Kerryanna made a major upgrade tho from she stop walk and deh a every party wid aneka and shamiele dem. From she did get the one buss and go foreign she never look back. Gal travel all over In the states but she frequent Las Vegas, do up r breast and waist and lips and in a pure designer shoes and clothes but nuh have (Edited) me can’t do da maths deh at all. How u fi a live up big life like that and not even fi pay smaddy sort out u paper works?? Anyways me glad u take u self outta aneka company completely cause dem gal deh a whol dung and me hear say Unu no talk either cause u block r pon Ig. A wonder if a u man she did a try rope in pon.. cause she is slick like dat. 😂😂😂 lol



  1. Sender so u think she leaving Anika an shameile company yu tink she better than them Kerryann doing the same thing in America selling pussy why u think she travel from state to state

  2. Yall chat too much sometimes enuh, the girl lived with her man in Vegas & also at his house in NY. Smh from unnu see people a travel di 1st thing come to unnu mind a sell them a sell puxxy, kmft annoying much!

  3. Sender vegas is the main place fi pussy selling mi dear and u shi gal a go from state to state a pussy dem a sell

  4. Drew really take back dis riff raff. Although we all know dat is frighten him did frighten cause him think she a di best thing him ever have. She nuh stop clown him out. F off di whole a him friend dem under him nose. All di PoshV girl man she a tek too and still a friend di girl. Kerry nuh have nothing. at 1 point is pon her friend floor she did a sleep and is pure bed bugs bite her up because di house was dirty bad. Dem sleep on floors a night time and den post up di next morning ina Gucci shoes and bag. No ambition she don’t have and drew don’t have none either. everybody just a laugh offa him behind him back

  5. When a girl choose to invest her money into breast implants, booty injections, lip injections and bleaching cream, most likely her plan is to sell puzzy, whether it’s overtly or covertly, that’s her plan. Instead of investing their time, energy and dollars into college or something productive that will empower them while keeping their dignity in tact, most of these Trollops choose to spend their lives searching for the right dyck to suck or puzzy to nyam in order for financial empowerment lol. Gotta pity damaged women with daddy issues…

  6. I don’t like dem choker tings deh at all.. some female dun get call bitch aready and now hunnu draw fi sinting wah look like dog chain round a dog neck dog weh dem call bitch… It sticky pan hunnu fashion gone to di dogs.

  7. All a them find man fi maintain them lifestyle, ah same so shamiele a hide and f**k kiddy, everybody a talk bout it. Kiddy stay baaaad ( ugly and fat) but him lil money mek him get nuff a di easy gal them outta road..

  8. @tea so because di man did check fi har him frighten fi har kmt unuh chat to much an unuh don’t know shit di man an Kerry been leff an I bet u get a one f**k from drew an him Naa use yu

  9. Wasn’t she rolling with the Paris girl front seller who recently married? Sell it if it ur only asset plus is a real job.

  10. But outta alla dem a she a d ugliest stilll…d body jobs face jobs and clothes nuh mek her no more beautiful….she hideous….d makeup mek aneka look like a cute likkle pig n shamiele just always hav that cuntri bumpkin look….but dis monkey right here need to chill off social media

    1. Reading ur comment I can tell you ugly in and out. The girl no ugly you just mad. You have pussy to instead of spreading ur venom go utalize it smh

  11. Kerryann ugly bad r voice coarse like scotch brite no sa ! what agal fi soun like hog noooo unu wa see her on SC she frighten u frig all when she nuh kno d song dem inna d club she a move r mouth she look dumb as fck MISS KERRY Y U WASNT AT BRT LMAOOOOOOOO oops di man left yuh ah bayyyyyyy everyday u get up a talk bout fake niggas bihhh you the fake one lmao fck off all d man friend dem and expect he gonna check for u !!! but anuh that mi hear u a fck back bagwhite now and u and Kera buss big big threesome pan him how dat go? aint terry and bagwhite friends??? so how kera run gone do 3some wid u n bagwhite :hoax2 met da story ay need fi run

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