Hi Meth and Methers. I want you all to take a look at the new and not so improved Tamara Hoodaz. She been a bleach and the bleach a struggle fe try reach…..except fi har toes dem…..50 shades of black…..Meth yellow markers please ma’am. And is it just me or does Ms.Hoodaz face fava smaddy weh have Mumps???
16 tits is trying to look and act like a lady LOL!!


  1. Well well…..Good morning to you too. A lovely good morning to you Ms “Meth” and howdy to my fellow “Methers”

  2. Yuh know mi comment long before mi see the pics. So why Tanya look so frighten. Mi tink she did do likkle nip and tuck after the surgery. I can see not.

  3. Gmorn captain and crew
    Di “victim” in a di story slightly fava the actress Monique
    Di big oooman wid di bang no fi wear sleeveless wid dem saggy bat wing arms

    1. she fava Monique fi true. That’s the first thing that came to my mind when I looked at the picture.

  4. No yellow arrows needed senda….di many shades are staring right back at us. Just one question senda…ah weh di “Meth” and “Methers” fah??? Boss lady Metty pinch yuh an tell yuh di new name and figet fi tell di rest ah wi?? Wha happen, yuh know sumting wi nuh know ??? :nerd

  5. tamara really does have 50 shades of black on her pudgy shape bad body. i see jet black-black brown- arsenic-charcoal-ebony-licorice-mocha-sable-onyx. fe a gal weh tan bad u really have plenty nerves fe always a chat bad bout and fine fault with other people so is attention u want is attention u shall get..this girl is very shady pun intended. tamara don’t look like monique the talk show host. she more look like jay leno the comedian. face big and broad like wild yam

  6. tamara bet a u stay black and proud causen seh light skin nuh fit u none atall. u fava dem white face monkey. and please to stay far far far away from spandex of any type cause dem tight up tings dere u a try queeze in a is very ill fitting on u round humpty dumpty body. u fe do betta girl!!!

  7. Unu a watch people weh nay watch unu bleachings a weh everybody a do unu see police a look fi people fi it, tanya u look good keep doing you even if u did or did not tuck u nay beg a gal or a buoy pay fi it & u nuh worry or watch people so nasty people can continue chat Tamara bleach if it mek u happy a your $ a spend met thank you fi put up people weh nuh member who send you tha post u a do your job but some a dem nay nuh use people ya use computer fi frig wid people cause dem fraid fi go to a girl or a buoy face to face…who put up this go get a life unu stuck a 1 stage like candy crush go buy or beg a life, unu weh a chat probly luk laka bloodclot Ape & tan bad till unu buck…

    1. Ah feel seh ah you sell Tamara di weak bleach an now di bad publicity ah hurt yuh business :ngakak Cah yuh caan ah buy out di argument suh an $$$ nuh inna it fi yuh. Next time sell di stubborn-skin people dem extra strength bleach, so dat di results will be successful an yuh client base will multiply.

  8. Mi come from di country of independant ave mi man & business & don’t of to walk round & chat or worry bout blood cloth people suh both anonymous & bloodclot yawdy4life weh thirsty & hungry fi happiness & man done pon unu like how unu life stop a stage 3 & ignorant cause pple lead past unu & all unu a play ketchup unu can’t reach, weh mek unu wah fight unu self go put up unu umma weh bring soars bbclot losers cause a careless f**k bring unu, this is why unu always wah gossip & use all different type a website fi entertain unu self & fuc wid people, you a ask mi bout nay u bloodclot teacher all mi language u a worry bout bitch go wash u stinking hole & stop hide back a website cause trouble & go tek care a unu pickney, how much time unu put it out there about Tamara bleachings that’s all unu can chat bout she nay stop new bloodclot topic now stale & lame news, yes a me a sell it mi a gain $ so u try find sumin do & stop worry bout people pink wall mek mi know bout nuff things weh a gwan round di world who a worry bout bleachings if bleachings was a new ting come in & somebody put up the post idiot unu would a have a hot topic bleachings out dated wheel & fukin come better next time Neva yet confront the people dem weh unu put up lame ass b*tches

    1. so all that big long drawn out and yuh still cant explain why yuh sell the woman bad bleach make she look like f**king 5 shades of black thats all the people want know

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