1. A hope them nuh guh deh guh salt up the man enuh this anuh de time or place fi phuckery nd mi nah mek a soul boost mi up fi guh buy mi own ticket or pressure man fi tek shame outta mi yeye fi prove ntn tuh a damn soul ….if him did want mi deh from mawnin mi wuda been deh deh instead of evening if mi watch the 100m a mi yard I wud be watching both 200 and relay there as well.

    1. Hi Simplicity,i think it is full time the record get set straight.Bolt is paying for all of them so if them spen a change them know they will be reimburse.Why u may ask is this so Simple?..well simply becuz it’s a open secret that Bolt buys crotches!

      U think Bolt nuh know that literally all these girls nuh really want him fi who he is as a person?I would only swear for Mitzi but virtually all of these girls came into the picture after the fame,power,glory n money n u could bet the farm none of them wouldn’t make him get a whiff of their pantyliner before all his winnings. Fact is Bolt is insecure n he uses his money to gloss over his insecurities.More anon…

      1. You really think he knows that Yardie? Bolt is on record saying he’s “tall, dark & handsome” enuh & basically that he’s the best thing anyone could ever have. Now I give him 2 out of 3, but at no time did he say, “my money tun up til it buck so nuff girls want in”. So you really think he knows?

        The only girl I would say was really with him for him was the very first one who was with him before he ever won gold. I don’t know her name – is she Mitsy?

  2. She’s there with her mother it seems. Maybe she was waiting on her mother to get free from work to fly down together. Or maybe she couldn’t take the pressure and just say “I have to be in Rio!” and ticket book. In any event, I’m glad she’s there and ready watch everything unfold! I am glued!

  3. The greatest boost to a poor yute’s ego will always be sorting out some rich girl or them rich yute’s girl.The rich guy will always wonder at the front n bk of his mind…does she want me for me or for my money.Always Always everybody knows the answer is for your money unless u in Denial.

    A rich man sort out a poor man’s girl,that really ain’t no meal deal muchless big Deal cuz we know a jus the $s him goodly have over u.Look how much ghetto girl boops out farrin n uptown men n tek it mind them man!Thats why Bolt can’t n won’t settle Dung for a long long while cuz he Needs to resolve in his own mind who wants me for me.Him willing to pay top dollar to all comers till him satisfy himself that him really n truly nuh have to pay This ONE girl fi likkle sort out.

  4. Tourists come a all-inclusive resort a Ochi.The waiter them peep peep cluck cluck backa them always a smile n doing their every beck n call. Hear the fool fool tourist…”oh Jamaicans are so warm n friendly n helpful,heres a tip sir.

    Who’s gonna tell them that they are Getting paid to be nice(its their job duh) n they extra nice cuz u gonna tip them.Tourists go to Spanish town or Coronation Market n test how warm n welcoming our ppl are cuz we really are fi true.

    This explains the predicament of the greatest n richest Jamaican sportsman ever Usain st.leo bolt. He has it so hard to gauge who a play nice fi get status n wealth as wifey as oppose to who will be into him for who he is.

    For all the aforementioned reason I rest my case n say Team Mitzi mi pick fi life.Mi love yuh Yanique but really all a unno go chuck fcuk inna a gully n lef the yute n girl who been there from Day1!!

    1. YardieT hush up! :hammer him Neva have nothing fi fuss one swoon ova…things changes over time. If it did great it would have remained so 😉

      Me a team none cause bolt nah lock dung all when a cake cut.

    1. She doesn’t need instagram she has receipts, she is the only girlfriend of usain to ever sit in the family cheer section of the stands right next to usain mummy at olympics.

    1. _________________________________________________________________________
      Pinkwall tuddy worleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  5. Can’t wait to see ms Jen face. She always a screw so just imagine if she nuh like Kasi. KASI POST UP A PIC WITH MOMMY SMILING AND HUGGING YOU UP LIKE WHAT MITSY HAVE AS HER FACEBOOK. Then we can say yea a it dat . Ms Jen one boy nah dis her fi nuh gal. So u better start kiss up from now. Cause him say she and Mitsy are still GOOD FREN. mitsy know her position secure with mommy. How bout u

  6. Reading all of this, all I can say is,’what a mess’. I’m so glad that I am happily married and not out there compromising my integrity to say I have a man. This is what happens when you pick and pick until you pick sh*t. He made it BIG and fame went to his head. He could have anything he wanted because he had money to pay the price. He would have a woman beside him now who he would be more confident of as she was around when he was poor. Now he strikes me as an insecure man who gets by on having a harem of equally insecure women fighting and vying for his attention . And I bet decent money that this mitzy person is real enough to reject him if he came back. Somewhere he must have broken her heart. When he tires of the concubine life, who is he going to have there who is true and honest? Is he forever going to be satisfied in having meaningless sex with women whilst questioning if they really love him? How long before one of these manipulative concubines does something that could ruin him or get him in trouble? How long before he gets set up? I don’t like him and I have my reasons but I do not wish bad on him. Usain, you are an ambassador, fix up and start acting like one before you destroy yourself. Peace

    1. @ Gabriella – married life not for all of us. Di man never tell you him want to be no fkin role model or ambassador. The youth a do him.

      But, BOLT a set the BEST example for all di man dem out there. Why di fck should a young man in his 20’s fool himself to thinking that 1 pum-pum can hold man fi di rest of his life. FK that, fairytale crap.

      The lesson simple, DON’T MARRIED UNTIL YUH EXPERIENCE LIFE. WAIT TILL YUH A 40+ MAN AND MAN, because the wife you take up will usually be a bit younger for obvious reasons.

      Even in him 40s, it still easy to find someone who will stay with you till you on your death bed. SOW SEED MY YOUTH!!!

  7. What’s the point of making a page private with 21 thousand followers??? The people sending in the pictures and videos already follow you Kasi. KMT

    About Mitsy, there is a reason why she’s still single and talking about she and Bolt are “best friends”. She not letting go either. Everyone is fighting to see who will get the ring. This coming like The Bachelor to backside. LOL

    1. Mi did always wonder if a me alone realise she never deh inna no serious relationship after Bolt! And even when she with someone she still well close to him and him still did a tek care of her (house, car, etc).

      The Bachelor nuh bad suh, this live and we nuh know a who ago cross di finish line with him

  8. Samantha is clearly following Kasi cause as Kasi private her page she tek down fi har picture smfh,real set a goons I tell yah

  9. bolt can get any girl him want him money strong. sad but true a suh the thing set ….all him need is a bobby socks to cover him ugly toe dem and watch the girls line dem grow …. $$$$$$$ the gate way to most front…………..THANKS FOR MAKING US PROUD BOLT ….WORK HARD AND PLAY HARD

  10. Anonymous on August 16, 2016 at 9:47 pm. A$$hole like u spread nuff disease. Team Mizicann mi seh. Started from the bottom.

    1. @ bright eyes – I agree. Only in our community does the rich black man measure his success by how much gyal him cyan get. My goodness, look at Mo Farah, big athlete BUT a family man. Look at all the other athletes wives being interviewed at the Olympics, even de African dem. Look at the amount of proposals of marriage that have been made but our men give Usain licence to run around like a gigolo. My people embarass me sometimes. They really do.

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