1. This muppet face look bad all ova
    Butta face
    Butta body
    *Fyah wife*
    MEEETTTT mi still kyah log in …. Fi di past few days now a bare temporary lock message mi a get. And mi do whey u say and it still naw wuk
    Fix it deh please

  2. Met/matters, mawning mi deh a work doing some early peeping….HOLY COW…FATHER PLS COM GIVE ME THE HANDLE, AND TEK THE BLADE….WTF…IS THAT THING……I CANT…..I JUST CANT…

  3. Gm all, the picture in the green looks like one of the Gremlins, who ever watched the movie gremlins? I swear she look just like one of them smh!! This pursuit of body and face transformation is going to destroy the lives of some of these low self esteemed women who think that by transforming the outside fixes what ails them on the inside. Most of them need psychological help and don’t even realize it. A word of advice young lady, do some soul searching and try to find out what is really eating you up on the inside, then get some help!!

  4. Any doctor n I use the word doctor very loosely that did that girls ass like that needs to face a firing squad now that looks very unethical very
    As mi say so mi see Shawna luxury done longtime whey dat ya di batty a draw pon di grung n a bare long skirt n overhauls she wear Shawna tell mi sumting u is a mechanic r nah?????

  5. Me naw understand them pic here. Who that inna the last 2 look crawny & sick so and why the girl inna the black dress catch mums after the surgery??

  6. The look baaddd, the stay terrible, the one in the black bottom look like a camel hump. Y all a them gal yaa, some late twenties and thirty some a run down this plastic surgery now a days. Boy mek me go buy one of the Brazilian body shaper and keep my body in shape, cause me nuh the Thanks giving turkey or the best dress chicken in town, no Mr. Butcher nah chop up da beef here. Lol. :kr :bikini: :bikini: :bikini: :bikini: :bikini:

  7. Morning Met and Morning Metters.
    The before the surgery body looked 1 million times better, hands down.
    This seems to be the in thing this season because I notice half the Puerto rican chics and all the black that attend the gym I go to have the same body type….. hourglass shape, big butt and breast and wearing the surgery suits…… so my question is, real body out of season now? And where are all these chics getting money from if dem nah wuk nuh weh?

    1. morning i waa know if a di surgery ben down her neck so ..it looks bad…paris u knee and foot cyah stay do and u waist and head look like that..one million pound a hair..a hungry waist ..wood floor cleaning knees and fassy foot no man

      1. :ngakak :ngakak
        These Women see to have over done it. I did some work, keep it minimal, enhance a lot of them redo like a born again person. Please leave the teaching hospitals and the foreign cheap spots such as DR…..go to reputable Doctors. Is it more than one person above, if so they all look awful!!
        Everyone may not have the money but then save, in the long run the short cuts show!

  8. Sketelbam mi see seh you over pastionate bout this case. Cause ah di fuss time, Mi nuh understand nothing weh you write

  9. I wonder who told Paris that, she stay good with that waist thingy, she looks crawny to me even if she naturally slim smh and dem don’t reach 30yrs old yet sad.

  10. A wah mek mi caah get some a dem money deh weh dem have a fix up bady ………ahhh bwoy a wah we ago tell God say …….Mi luv just try go get back you money and get back you bady…. Mi nuh know but it look like is a robot mannequin world we a head fah jah know mi a wonda if inna real life this look good to har

  11. Paris crawny bad! She look hungry. All dem money den she a get if travel to her white man dem to do her private prostitution she Caaa tek d money n do something go? Gee

  12. Chin face done deform from birth now she go do d body to match her deform face! One of d ugliest brown girl mi Eva c. She need to fix at face n d teeth dem inna ar head!

  13. mi seh them spell DISASTER in capital letter, why would a 20 + and early 30s young green women want to carve up them selves like turkey, I think them sick, the surgeons need to go works on them brains because it shallow bad, bad, uno see with me today, my computer is skipping letters and I never even noticed it.

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