cause him build a house …weh nuh have no door but him have a key…………………….and him feel seh a him one can go in deh…….bwoy head dead a road

    2. Foxy u r so right about dat, d boy still have him head up in d clouds, an still think seh him deh 10 step a everybody. tsk tsk tsk Smh

  7. New Horizon just sound like a vacation in Paradise to me, zeeks, kartel, andem and dem other murderers deh fi go a 1 maximum security, 23-24 hour isolation prison, wid some tough and rigid regime wid all 20 batty man line up fi f%#& dem, weh deh a d US, Russia, Vietnam or dem place deh wid all some dutty disgusting sick stomach condition, wid some big dutty rat weh big like elephant a run up pan dung pan dem, and a bite out dem claat and dem place deh in a some inhumane condition, weh dem show “world’s toughest prison” pan cable, a deh so dem fi go, or inna d pit of hell, horizon too good fi dem. A can bet dem a live a life of luxury over horizon deh now, it just like a home away from home wid deh cell phone, flat screen tv, kingsize bed, get dem kfc and pum pum when dem ready, wid dem own personal bodyguard (wardens), a can bet seh dem all have dem owna room and nah share nuh room wid nobody. :marah :marah

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