This long breast girl kim gwan like she nice.. She think people wouldn’t recognize her from she nleach and gain weight… Nobody forget her bigtime wh*re lifestyle ah yaad and foreign
.. Its always the big whole gal dem weh d*ck nuff man and claim say dem bisexual when reality whole army renegade through dat… She f**k for hair and nails.. And expensive dinner… No ambition girl.. Now she come a dancehall and gwan like she somebody when in reality she cant even afford a cab ride home.. Keep contour your face and nose we and recycled wig dem😂😂😂😂 MET these young gurl wid old p**y need fi do better



  1. like her betta black cuz in the new pics she look like a low budget likkle kim, in other words, fcvked up an fake

  2. Such a beautiful black girl…. As for the other pictures, mi granny always use to tell mi sey ef mi nuh have anything good to say, mi fi kibba mi mout…. so I’m gonna do just that

    Good morning one and all


  3. This bitch f**k the whole a dancehall from jersey to new York all borrows old man young boy from u a pop bottles Inna party she f**k Yuh all three some … Fi a price every man have something fi say bout her she is a big escort a gwan like she a smaddy every man she f**k sidung n discuss her ole how it smell like dead rat poor baby Jesus not even know the slime wey him a wife up … She need go look a green card n stop f**k dung the place its not a good look cause all these niggaz talk about her the basement weh she live Inna the landlord a chat sey him f**k her first rent smh …. Lil ur life sad u a f**k fi money go buy papers n buy vinegar if Yuh stinking ole its not a good look ….

  4. If the whole of jersey & all five bout ought say and chat her hole stink why man after man dig it out?

  5. This girl is very beautiful all who taking should take a page out r book n do something with them self atleast she’s getting paid all who taking I can see it’s pure bad mind dirty haters go get a life

  6. Real idyat dat MET this girl long time waste gal… Her body look like she have too much abortion…. Hype she ah run down like she hot.. Like comment above say… Buy a bottle.. All she need is a cup… Take her to dinner she f**k….in reality she is nobody in dancehall… She f**k wid real broke niggas clearly.. And ah run down romie fi paperz who broke him damn self like dem ah jayz and beyonce ah dancehall .. A real circus animal dat… For a young girl who dont even reach 24 yet… She look old… Look good on da gram… Horrible and cheap clothes in person.. Low self esteem likkle kim…. F**k down di place and nah get nothing… Her friend Mandi ah di real goodas….her ting up .. Next story MET

  7. You can telll dem girl here ah suffer from low self esteem bad….. Dont know the details… But she look like a clown in last picture…. Too much… I hope she doesnt go out like that everyday.

  8. One ah mi dog use fo f** har when she move from atl… Him leggo dat quick… Her business trips she take ah prostitution.. U got werd, likkle hundred… Yuh can f**k har … Rae rae gal dat

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