Why Wayne Lots always ina di middle of f**kry. But one tha real tho _________ She say him full of shit and him really say “and you are it”???? You know how long mi nuh hear dat. Dwl.






0 thoughts on “DI SENDER ASKING WHY???

  1. STUPID! why she blow up like that? kmt obviously she feel guilty about something whether or not u two know each other he is on ur page .. some people just glad for the opportunity to so call blast some one kmt GROW THE HELL UP girl

  2. da black chinese clown deh balla need fi gweh a use big words an caw spell :ngakak luk like di golf course lak dung :nohope

    1. Zervahhhh….Weh u been? Or is me scarce? ?? Haven’t seen u in a bit mum. U good? Wha yuh call Berris?????

  3. Wayne is a true f**king batt y Mon him careless like him coming like a real female to blood clot

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