Met I know jue personally and I know the real deal of his practices straight facts. I hate Kerry Ann like dog she deh pon Instagram wid bare bible quotes bought I gotta remain strong and this and that and how she misses jue whatever. Here’s the file/rundown . Jue does 3 things for a living , he sells XXXX xxxx xxxxx and xxxxx with jadion and a couple a other youths in Brooklyn and la they also have a Vegas link. They also work wid juggist. He also does the XXXXXXXXXXXXXX wid jadion and sadiki and buck man and his uncle and cousins . He was also working in construction at one point but was fired because he kept showing up late to work on numerous occasions . Jue really and truly use to be a humble human being but every since apple drop (Edited ) she needed a new party parry so she and kerryann became really close they was friends from a longtime but they secretly didn’t like each other and wasn’t really close but know they har. So she nuh stop beg jue buy har channel Celine Gucci etc fi keep up wid apple dem and him don’t mind because him know love the hype and clothes a Bronx fame too so him a harr is the same thing . Apple and jadion is dem role model they trying to keep up wid them . Jue and jadion number one customer pon the xxxxx thing is this wealthy gay man from manhattan name Henry him a dem number one customer him also give dem XXXXXX fi use because him love the xxxxxx dem provide him . . . I don’t know if jadion and jue is XXXXX the man I’m not gonna lie on them but knowing them love likes I wouldn’t put it past them . Yesterday Jue father walk a tell people out a 230th say how jue I have a stash a more than 50 grand inna him house and how kerryann a secretly draw out some a put inna secret bank account but a tell jue the money did a done from the party that he has up an coming its confusing but this is what the father a say also him say how jue don’t look pon him own family him only inna kerryann and himself and buy up all these things but him the father only have 4 pair a shoes and don’t bath in 2 days one piece a something. I trying to find him mugshot on the arrest page fi send in because this crime is serious he got pulled over with a over limit of straight XXXXX and jadion was driving behind him and buss a u turn when him see dem pull him over . They was delivering a shipment from XXXXX to a man . When he was in Vegas also it wasn’t just play he was working with jadion and give a man a pound . A regular apple and Kerry Ann help dem there there ride or die because them do the things too that’s why jue can’t leave Kerry Ann even though he really wants to she knows all his business from A to Z . She can buss him big secret so him keep har pon lock. And the secret is just how him make him money. Jue and jadion is in some big connection with this youth XXXXXXX . Dem and him rob this youth and the youth think is only XXXXX involve but jue and jadion was in on the plan but a only XXXXX them catch (Edited). You how much (Edited) . Him also have another big secret but I can’t say because it will reveal my identity and put me at risk but this story is bigger than just XXXXXXX and flossing this is some serious things dem people into


    1. Its only a matter of time. These lifestyles NEVER last. It’s even worse now with social media and all the different forms of communication. FEDS a watch yuh fi years and u naven know, because dem wah mek sure wen them lock the gate it nah open back

      1. Same so Ms R
        dem alphabet boys all go a dance a pose like one a dem
        As fi social media, dem live pon deh like whoa fi ketch dem diarrhea mouth coons whey no stop talk bout dem imaginary or real life
        from whey dem a cook to whey dem go hang out

        1. People who make a living and earn their keep through illicit means should not have social media profiles, that’s rule #1 for the ones not gainfully employed….but the burning desire to impress their own kind wins all the time.

  1. Kerry I knew your hype would come to an end smh the reason why Jew never diss you like he was suppose to is because you witness the murder gtfoh. Apple I hope you do get your papers cause after they question you smh you going home don’t worry jicon will be on the plane with you

    1. Nuh get mad but you a one a Jue girl tuh??? The way you speak is like he is a victim. Come on be fair in life how yuh live it yuh reap the benefits. Him shudda keep the construction job and lowe the hype as well……

  2. My oh my puss dog everybaddy soon gone. Apple and Kerry whey unno did deh when Marsha get pick up and Head international news? and she did well humble unlike unno is really fame unno a look.

  3. Mr. Brown well a yah now him a walk and talk di tings as well. If a 50g’s alone inna di house wid all dat splashing I would advise yuh don’t use a penny more cause dat a guh be useless fi bail honey.

  4. Story come to Bumb and if it no go so it almost or near to it…..MIX UP in a the monday yah.

  5. Dis story nuh luk good pon di Bronx Flossa dem nonetall. Senda yuh buss dem an yuh buss dem good. Dere will be weeping an wailing an gnashing of teeth…:travel

  6. Mama always say anything more than one person know is no secret see it yah now man ahhhh boiiiiiiiiii

  7. Jayicon is no drug dealer or murderer is phone him sell ! Fraud him work with not a drugs cause I know his personal link and him phone link tun up Mek more money than selling drugs trust me

  8. So wait Kerry, how comes the obeah lady did not tell you this was going to happen? I don’t rejoice in anyone’s down fall, but you have done too many wicked things. Remember the girl a Boston road and how you buried her panties, in the burial ground.

    1. Pernupppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp hold on stop collaborate n listen so Anon wat is dat about come tawk n tell JMG u hear burial ground u say ??????????????? But a wha di rawseeeeeee a gwaan ya tho??????

      1. Unu see dem sumting here…Mi she all the kloset door dem a kick off and the contents dem dash weh ova yah… Unu know the things and unu nah talk.

    2. But what the baxide yah sey? people wicked suh man? Suh what end up happen to the girl?
      Afternoon Met, Long time mi nuh grace yuh wall but mi still peep and laugh.

  9. Mi hate theif….whenever it is, phone
    Ink, drugs man ….all a dem in the same category . What’s worst I’d these trifling women that date these men……just as bad

  10. oh lawd now! HELL AN POWDA HOUSE! woooiii if ah lough ah pop up!! lol smh yuh can t feel sorry fi dem ppl yah because dem neva did ah feel sorry fi dem self, when dem kno dem time woulda come! show off fool fool dem!…..mi jussa guh sit an watch di fly dem drop one by one!

  11. Yea a phone you know bout well baby girl you know nothing if that is all you know .kmft bout a phone him sell bitch please jicon owe my boy a couple grand and sweety it have nothing to do with phone so please sit your sorry ass down

  12. Apple was born salt so don’t come here bout Kerry and drew a salt dem up apple mother don’t even know her father. Apple is mix in a lot of obeah if you want talk facts is apple first brought Kerry to the obeah man with the girl clothes..apple brought Kerry to pay 5000 for a protection guard OK it was apple that show Kerry how to tie Jew OK so when y’all talking please talk facts talk about the Trini girl from brooklyn apple sent to jail with obeah

    1. Everybody tory a dash out like hot water.. Wwwwwwwwwoooiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Dem ANYMOS yah nah play..

    2. Yep she did find out bout the trini girl and send her to jail cuz anywhere jay went zaleka was with him so apple get rid of her but it wasn’t for long

  13. Apple don’t play bloodclat innocent here because is your man introduced Kerry man to drug life and is you meck thee man in jail now cause you let Kerry owe the obeah man and when the man a call you tell Kerry to cuss him out bout work not going fast enought because you tell her search the man phone and see pic of next gal so don’t play fool. Y’all better pay the priest his money before something else happen

  14. Have yu ever just walk inside a room that smell like shit but after being in it for a while you don’t smell it no more .. Thts them lots of ppl ,we can tell these female pussy ain’t shit from a far an dem can be your down fall but these niggas been in it so long dem cant tell again unless dem come out an smell fresh air … So maybe this is jue fresh air who to tell him might just smell that shit all the way from prison now Tht he is outside ….

  15. Kerry guh tie Jue causz shi wicked Apple dont hav to hol Kerry hand an lead har like shi blind fi guh tie man she got better things to do with her time like staying pretty dutty Kerry can you please free up Jue!!!

  16. Anon @ 3:19PM – Please mi ah beg yuh fi cum back oba yah wid di drawers argument weh go ah burial grung, di one weh concern di gurl ah Boston Road. Talk di tings dem tideh mek wi know bout :ngakak

  17. Is phone iPhone and all the new phone that jayicon sell !! He have all the fedex and ups drivers in his pocket in Newyork and New Jersey !! I’m
    Not asking I’m telling when jay and receive shipment it’s all 150 worth of phones times that by 500 him sell all the connects . If him sell drugs too that is a new career path but is electronic devices him into !! Jue hustle that for sure him but if icon owe man fi drugs him trick the man deh !! I can call names but I would not but his shit stretch from ny to Georgia to florida

  18. Apple you should of ask the obeah man for a visa bout is kizzy tell you bout the man kmt you tie jicon and him still a pay my friend rent abayyyyyyyyy. You cant bury. My friend a cemetery abayyyyyy you will never know of her but we know of you abayyyyyyyyy We laugh at you when we see you in dance.you is a worker for the man bitch continue to smuggle drugs in your pussy bitch

  19. A wha dis a gwaan ova yah?? And all when di man get tek whey Kerry Ann still won’t learn how to keep a fingers shut, can one somebody be so stupid yow????? Dem hype offa nothingggg as if these men do something legal that’s gonna last forever…. Shit man it’s either jail or dead or end up right at square one brukkkk and remembering what you had while the new person reign and then the cycle continues…. The f$&@ing idiots just don’t learn. Clawt and boot hmm.

  20. Suh a guess dis writeup proves seh shine yeye gyal is really trouble to a man. Anywho, dere are many ways to make a go of it in life, multiple legitimate ways. Di path dese ppl teck is dere choice and if mi a ooman love my man mi nah invegle him fi get inna any tings wah gwine cause any separation between us or damage him character, moreover fi di thought of some man a dig out him ass pon dutty prison floor. No sah, meck wi tan weh wi deh in life and hab peace togedda. Men fi also learn fi live lives of integrity and have values and morals suh dem nuh haffi teck certain road fi worthless tings. All a dem tings dese ppl a lose dem damn soul over are worthless at the end of the day.

  21. good wah dis nung cuz a de time met,metters,peepers nd others
    wat a ole’ heap a bloodclaat anony up inna dis yah chead yah hmmm

    1. If mi nuh know di people dem and dem business wha mi fi comment say? No one nuh fi dash out no blogging name, everyone comes here and comment anonymously and freely das how di site run

  22. Met, Jue bredda biggah call from jail and a complain say Jue f**k up him life. Him a gi mi the run down pan what happen:” claim say dem a drop off things a Boston and tek a diiferent route and police pull ova the RANGE saying the tint was too dark..then him see Jue run outta the Range up inna one bush left him and 2keys so him talk up everything.” Him say right now Jue a look pan 30yrs but him a come home soon…

  23. Him all a say Icon come look fi Jue already and dont even come say hello to him…Him say him just come and him nawh get dip so, so him tell the police them everything. .even bout Icon….he said Icon, one othet guy and Kerry and 2 other girls came and one police show him them and he told the cops what they need to know..bwoy, base pan how bigga a talk .,.eveybody a go down…him hate Icon and Apple like hell…

  24. Why people gon talking shit?Don’t you know that the FEDS is reading every f**kin thing in here.Your Jamaicans sell out each other. I would never deal business with a Jamaican. Your talk to much!

  25. Mi nuh sorry fi keryann. Dem deh a farin too long fi nuh learn. Jue is a victim of keryann and her hype dunse self.1 by 1 dem a go in to the feds. Just like mousey and di rest. As for Apple she ain’t going nowhere when she dun bawl n tell lie pon innocent hustlers. Uno is a disgrace to some real youth weh out deh a do dem ting with no hype.at least uno fi go jail go do uno GED

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