1. Nuh jus wah day yah someone say she drive go bout 10 hotel a look fi har man…. Dwl dat fi happen to Unnu ….but she seem more clit-ish Dan dick-ish still… A wah coulda nicer Dan some good hood… Gal wah wake up to a pair a titty dan a pair a balls why????? Yuh know Mi feel good when Mi sleep beside few a mi man dem an a di cocky dat Mi feel inna mi back…..wah Mi luv dat Mi just dive pan it like ninja… Anyway I totally digress dat was hawny talk.

    1. lol, ninja latty. nutten nuh betta dan a nice piece a strong morning wood trust mi, dat can start mi fire. weh gal tongue a guh?

    2. Sleep beside few a mi man dem!!!!!! Lawd it too early Latty :ngakak :ngakak Him party a come up so him affi sawt it out….Apple post pon snap that the side chick must know say him nawwwwwwww lef. Gwan chue Apps a you name wife.

  2. Big dance a come up she can’t afford to stay mad :alay :hammer 3some time coming up . Apple just love to suck p%^*#y i thought it was just one a way ) luv gal fck she but me hear say she bad pon gal clit . Kerry is number one B…. & the husband enjoy his lesbian wife . Nastiness both of them .

  3. apple look like she get some glow in di dark teeth, you love you wife act like a loving husband an yuh nuh haffi declare it pon social media fi nuh hype or attention. jay yuh buddy soft stop sling it a road fi more gal know an talk

  4. Den a young man like Jay have sponge bob hood ?????? Apple kill the man hood with all chemical in har body ‘ keep your sponge bob Jay & stiff tung husband my girl .

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