WARNING YOUNG GIRLS WOMAN MURDER USING.HIM LOVE FI SUCK PU**Y FI ATTRACT MORE VICTIM HIM KILL HIM BABY MOTHER BCAZ HIM SEY HIM NUH WANT NUH BABY AND DI BWOY NEVER GUH LOOK FI DI BABYMOTHER RIGHT THROUGH HER PREGNANCY AND DI FIRST TIME HIM COME DI SAME DAY DI BABY TUN SIX WEEKS HIM STAB HIM BABY MOTHER, BABY OF 6WEEKS Wickeb Bwoy Mi want di young girls dem be careful of this yute him name Nesseime arklight Marder him stab him baby mother kimberly mathews in her sleep when di baby was jus 6 weeks old and tried to kill her mother who woke up after hearing her daughter death scream a god mek di mother did have the baby in her bed this happen on Lincoln ave in kingston .A police tek him outta house after di mother hear dI sream she run in an c her pickney dead she start sream an him hold har from back way an try fi choke her to death an some how she grab a hold a him balls and squeeze dem him kick off di door completely an some yute hold him but him get lucky caz a di punk dem in a di place hold him

***********What the sender left out is that the mother of his child was gay, so it is unknown the real circumstances of the murder because they were never a couple. Circumstances here meaning that they may have made some arrangements of sorts because the young man seems to be some type of gigalo and has numerous social media accounts soliciting women , in one case he asked a young woman for more to help with his school fees*************

reference post http://jamaicangroupiemet.com/blog/2011/12/19/funeral-services-for-lava-k/


    1. bisexual? she was a full butch so sorry it hard fi believe..I would like to know what him excuse is fi stabbing her in her head and killing her..y isnt he in jail?

          1. Wasn’t the story about this girl’s murder on your website? I’m almost certain I read about on your site.

        1. Google uwi student accused in baby mother stabbing or murder it will come up. It in Jamaica observer.

  1. Good morning all, I remember this story Met, and they buried the girl, who looked like a man, and seemed to have lived her life as one, with a baby dolly. It was so sad, because they said it was the first time he had come to see the baby since she was born, the baby mother let him in and he spent the night only to kill her allegedly while she slept…and I echo you Met, how come he was never prosecuted for this?, If memory serves me right they said when he tried to run the mother locked the grill which locked him in while they called the police, ah tink ah so it [email protected] memba how de people dem come trace ,mi and you dah day deh, chu we did ah discuss the reason she bury wid de baby…sad story though

    1. because she did bury in a suit which in my opinion never right but she is her mom’s daughter and dat was dem decision but till now we nuh hear how and why him did even get bail etc….woman did a war over her fi months after she passed so it hard fi believe she was really bisexual

    1. No he didnt kill the baby he killed the mother. The last we heard he was on bail and come to think of it yes it was in the papers but as usual the gay advocates were making it seem as if she was killed because she was gay

  2. @chuet and Met remember some people were speculation that he used her for money and people did ah rag on him sey him baby madda ha man, and people wondered if him kill har chu him shame and then some did ah sey him kill har fi money, it was on tangled web

    1. Obara dem no see say dem invite evil into dem life via dem lifestyle so there is n will be hell to pay

  3. But look pon him to nuh, wid him heart blacker dan a dranco!! People, oonu know say dat a dem bombo owl ya mek mi see de good inna goodbye. Dem bwoy ya fe disappear like a bad nightmare. This murder was a cold blooded act that should warrant bringing back the death penalty. How de fuc him dey a road, him piccha dey pon FB, and de bloodclaat Police dem nuh get him yet ? De same way him kill de girl, is de same way de Police dem fe tell him goodbye to. A weh de Mooma ………….. dis?

  4. She was a in top ten on magnum kings of queen dj name Lava k she have some songs on youtube too Kemesha Matthews a week after him kill her judge Judith Pusey go him bail mi want to knw wat type of message di justice system in Jamaica a send when den let go dah killer bwoy yah pan wi gal pickney dem.

    1. Dah one judge Pusey is a pussy eh nuh dats y d man affi tell har wah day inna court seh she ugly like and she fi go whey eh nuh!!!!

  5. The story is all through her pregnancy she nuh c him when the baby reach 4 weeks him start contact her she tell him she want di baby to knw her fahda so him call her on the night before him kill her an set him a walk from UWI an him deh near dat was like 9pm this the first time him a c di baby she was very happy to c him.he sat and held the baby steering at her for like 30 minutes the girl mother told her to tell him to go home nw but by then it was 10pm and bcaz of the death of the area Don back then there was a curfew in the area so him set him scared so him beg her fi mek him stay the night the mother never like the idea but bcaz she a mother too she let him stay 3am in the morning him stab her multiple times in her head in har sleep wid a srew driver weh him walk wid,When the police dem ask him y him do it him say caz him nuh want no baby stress an she never ask him fi nutting caz her mother an her brother a canada give her everything.clear case of premeditated murder .

  6. Met me memba dis story…but when me see di name Kimberly me a wonda how di story so similar to the past student from merl grove own…but this happen bout 2yrs ago if me no mistaken..me surprised him still deh a road an dem know is him kill har…smh

  7. Metty yuh cant post a link wid a pic of she inna d casket again, or dat a guh cauz uundue stress fi d family ???!!! Mi seh a fus from mi a blog pan yah till now mi see Obara galang so bad, and tek it to dem, and dun d place, mi seh I couldnt believe seh a really Obara dat. Met u and Obara was like a tag team pan dem!! All Simply she artistic sah, u bad nuh boot heel pan d graphics, di dog or d cow weh Simpli create wid d wud dunce fling mi right offa mi chair to pus foot. A d woman weh a threaten Obara wid d Obeah mek mi affi a bawl out to mi computer screen an a seh oman NNNOOOOO no duh dat, yuh maaadddd. But Obara mi have a question fi yuh mumma, yuh did reach out to lava k inna d astral realm to find out what really transpired on d night of her death??? Just curious! My heart goes out to the baby she left behind though, I hope she is well taken cared of, and showered with love. All that deh 1 deh wid fi him twisted mind weh kill off d ppl dem pickney and still a gal hunt, him a go get whats coming to him yuh see!!!!

  8. @OneDrop, yuh mek mi Drop ah grung when yuh sey Simply bad nut boot heel..lololol…That day my FLOW came and I was a different person, I apologize in advance to all of you bloggers who will see me this way today on that post, but it was kinda fun because de people dem did just awful, and I am human after all, and you women knows when that time of the month is upon us there is no telling what you will do.There was a time when another person almost got me out her and thanks to the blogger Nix, who commented to me to calm myself, she used a word and it made me rethink what I would have said to the person who so irked my nerves that day, so shout out to you Nixxy and thanks.
    To answer your question OneDop, no I didn’t. I know what to do and could have done it, but mi nuh have time fi dat. After the post, I took two ale-eve and slept the cramps away, I still believe what I said was correct..but no mi neva ask har!!

    1. Ok Thanks for d response Obara, mi know seh mi well late, pan mi response but mi computer a act up from weh day like it out fi gi mi a nervous breakdown, so mi affi call in d technician fass fass, but betta late than neva. A so it guh yah mumma sometime yuh affi drap yuh cyber draws and tell dem some chaka chaka wud, a d same thing reach mi sometime. Bless up straight!!

  9. I remembered this article vividly..What a sad thing and to think this animal is free to roam and prey pon pple gal pickney..Regardless of the young woman’s lifestyle, no-one deserves to die like that, very sad..Now a child is left motherless..

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