Met sit tight fi this
This is another f**ka gal from jersey she’s now going with Donna Gucci youngest son. Tell me now how can someone loose 110lbs without the famous surgery. Philly people talk up



0 thoughts on “DI SENDER JUS WAA DI REMEDY =_=

  1. Morning but she don’t look unhealthy with the weight loss so sender r u saying she did surgery r u saying she have something??????? Wat exactly is ur gripe????

  2. …but is wha dis, first yuh cuz was up here last week now u, dwll, hot gyal yaad nuh stay suh..floors an walls waan scrubbinz an yuh ah pose off suh

    1. It is also very possible she coulda tek ah pail ah wata wid soap and disinfectant in it and got down on her big sass knees and scrubbed dem damn walls clean before she start moggle and pose fidi camera…fava prison walls..imagine what the kitchen look like? She ain’t missed a damn meal, that’s fo sho!! :hoax2

      1. ___________________________________________ :ngacir2 :ngacir2 :ngacir2 :ngacir2<<<<<really the ambulance taking me to the E.R.

  3. ….Yes it is very possible but however, were not talking possibilities were talking facts what would posses a 21 yr (yes 21) to want to do surgery..to impress people whey chat yuh like dog behind yuh back..?? ms goodaz yuh still chat di yankee gal dem whe yuh ah par wid

    1. #Factz, That’s not always the case though…I know someone who wants a breast implant job done because she is a mommy, but after oooo much years of breast feeding, the titi dem long like thigh high bobby socks, so she just wants to have the breast them re-positioned from knee length to its natural chest high position…call it a mommy make over if you will…she seh she tired fe affe ah lift up the breast them ah fling dem ova ar shoulders :tkp

  4. y’all some hating ass bitches! get a f**king life you stank pussy hoes! go suk una mada! di gyal look good an can fuk any a una man! big up fat an juicy bumboclat! she shot!

    1. ok after ur done venting go help your mampi fern clean her stank ass walls. she nyam too much dats why she fat and juicy and lazy dat fat f**ka___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  5. Met this fi unda philly not nj, evey dance she deh n kill har dead she hot. But mi neva knw seh a so she did stay no man. A next ting everybody so cal deh with Donna gucci son like him a smaddy woiii! If I laff I die. I assume sender meant oldest son since gucci’s youngest son is about 5yrs old. Looking at this bitch makes my stomach sick… Met next!

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