1. Exactly!! this is exaxtly the mentality that Vybz Katel grew up with, enhanced by his followers and the celebrity status which he claim to be…As per the Deva Rat interview on you tube, They they people who are his SHEEP belive hat Lizard life was beholden to Kartel, caws all ah dem ah roll and him life belong to dem

    It’s like the Peter Tosh Story that I heard, (I don’t know if it is true) but after taking the rap for perter for a gun or something I cannot recall exactly, Peter told the fellow , that he Peter would take care of his (the fellow who took the rap) family, they would not suffer, so the man trusted Peter and did the time for him, only to find out that Peter deeven look pon de man family, so de man come out wid blood inna eye!!!

    From dem ah de big man,nobody life or freedom nuh worth nutten to dem

  2. Manin Obara this will soon wear off. Yu si di kinda ppl weh grow wid him ;;….dah place deh need fi purge di big oman se di yute deserve fi dead and in di same breath vybz kartel is no body either cause a him and dem a par…please to go address di MAdeen up a top pon di nex video

  3. Ok sey Lizard did wicked tuh, him nava more cruel dan him boss….He Lizard had something about him that The Universe approved, huh?…why mi sey dat yuh ask??…ok mek mi ry fi break it dung fi yuh…oonuh keep on see mi comment dat Lizard HEAD will give him jusice, or that Lizard HEAD is fighting for him, or Mi wi sey Lizard came yo earth with a good HEAD…

    What that means is this…We All have our HEADS which we chose as a guide before we came to this earth realm…(is because most human beings step away from their true spiritual sense that dem nuh know dem tings yuh enuh)

    Our HEAD, which is called our Ori elada (OREE EH-LAY-DAH), which is a Yoruba word, is our inner consciousness, our Over soul, our Guide. It is not our physical HEAD!!.

    It is our HEAD which gives us success, guides us, strengthen us, comfort us, tells us things in dreams and visions, it is Our HEAD which fights for us, even in death!!

    Without the cooperation of Our heads, we cannot receive certain blessings or Curses placed our head….This is why at conception or while pregnant we should always pray the the child who is coming has hosen a GOOD head!!
    While EVERYONE HAS TO GO THROUGH TRIAL, AND TRIBULATION SOMETIMES, it is our HEAD which makes us overcome and not see any real devastation…

    Lizard’s HEAD knew who he us and and knew all his misdeeds, but it also knew that if Lizard was killed, his death would save many lives, so this was the exchange!!!…Lizard chose a good HEAD…His head knew the outcome of his life, but allowed it, because Lizard’s life saved many other lives!!!

  4. When man comes into the world at birth, he forgets everything about heaven
    and his destiny. It is only his ori that remembers the course and content of his
    chosen destiny, and pursues this accordingly. It directs a man’s affairs in this
    world. To the Yoruba people, the “ori” is invisible, and is therefore referred to
    as ori -inu (the inner head), destined to become the person’s instructor, his
    ‘guardian angel’, which is equally referred to as “a semi-split entity”, the “man’s
    double”. This is further established in the Yoruba saying:
    Ori-inu eni nii ba nii s’aye eni One’s Ori-inu makes his life for him
    Eda aba-waye, ohun l’ori eni The creature that accompanies one to
    the world is his ori

    Ori in Yoruba belief is the man’s personality soul, his guardian angel and his
    personal deity, which is elevated to the level of a divinity, and thus worshipped
    by a man for things to be well with him. For a man’s designated role in life – his
    destiny – to be well fulfilled, it becomes necessary for him to be on good terms
    with his ori. This demands its being kept in good condition, well respected, and
    propitiated from time to time. As the Yoruba would say:
    Ori laba bo It is Ori that needs to be worshipped
    Ti a ba fi orisa sile And not the deities
    Nitori oogun lo ni ojo iponju For charms are for the troubled days
    Ori eni l’oni ojo gbogbo Only one’s ori stands by man everyday.

  5. Obara and Real, good morning, I hope you’ll read the next Thread, and hear the spirituality that’s coming out of Killa’s mouth, Obara mi aguh link u up.

  6. Gm guys, i don’t know when anyting happen a Jamica dem chose fi mek di duncest ppl come pon national TV an chat dem mouth full of garbag. Yuh know what, some body fi kill one of all dem woman deh kids and mek di judge set the killer free because is not nobody big in society dem ago kill……..these women pains mi heart fi hear how dem talk

  7. Vybz Kartel has the duncest stupidest fans, these women make me ashame to be a jamaican woman… Dem want a shot inna dem mouth… Smh

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