1. Me just just reganize the mother with the open teeth back in the days she used to par wi la Dionne OMG she stress me first job ina kings plaza teef teef . She used to wear bald head low hair like waves man head . Can’t believe is the little girls that wey them used to walk wid .

  2. Don’t know them but they too hype for me. Ordinary people don’t take vacation back to back. These people truly don’t care what people say. If they are hard working people I am happy for them ( please let me know how write a book) but if u guys are doing illegal things I hope they lock u the f**k away. Stupid people are to be put away from hard working trying to live law bidding people. People like them make man feel like what the f**k we a work hard for bills bills bills why we can’t 5 vacation too. WTF man

      1. Chocolate I really don’t care what u want to say. If one does not feel away we would never be commenting on WTF these ppl do. Now if u take the time to read with comprehension u would understand what I am saying. If u not feeling me then please do not respond.

  3. Am I the only one who feel this way BADMIND A KILL MI RITE ABOUT NOW. F**k that the bills killing my head – house, car, insurance car health house life even the death insurance for bury and leave to family, student loan future loan to continue education. Damn I can’t even get food stamp Medicaid. Just to have my child I have to pay thousand $$$ in co payment with f**king insurance. They need to have reward on they ass cause I would be turning them in one by one.
    MET I need to leave pinkwall alone mi ah catch a case of BADMIND.

  4. Mi just hope dem nuh deh a di people dem restaurant fi swipe cc#s. Chef bettah watch im food and nuh tun im back pan dem fi a split sec.

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