Please hide my identity .Dem two sister here Inna mi community linstead them two waste gal yah a f**k one man , them nasty nuh rass true the man have little money .nasty punky the man Mr dallas did a f**k sue first and you run u likkle bad mind gal .nasty sue it’s obvious seh the Krish a Mr dallas pickney cuz u give the pickney ur last name we Nava see you with a man yet other than mr dallas.everyday u and him go hide and f**k dun a him Mada yard b*tch.unuh nasty nasty. man short but it’s not like that. Unuh likkle gal is a disgrace .punky she a f**k the security at her work place shoppersfair in Spanish town .unuh duty gal cah hype pan nuh body Inna linstead cuz every body kw unuh nasty deeds .yes nasty Wendy Ann Francis and tashika Francis a unuh mi talk .yeah unuh two sister a f**k one man and one a unuh breed fi him .mi like how unuh live happy with it

6 thoughts on “DI REAL TWO FI ONE

  1. Nuh regular ting dat a Jamaica? Mek that
    Pole model mode mi inna. Just money on my mind
    Yuh did see the man pon the sister? Stop it

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