1. QUICK SHIT mi a call dis one lol. D girl backa har surprise too cause dis cyaan be a pose. Mi nuh have enuff type room fi discuss the tings wen shi dip inna d battam d barrel fah

  2. Is har regula dancehall ole ooman knee n back a gi prablem bend down. Same way in di pic when di young bwoy a dagga har wha day, a same so shi did set

    Di girl behind har is like WTF

  3. Platinum kid a dagger gella them people ya too old fi party now, wat about going to church oonu party enuff go seek The Lord before it is too late.

  4. lord god she look like a man or she want fi shit. short hair nuh look good pon you. yuh fi park up now star old gyal you pop down

  5. she need fi good inna a old lady now..your of party days done now you cant see it fi your crosses woman every man you sleep with pure bad things reach dem life ..stop come a brooklyn come party cause you a crosses . you ugly nuh rassclat make up dnt not fit you . you dnt see for your now every dance you keep a get flat now yuh look bad yuh stay bad omfg

  6. omfg she’s ugly mi work inna one home for donkey and we have more space for you.. you welcome anytime.you look like you give gud head in life .jet set your days r ova leave it if your kids and grandkids dem now

  7. wheel chair you fi inna now star you look like dem old mash up truck a yaad. you need help someone please call her daughter 711 call her now

  8. Mi think this thing di dead. This old lady need fi stay home and look at her grand kids. Lord have mercy on her soul. One ugly dog.

  9. Yuh too old fi dis shit, dah position yah weh she inna really look like a shit she a shit. Is she a part of Tazmoye shit posse too? Dis elderly nuh see seh har party days are over, and she need to retire now. Look like all di arthritis a kill har, she nah left.

  10. they need to retire old foot here say grizzel boo pauline a thife salt fish a flatush mi shame that lady could be my mother

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