1. Munchy look damn good, the rest need fi stop bleach dem skin now because they all look like Mr. It

  2. Di ugliest set a rat bat dem . Every party dem ina and swear dem hot. None a dem no pay fi nothing dem have on a bare teefing clothes, so me no know who dem a moggle pan. All of them need fi see a dentist cause dem teeth look like a Sofa can fit between most a dem Gap. All a dem a teck people man and swear dem hole better than the main chicks. All a dem a fckk fi nothing and all a dem pay man fi fckk dem. This is what being famous in Philly represents above.

  3. Kay windys girlfriend and his cousin. f**king philly trash buckets. Chanel stop come a dance whaa she shame her man a bun her

  4. Kay whoever do your makeup secretly hate yuh de eyebrows a stress me out when I look at ur robin pics I couldn’t believe that u normally u but yourself together good that’s short need to trash plus ur sister nuh rate fi mek yuh leave out the house like dat yuh loud look simple and nice at Jago party

    1. At the same time the rest of them can’t do without make up.I spot Indy the other day and I couldn’t believe my eyes that bitch look old tired and ugly no f**k.Yall need to take a break and rest.Rest your face and pussy bitch.

  5. Them need to get sand down and beat out .paint over these are a hot mess not one of these things look good.even the Bush babies on Net go Wild looks like these she males they look better,this is what Philly have to offer Lol. You all said they thief close they are not any good thief because it of to be Flee market them a Thief at or good will .salvation army hand me down stores

  6. Charm with the sinking mouth and Pussy a walk and stick up Philly gal yuh want bath in dettol and pinesol stop walk and beg 5$ & 10$ the man them tired of yuh cranny boby dinky yuh look like a crack head

    1. Cherry you really ready to fight and really a trouble maker because every single word in this comment was said in your video addressing Dinky.So everyone know a you diss

  7. They thief old bruck kay steal from thrift shop with tia, dead ppl clothes kay steal. The girls living in jamaica looking better and living better than these girls in philly.

  8. Let’s talk bout how shekira sending out kim pic bout kim body dont look good. Shekira kim body a kill you ,stop mine man and go to the gym you stay very bad . Sponge bob come off the gal name and take your medication.

  9. Stink hole old lady Indy with the f**ked up teeth from the people dem tell you to see the dentist you stop smiling in your pics.Bitch use the money you use to take of young boys and fix your f**ed up wierd looking space teeth.You lumpy skin old whore

  10. kay you look horrible take that shit off your head and go look a decent work. Stop sell pussy beloved you not scared you end up like shekira?

  11. So Kerry really guh take back twin after him guh f**k off her friend likkle daughter and eat her out on video(Ronda lavish)? Smh no wonder why so much disease are being passed around. You people needs to lift up your standard of living. Just plain nasty! As for those women up top. Ladies unuh need to do better. The partying every night ain’t cutting it. And some of ya’ll gotta get up early to to to work. How unu deewt??

  12. You all make these people of relevance a swear.. so much HATE and nothing GOOD to same about Philly Dance-hall groupie but yet still everyone always have a story to tell. Philly is one place i will never visit because it seems like everyone there is still living in the bottom of the barrel with their mentality and lifestyle and an other note no care how much they try they never look good so i really don’t understand how they get so much attention form you all on here…Honesty I’m LOST. ONE BIG MESS A DUTTY PEOPLE WID THEY TENNAMENT LIFE.

  13. PHILLY hunnu again??? No man philly it nuh looks good. Mi seh eeda nuh clothes nuh deh a Philly or Di ppl dem cyaaah dress… But everytime suh.

  14. How unnuh have so much BLOODCLAAAAT…. time fi always a fella up Philly dancehall ppl? Ok unnuh seh dem cah dress. Dem nuh look good. Since unnuh cah dress and look good why unnuh concern bout di gyal dem? Mi sure know she dem life still a gwan all di kill unnuh ova yah a kill unnuh self wid unnuh comment dem nah look pan uunuh.

  15. Y Donna Gucci son look so shiny and tacky and the girl with her yellow teeth yuck …..badda badda what’s the verdict with your son and the rape case with his own family that’s what happens when you love dance more than your kids

  16. Which one a badda badda son rape one of his family members her kids are young when this happen and weh unno get this story

    1. Shanalee son is 18 don’t think a di son. Is her man he always trying to f**k off the likle girls den in the family. Nasty dirty family

  17. So Ugly tough face cheap looking Indy withholding her birthday party pics because y’all put her ass up here???

  18. Just because he’s 18 doesn’t mean he can’t rape. Shannalee son is a rapist and so is donna guccci son Jav. It’s runs in the family I guess.

  19. Jav what’s going on wit you lately you be looking horrible you don’t even party like you use to you don’t even look like one time yuh look sick like you on drugs, where is ur party flyers this year

  20. Mind my business yet unno Cah mind if unno. Guh bloodclawwt raise your son 18 or not And her man is one big dutty pervert that’s what you get when you find man ah dance. This story isn’t fairly new he touched trilly daughter watch your kids butch so they keep their fingers to themselves !!!!!!

  21. Ah who this? nasty shay weh Jav’s piss and shit pon. Stinking mouth shay! Shut the f**k up! Jav dont want you bitch!

  22. So veachy sleeping with that young guy that hangs with jigga and f**king kemar and those two guys are friends??? But what is this world coming to?

  23. Whoring Jennifer weh par wid Lisa penguin Lisa fray what a way you a hide a f**k the people the man up a poker flats Jennifer me soon get the full story and come let it go to pussyclathe bitch your a old undercover bitch.

    1. This ole Woman no see say she fi close har legss? har front probably cover wid pure grey hair and she still think young bwoy want har.. Jennifer isn’t because of your roaming cratches why ur husband is now in prison> After you go sleep wid the man dem and him a preps you up, him affi defend you nastiness. Everytime me see you you cah even hol up ur head right the way how ole age tumble dung pan you and every minute ur name a call pon a next young bwoy. Jennifer the next nursing home me see you ina i gwine warn dem cause you is a connist and as dem start investigate you run gone look next job. Jennifer why you sooo teeef. did you realize that you are getting ole too and some one will be taking and abusing your $$ too cause Karma no pretty. YOu know how much senior you left a pay back ur long distance bill dem? Jennifer go repent ole cruff. But you a dress upand a moggel you is a dressed up shit house. Mi figget say a Mobay you come from so it is normal fi umnuh showoff and teeef..

  24. Shay jav could never want you because yuh use to f*k him cousin rochelle brother girl yah go tek out de whole family girl…

  25. Dem say support fi support well that was a bad job pon the support of vadoo party not a good look

  26. BWOY Indy U didn’t Smile in not one of your pics y u don’t use all that money fix yuh mouth yuh teeth them stay bad u need to get dentures like your Friend Bubbles…DINKY yuh look like a Crack Head u need to stay out the parties u don’t look good….Veachy always f**king somebody’s man when will u find your own Fat dent up black Hoe…Shana Decor lady come a Indy party fi show off pon Bubbles, All Friend Enemies In one Party.

    1. Why Indy baby father never take no pics yet.why he always hiding? I wonder if he know she is a whore? BTW Indy you dress never sit down on you right

  27. Suh how shay a talk and agwaan like a Jav a Philly alone she Eva tek lol Veachy yuh still a f**k Kc man nd yuh nuh stop style di man child

  28. Kc don’t own a man never ever in her nasty life she always tekking people dem too IT’S karma

    1. You can’t take ppl man, ppl man nuh satisfy with one pussy and want more new pussy mi provide new pussy

      1. Oh yes honey child that’s why veachey and the brown pretty younging have to provide not new but good pumpum for my friend donte… so why you jumping about veachey tekking him.? Stop tell lie seh di gal talking about the Lil baby because that not going to stop donte from put cocky pan veachey

  29. Lisa fray keep that mouth shut dunce head gal and read properly who said you have man the person said Jennifer a f**k man a flats so shut the f**k up and give roseya room with her homeless ass

    1. That’s what happened when you don’t know how to read :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  30. Yes nasty Lisa you always a cum pon Facebook a cuss out ppl and you don’t see the nastiest one is you own fren Jennifer Jennifer see husband gone a prison and you still a gwan with you nasty ways dem

  31. Lisa fi a big woman I’m ashamed of how illiterate you are omg!nobody said you f**king nobody and you run gone wid it this need crowd to f**k me never see this yet a so you want flats man fi look pan you and Lisa how you know flats man ambitiousif you neva a chat to you fren Jennifer who a dead over the people them man Jennifer you and them tuff pudding you be selling to go round the man them you little dirty bitch old bloodclathe scammer weh no stop fraud the people them account dirty bitch!!!!Lisa you need to scrape off you tongue it white bad while your under surgery please fix dat dutty tongue old penguin

    1. Dem always a act like dem a somebody decent but nuh body nuh see unno unno carry on the most pon Facebook all that time you need fi pick up a book and make you college kids them teach you how to read and write a proper sentence unno Ludy Bad

  32. A which young pretty browning that a run Kc foot hottt……. Donate stomach strange fi veachy asking for a fren how yuh manage hard lol

    1. Can we please leave Kc alone, cause obviously she think she a happen every Month she ina man problem. Kc does nopt care as long as she has a stiff one. Sad to say she is projecting thses insecurities on her daughters because they see and hear the stressed call and text everynight in their household to Donte who is always on the road.. Kc did you know that you are the loser in this sinking boat? You make the most money and you a get bunn you no that boy will never divorce you becauase that is his pension. you cah stop him and him not going to divorce you because him wife make $$ ,what a dilemma. Next time sign a prenup, cause this boy is entilted to 1/2 of ur hard earned money while him only bring a stiff germsy dick. please make preparation for your daughters before him left dem a road if ur head haaat you. dummy.com, dick should be free, not come with a life long pension. Me sad fi you. All these girls only disrespect Kc becuause him tell dem say him and har no deh, but coo pan Veachy too as my mate and bright wid it _______________________________________________________________________ me woulda lay dung ina traffic cause dat mean say mi Pums a backfire and me baddie no ready..

      Keisha nor Sannie is not ur fren because dem head the list of people way a laugh and chat you say you desperate.

  33. The hole lot a dem a cruff no dance dem don’t miss!!!! Indy girl sumbody really iggy fi yuh mama dwrllll u f**k the wrong man now !!!! U fi stop now man which young bowy you don’t f**k inna dancehall????? U can’t even finish the surgey from u do the hips u can’t fix nuttn else pon yuh ,,, at least yuh mouth nuh look like allisa mouth,yuh gap a gully wid allisa own a cross seas lol I neva see smadi wid top n bottom gap DWRLLLL shave off shabba buddy couple inches!!!. SUDDY PUSSY SANDY N CHEERY A THE GREAT GRANMADA FI PHILLY DANCE, cherry yuh really a f**k jav,???all the surgery yuh do Dr can not fix dat ole pussy deh!!! I want him tek all weh him nuh see , n jav u love likes too f**king much ole pussy juice fi crawb yuh up, DONNA GUCCI U LADY U WILL SELL THE NEXT BOI YEYE FI MONEY YUH SICK STOMCH!!!!

  34. Suddy nastyhole sadomite bitches come off ah Lisa bloodclot name stink hole hide n f**k pink wall anonymous bad gyal, u obsessed n reading u need fi bloodclot find who breed unnu n stop walk n f**k n nah get nothin, come off Jennifer bloodclot name sour Pussy bitches u f**kkn mad, u big mad or small mad, unnu stretch out sour pussy bitches need fi come with sumthin else, u stink n fava sum bloodclot dog, unnu only bad pon pink wall never in person!! Come suck me with my period on bitches..

  35. Wat a way Jennifer hole ah mad unnu bloodclot no sah, unnu black stinkin cock roach shit mouth gyal come off ah Jennifer name, unnu stink like shit fly nuh stop follow unnu nasty bloodclot anonymous who the f**k r u, bare chest u chat u are the weakest bloodclot link

  36. Who cares next subject, wat ah way badda badda cuss unnu nasty bloodclot lol no sah all now mi still ah watch di video unnu stink like shit leave people pussyclot Pitney outta it

  37. Keisha jaguar ah time u give dat name a rest, bloodclot Keisha run down stale now! Di Haitian gyal dem want beat out ur bloodclot butch can’t even keep up with ur car payment bout jaguar unnu suck Pussy lame now nexttttttttttt!! Sack passeee lol

  38. Badda badda nuh cuss noooooo bloodclawwtt body cause it no public or up ere duh only person she fi cuss is hat pervert man she have as role model FOHH

  39. Unnuh a some internet bad gyal and nutten backa it. Unnuh always a hide hide pink wall wid unnuh f***kery. A talk a bagga ting bout ppl weh nuh guh suh. Unnuh talk bout, Veachy, Meesha, Kae, Old Woman Cherry, Shauna, Badda Badda, Kelly, Indy, Bubbles, Lisa Fray, f**k out Reid Sophia, tuff face Diva. Nuh dem nah look pan unnuh. Find some facts and stop mek up rass lies

  40. Unnu stink an fava shit ah longtime me n Jennifer Lisa ah fren o bloodclot file nuh long like di Dutyy stink gyal name Sophia n stinking breath tAmeka cock foot Dacia n Bruce gyal weh look like wale n mi fren come ah philly n f**k Bruce every now n then!!don’t ready only one mi like ah Neeve n Anne, unnu stink like bloodclot shit an always ah call up di people dem name..unnu f**kin obviously obsessed with the big woman dem..bloodclot man go f**k ah gyal man n mind ur business NEXT!!!!!!

    1. You can bet this HOG is insecure, you can bet this HOG teeth dirty that you can scrap the food off,you can bet this HOG is all 4 ladies in one,you can bet this HOG womb curse,go and pray God bless you with a child b4 you reach 40 PIGRICKA FRAY!!!!…grunt, grunt,grunt,grunt

  41. No sah mi see Tia inna candle store one day bare candle she buy leave di ppl dem man Tia all di one meesha she those bitches stay in a candle store.

  42. Lol wait so di fat girl from mobay who breed fi di wildbunch bwoy nuh married? N have his good good wife Kathy west, no to bloodclot dem gyal yah need a beaten.

  43. Shay fi ah young gyal like u, u nuh stop walk wit ur Pussy pon fi u head, gyal jav n di next mobay yute say ur pussy have a smell. Young girl get ur life together n tek care of ur son clothes n shoes nah Mek it, u walk n f**k til u start look sick now.

  44. @LA Trish yuh friend really buy ticket fi come f**k bruk manno sah! Tell yuh friend si every gal weh Bruce f**k ah philly si him salt

  45. Natalie it’s time u put ur stretch out Pussy pon punishment, u f**k garage man, u f**k bunch man n u did ah f**k shabba dats why u an ur whoring fren dem fall out, di twin dem talk ur secret. Ole stinking lace wig granny give ur pussy ah rest. Feel sorry fi di old yankee Man U have.

    1. it seem like Natalie stretch out ole a give you a headache over there and har stretch out ole a hold har man and you with you claim tight Ole not holding your man you sound like One of the whoring fren dem this with a young byow way a stress you and you miserable Ole out so please not to make the stretch out ole be a problem to you because the stretch out ole is NOT a problem to the owner :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak because unprogressive ppl we nuh have time fa This just sound like you miserable tight ole a fail you gal

    2. I’m sure this is one of the bitch that always posting Unbother pon dem page but I need you to go change that because I see you’re truly bother Laugh and gwan

  46. @ Jenny British mi confuse bad, yuh inna the same candle shop buying candle like Tia and yuh come over here throwing shades,what ah way pot ah cus kettle, mi gald mi nuh have son, fi him come buk up inna women like you evil bitches!

  47. Not so Sexy Shauna roun Robin was a big flop. Go find some ambition and tek care of u pickney dem. U look dun out and ole turkey neck need Fi retire now man

  48. @ Anonymous yes mi in a bloodclot candle store to, but I can tell I wouldn’t want fi u son, u sound Bruck n bloodclot hungry cause u always deh pon pink wall. so u don’t have no bloodclot job. N ah bare black candle mi buy fi bun out sum dutty bad mind bad gyal pon internet like u. Come suck me n mi candle BITCHHHH,

  49. Everybody ova yah a cuss Donte but a Jigga unnuh fi cuss a him train and groom Donte fi become a man hoe inna dancehall. From in guh f**k di bleachout big Joanna whale Antoinett Faircloud why unnuh suprise him a f**k di sea cow Veachy? Dat likkle bwoy cocky nuh have nuh discrimination. Only dog lef fi him f**k but a nuh fi him fault Jigga teach him how fi hide and f**k di ole hoe dem. Donte pare wid Kemar Diamond but mi cahh seh a Kemar him a falla cuz di world know Kemar hood likkle likkle likkle.

  50. So who the pretty browning Dante a f**k now , this need pics cause to how kc, and veachy stay bad I would love to see this browning

    1. REVEAL URSELF NO. YOU KEEP TYPING THE SAME shit like you want to be highlighted. Girl bye. No not getting any $$ just a infectious stinky hood. go look a real life. eww. the whole a unh make it look bad say man ina shortqage.

  51. Sexy Shauna better go look a work and find other means fi go pay that Benz payment. Chu Kelly have Baby Benz Lol,Lol ,Lol she run go follow and buy Benz too, Mi a wonda if unuh really a fren or unuh a frenemy,cause unuh always a try out do each other.Let me school you on Car buying, Not because it has a Benz sign means say unuh ina di same class as people way a drive actual 6 series an above Benz vehicle ok. FI unuh Benz is like buying the fake brands pon canal street… Do it big and done unuh actually a pay more fi unuh car that the white people dem with good credit that is driving the latest.. dummies.. Shauna tell me something, Kevin still a grine you and nyam out you lickel husling money? Is Kevin still driving the Benz more than you? Is Kevin you buy the Benz fa? So you really think Kevin baby madda ago compete wid you when she no have no loose a loose? You go girl, cause all wharf dog Kevin have is a piece of half dead hood and it start malfunction already and him no reach 40 good .. Girl claim your prize and don’t let it cost you..

  52. Omg everbody ah f**k everybody nasty nasty nasty sum ah yuh need fi bleach ya hole instead of yah skin so happy mI stay far from the mixup cause the way most of yuh move mi woulda been f**k up one of yah

  53. Please to do Natalie a fava and cum flip har upside down and put a straw into har pussy and suck har dry and then chuck off into har stretch out pussy and drown unno self because Natalie don’t see unno unno unfocused bitches ..Big up to that bother bitch

    1. Natalie THE PEOPLE DEM NOT LIEING. YOU TECK EVERY BODY COOT WAS UR MAIN HIDE AND FKK, then him frenz. You swear you did a fool people. Me use to luagh afta you cause me did a fkk him fren and dem use to sidung and chat you how you have white liva and you pums no have no battom and dem couldn’t stand fi see you broad face ina di light.

      Me juss a wonder how Niccki neva show up a u yawd when she did a police Shabba teeelie? lmao. you na d marlo was fren and you did a help har woiid Shabba. that is why all a unuh always end up a di doctor unuh share buddy juice too much.

      1. Bitch you’re bother so you and you misareable Pussy go cum suck mi from left to rite bye you gets no more of my time kiss kiss

        1. Natalie yuh ah whore Inna real life u don’t kno who really your baby father is, yuh f**k di mon dem an kno she dem ah fren. But mi nah blame yuh fi ah give yuh mon bun cah him hood nah work but yuh need fi do better it wouldn’t suh bad if yuh did ave ah 1 man but yuh ah f**k and suck everyting weh have a hood and do sad part is u nuh care and yuh mek it known u don’t give a f**k smh

  54. @Towerhill Anne yes di fat Gurl Antoinette fren have baby fi Kathy west husband that bitch need a beaten. Natalie stop show up ur nasty rass an go change ur dutty wig. Wat a way u well be known, nobody nuh want suck fi u tired pussy old nasty bitch, u look like a transgender, tired body bye.

  55. Jennifer at your age you want play matey cause the man not leaving him woman no day no time old hang down face you fava (Owl)Jennifer you need to go reconstruct that old hang down face dutty f**ky f**ky woman you walk and f**k like dog old undercover who’re!!!!!!Jennifer nobody should respect you because you a floor mat suck pussy and suck cocky Jennifer you old waste old dutty salt hole woman Jennifer wid the life sentance pussy you salt no bloodclathe a wah you stop f**k the young bwoy a jamaica bitch.lisa fray see true you no understand not even the letter much less the word me no have time fi you me just need your address to send you hooked on phonics and please to seek a dentist cause you mouth stay real real bad the scammer dem deah yah that a you Jennifer old scamna

    1. Come offa Jennifer bloodclottttttt name!! Dutty ugly Keisha yuh cyannnt Brown like har all yuh ah bleach and all ah bleach yuh son ol cruff! She fi f**k!! Ah fi har pussy!! Ah long time she fi gwaan wid tings after yuh f**k weh har husband from har, cause ah dat yuh did want, YUH FADDA!! Di house ah Jamaica ah madd yuh too! Gweh and go find yuh own pussy pension! Go hide yuh ducking face and learn fi blend yuh make up, dutty bitch!! Love watch ppl pussy and need fi go wash yours! Yuh go breed fi ppl moan and him nuh turn back fi look pon yuh bleacha son gweh yah and nuh upset mi epiglottis

    2. Come offa Jennifer bloodclot name!!! It just ah gargle in a yuh throat suh Keisha!! Ugly bleacha girl stop bleach yuh f**ing son!!

  56. Suh a which pretty browning Dante have weh a run Kc foot hot where the pics at…. Veachy a who a yuh man Kid, Kemar or Dante? Meesha and kae you guys stay low

  57. @Jenny British bunce bat gal! Weh cant read and understand weh mi write sey. Mi gald mi nuh give birth to no boy pickini fi buk up inn witch like you, ole crosses gal!

  58. Sum gal upset because dem tight ole a fail dem and then cum pon pinkwall and a throw down unno problem pon people :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  59. Before unno try to elevate unno wutless life unno a worry bout ppl pussy if the ppl dem want to use their pussy 15 time a day how is that a problem to you are how this going to Mek you life any better you see the word their pussy that why is it bothering you guys so much you just Mek sure your pussy stay tight so you can hold you man a pure pussy watchman inna Philly and not one of dem a get pay :tkp :tkp :tkp :tkp

  60. A swear sum a unnu look a fame off a pinkwall because unnu affi stay relevant And when ppl nuh see unnu are remember bout unnu unnu cum and up story unnu life Ludy like

  61. A say mi love the gal dem way cum pon here and act like dem a sum body and forget all about The cocky swinging from to another use to do but hun if you forget and that Mek you a lady just and believe it :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  62. sum unnu file dutty and worst than the ppl dem unnu a talk bout so before you cum pon here and a talk bout ppl stay bad life Mek sure you’re clean as a whistle all sum a unnu gal a use unnu mouth fi hotdog bun and still can’t keep unnu man Sum a unnu pussy a crosses and just salt bad mi nah look

  63. The same thing way happened to you
    The man fckk unuh and park unuh and to how unuh shame you have to crawl back under the rock you was running from*… Stop living a fantasy life the world know every night you go to bed miserable and lonely even when a man is laying beside you because that is not what you want but pretense leave you stuck and trying to keep the fairy tales going** having kids in our out of wedlock does not help if the man does not or never loved you boo boo** Please stop having unprotected sex and bring these unwanted kids to suffer because of you trying to tie down man

  64. @Anonymous 12:15 pm..yes bitch I’m a big witch learn how fi bomboclot come correct when u addressing me, spelling ah di least of my problem mi hold two degree one inna tek bloodclot man n di next inna bun black cNdle fi bloodclot pinkwall badgyal like u so call wanna be.fuvk with me u get the right pussy clot one! Same candle shop weh Tia n Meesha is the same one mi deh rite now..come suck out mi period dry with no pad bitch SPELL DAT!

  65. @Anonymous u Pitney dem eat from Mawning? U wash u stinking batty from mawning why the f**k everybody deh mad u, shauna hole ah mad u, Jennifer , flippa baby mother, Lisa frey n Kelly dolly deh kill u bitch..kill ur bloodclot self…

  66. Suh lizard in law get a beaten last nite?? Face buss up I need answers..it look like it’s s buss head season.

  67. What a way how lizard sister-in-law and Kiddy ole woman almost mash up G Warrior party. I did wah Lizard ppl geh dat ole woman rass lick. She and di tuff face ugly man looking Karen Green weh smell like ole clothes always a f**k roun ppl. Those two ugly ole ass bitches are two f**king haters. Dem a guh get a rass beating inna dancehall yuh see.

  68. Teeksha if Unno not here for the mess take your ugly ass Pon FB and lurk . Pink wall is too messy for your kind :kiss :games we don’t even mention Kelly one time Stop being messy .Part 4 maybe hav she maybe not Bye hoe

  69. @Anonymous 9:20am bitch u the only bloodclot one stink n deh hide ur bloodclot anonymous self , she not the only one who have ur bloodclot ticket, wat she got to do with this f**kkn topic dat girl don’t even smell ur lean out Pussy disease dropping self, bitch keep ur self anonymous.

  70. Kiddie married a old lady that’s who did that not his baby mom which is his ex cause they both in new relationship never see that woman trouble no one

  71. Suh kemar diamond, how the people dem money ago? We know you borrowed the money to keep your party,lol dwl. And you couldn’t change up your wardrobe? Is what into that grey jacket suh gold? You beat that so often! Loldwl you look a f**king mess!!!!!! For a young boy a weh belly a guh?

  72. How uunuh suh bloodclaath badmind and f*** up so what if Kemar wah wear di jacket 50 thousand times? Nuh fi him jacket? If a nuh fi yuh money him borrow why yuh ova yah a tek up di man rass problem? Lo, di man mek him live. Belly a cum cause him nah worry bout dog shit like unnuh fass nigeros.

  73. Lisa fray you alone have bout 10 paragraph you see how you face look like shirt collar when it bed lady shut the f**k up penguin.

  74. Lol dwl. Let me guess??? Him come tell yuh fi come over yah a cuss!! Lol dwl badmine? Who badmine like kemar? You just mad cause you know it’s the truth! Further more a one a him friend talk him business. Bitch please!Like me say him ever inah the one blazer. Him never stay good yet!!! You little mad or you big mad????? Now is dinner time eat a dick and blech bitch!! Bruuuuuupppppppp!!!!

  75. Munchy how you look like you get bullet up duh huh need some type of cocoa butter for those boil and bed bug bite eeww

  76. Unnu came over here and worry about everybody from who a wear what to who a thief to who a f**k who who a drive what unnu Mek everything badda unnu unnu stay off here with unnu good good life cause most a unnu can’t even walk inna the ppl dem shoe because them a live betta than unnu but sum ppl affi put shit pon ppl name fi dem look good the ppl dem a live dem life and don’t even see Unnu and a unnu say unnu have clean heart but guess what unnu you as bad as ppl dem unnu a talk bout unnu realize say a god we affi answer to not unnu and god de unnu dirty heart way unnu say clean all the bitch dem way have 4-5 pickney fi 4-5 man and turn around and call unnu self goodas the one dem way a sleep pon ppl floor but inna party every nite the one dem way live inna madda house with unnu pickney dem the one dem way borrow unnu fren dem clothes sum a unnu cum pon here don’t even have a pot to piss in much less a window fi threw it thru so when you cum pon here make sure your life is well sort out unnu miserable bitches

  77. 8:20 please shut the fuc you you more bothered then anybody you so bad why you hiding writing long speeches why you here reading ? Cash this better not be you with the ashy legs

    1. What is so bad about this comment you sound like one of the bitch that don’t have shit so this touch home fi you :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  78. Y’all get a pass from me. Yup uno look clean and it look like everyone bade or took a shower for Kemar party. The IG clothes sit down pon uno very well. Not sure if it was the video light make some uno skin look ashy. But over all Philly get an A for effort!! But only one only one needs more help. Someone help her please. Body just big and look like a massage chair. eww! Lipo cheap now. come on sis get it together!! Please

  79. First of all them bitches is dirt an broke lets start with lizard wife ever I ne in your family an friends an lizard dont like you for letting you come out looking like a damn troll with them drawn on eyebrows next bitch that got hit with the bottle your mouthy ass deserved it dont like you know way your the one that was spreading the rumor Don Don touched his daughter next bitch I am the guy hold the video of the so called fight if you never hit her your ass wouldn’t got beat up next the girl that hit the girl with the bottle how you out here looking all stupid calling kiddy your husband when every time I see him he with different bitches walking around saying he only married you for money stop being dumb the man dont want you I see you lost some weight but keep working on your stomach it look gross the Karen she walked past me on time in a party an I thought a hoagie truck when by smelling like old onions we were all glad when you got new braids but I guess you gonna were them for like 5 years to go was your ass an get a new style

  80. Sandy British and Stacey how di two a unnuh fava bloodclaatttt…….. monkey suh? Bomboclaath unnuh hard fi luk pan. Unnuh mek mi eye hurt mi. Unnuh need a new face. Unnuh ugly bad. Kim unnuh have nuh mirror a yuh rass yard? every night yuh out and mek the state tek weh yuh pickney dem. Yuh a waste gyal. Fat and fava sea cow. Mi nuh know how man f%$# unnuh. Some man tomach trang fi real. Di hottest ting nuh body nuh chat ppl like unnuh and unnuh fava bloodclaat Medow rest, str888 duppy. Unnuh stay home man. A unnuh mek Philly dancehall look pan dung. Crystal dash weh dat rass wig. It mek yuh look like 105. Buy some cocoa lotion wid shea butter please and bade. Leggo di cheap clothes dem, geeeezzzzz………

    1. But lady all three of unnu did fava monkey together when unuh was friends so now unnu a no friends dem fava monkey no hun it’s two monkeys minus you the Third Monkey a so unnu bitch love fi cum chat unnu one time bestie it bun mi fi Unnu ok unnu a nuh friend nuh more just keep it the **k moving WTF unnu f**king miserable ass chuckles :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  81. Stacey the man and him woman and him madda cum a party and you affi ole a seat in the back lol mi nah look

  82. Me would like fi know if Bartender/ Thot madam Terry deh wid Quaddy, nakita babyfadda? Everyminute you see har hitch up unda him and she a post him everyminute.. Well me shouldn’t even question it cause dem gal deh no parshall. Him still nah leave him yankee gal weh him deh wid for years tho so unuh keep on sleeping wid this dutty looking dread fi free.

  83. Sandy British yuh face wah tek off and Mek ova. Please delete yuh fava page Everytime yuh share somebody flya and mi see yuh face mi wah vomit. Yuh and grumbles and cousin? Oh my bad mi fi got seh a yuh and stay bad Stacey and yuh related.

  84. Kim what away you a f**k leather boops where you at you blind Kim and leather a f**k Kim is you mate yes you big fat pig Kim you dangerous unnuh gwaan mek Kim belly fool unnuh

  85. Wha happen to di 2 big fat sista dem weh keep di party last year donte did a f**k one why unno nuh keep uno party this year? Suh through you guys didn’t keep any party this year uno stap go out guh support

  86. Dem fat but I thought they were beautiful women. Always put themselves together and make up on point. Maybe they’re just tired of dancehall life.

  87. @lol mind your f**king business why does it matter to you if they are f**king are you looking a f**k from either of them if so go and ask and stop watch the gal pussy. Why are you mad u wanted Terry to hire you and she didn’t look at your trifling looking ass. Bitch go drink some bleach an kill yaself

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