So Skipdaline have a history of using women in New York to take out car for him. Then he doesn’t pay his car note or doesn’t pay it on time. Get a lot of parking tickets and don’t pay any bcuz the car isn’t registered in his name. Anyway last year the second person he did it to take the black BMW from him and the story was on your website entitled Skipping dah line.

So yesterday he sent the picstitch pic to the woman telling her to look at his new car. She try style him but now he has bigger and better things. Him find a next victim.
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photo 2

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  1. Sender there are many non ambitious and non progressive men and women out there just like Skip whose only purpose is to floss on people who ah step up inna life and ah move full speed ahead. Sender there are many men out there just like Skip who are licky licky and beggy beggy and don’t have any pride nor shame tree fe refuse anything a women offer them much less beg them. Sender I will not place all the blame on the men for this slackness right here but will say that them lead the women by far..sender there are plenty of men and women out there who neglect their children and their God blessed and given responsibilities of being great role models and parental figures to their children. Some may or may not pay them child support while others pay very little or no attention to their children at all. So sender let Skip continue down the path to destruction because what he reaps he will certainly sow.

    1. Nigga go scrape up some dignity and nu come yah come brace yuself like yu a somebody. Yu faggots are disturbing.

      Man whey walk and use oman usually find dem self dead or inna prison. From de looks a yu tight clothes you and several cocks inna yu batty, hand and mouth we go well. Battyman go get some ambition!

      You females should be dam shame a onu self fi a tek dis and a buy it anything. Nigga need some clothes of anything and him is the type fi a ride a bicycle.

    2. yuh lips dem swell and fava when time pussey dun get ram out. I’m dat bitch that would neva fuhhkk with a gay thug looking ass nigga like you. real definition of a broke buster lol

    3. Listen to this duty bitch. Are you a man or a woman? My guess is you’re on the border line. Trace market gal Skip, gwan trace bcuz yo vagina bigger than everybody else. lol

  2. and taking a selfie pic in a motel room???? so you broke and homeless or man bout fe rinse out u batty hole? its always the nobodies acting like they somebody smmfh dwl

  3. him too pathectic the nigga f**king alot
    of bitches and using dem him fi guh use him bloodclaat
    babymother dem i know for a fact he’s a user the gal dem
    fi comment put this nigga on blast !!! some gal fi have some
    ambition that nigga lame !!!! his babymammas dem lame too

      1. Phantom yuh ah one ah mi favorite internet sistas next to Metty. Mi seh di jacket look bex eeh si, like nigga get yo ass on up outta me :hammer

        1. No Phantom it tighta dan him first skin. Is him skin look loose, in particular the front and back skin :tai:

  4. Skip mi love yuh and mi nah stop f***k yuh!!! Anyting u want its urs baby!!! House car anyting. Nuh mek dem sour gyal yah class yuh. Yuh cock good like ripe mango!! See u tonight baby

    1. Who the FUXX likens a cocky to ripe mango u dumb ass wutliss cutliss biotchess full a shit like crab back n fool no rawsssee unnu mouth as the same amount of control as a cow’s battyole FOH

      1. Chuet!, Yep!…no sah. Is which basement rat come up fi air yahso? What frigging audacity dis oily rat have…girl go purchase some ambition and buy yu faggot man some clothes while you’re at it!

        As fi de 9:46 post…pray yu hole nu pick up something more than a baby. Non ambition female hope de future baby isn’t a rat like yu and a bum like de fada…de black race tired of those types of offsprings…wutliss much?

    2. Damn it’s like dat?? :hammer :hammer :hammer Den I might jus haffe teef ah piece Skip third leg but Skip you gotta promise me one thing…Please to wear all the condoms, the wrappers plus the box cause I don’t want breed fe yuh…NO SIREEE!!! NO NO NO NO NO!! :hoax2

  5. Mi soon breed fi him! Mi luv him same way. Wutless! U vex cah mi man ting tun ova? U vex tru him nah pick u up inna di BMW? Him cocky sweet like June plum. Him cocky big till it ah choke me. If him ah use me den we ah use each other. Skip nuh worry yuhself. Yuh hurt di gal dem. Dem fi learn fi tek f**k and gwan dem ways. Tek con too abayyyyyyy

  6. Skip cah f*k fi save him life. 2 sec and him cum all the time. No wonda him wife nuh stop gi him bun. Skip bruk and pop dung like, thats why him haffi sell him batty fi get BMW bcuz him wah fit in a the hype. The wukliss boy rather drive BMW and ova him yard hungry like dwag. Lmao dry bread soon choke him, a weak. Nobody nuh grung skip cuz ina foreign anybody can get any car. Frighten friday and popi show ina dancehall.

  7. Nobody nuh si duty tiefing ugly skip. This big pussy boy love attention. Mi nuh know how woman deh wid this yah nasty looking, f**k batty boy. F**king boy ugly like mug Lmmmmaaaaaoooooooo

  8. Skip is nobody. Skip is a very great pretender. Him a try falla the hype but ppl know the truth. Him 2 babymother carry him go court fi child support bcuz him nah gi the pickney dem nutn. Him nuh stop buy store credit and oda tiefing things, all that you can think of illegal him dweet just fi get a hype. He is ridiculous. DUTY WUKLISS BOY GO MIND YO PICKNEY DEM!!! Stop trouble ppl who dont even know you exist.

  9. Mi hear from credible source seh the boy use to sleep pan air bed and deh a road a hype ina fake brand weh him buy pan Ali express.com What he wont do fi look hype a road. When him tek the pickney dem fi look like him a spend time wid dem him carry dem go drop off a him mumma yard. So all who a talk bout breed fi him unuh gwan. Nobody no wah breed fi skip lmao mek them pickney suffa. lol

    ME EVA SEE INNA ME LIFE’ some gal fi stop hype skip hood
    little /small/teeny”””” him a f**k a bad bitch right now i know
    that for a fact, nice face big ass all him
    babymamma nuh hot suh

  11. Bitches just jealous dem cyah get the dick
    Any bitch that f*k with skip knows him can f**k
    I know that for a fact

  12. No body in dem right mind cah jealous a smaddy who nuh have nutn. Who staying begging like salvation army. KMT All the wanna be attention hoes trying to be his fren hoping to get a hype have a surprise fi get. Tek unuh picha and move right along bcuz him nuh have nutn. Unuh fi stop tell lie cause skip cah f**k. Him not even haffi go in the pussy fi cum. Mi know that fi a fact. N him ex dem seh the same thing. He is a very good kisser mi gi him dat but him cah f**k. FACTS!!!

  13. Dem boy yah will mek man f**k dem just tru material things. Dem prefa drive pretty car and dem pickney dem a dead fi hungry jus tru hype. Dem very disgusting. Unuh need fi stop it. Skip look crawny like. Him cah even dress and seh them hype. Him need fi go back ina him mumma and born again. A duty batty boy that.

  14. Bitch yuh madd cause skip don’t want to f**k you
    Bitch him move on !!!!.mi noh how much bitch him f**k mi nah left him

    1. Listen who ever you are, Skip buddy likkle, I can attest the FACT, him might ah push him lean hood inna yuh nose mek it ah choke yuh, matter of fact yuh know seh me feel like ah Skip ah chat doh kmt/lol Me, his baby motherS, his “wife” and three girls he had sex with who commented cant be lying, on him, he’s broke, pop down and beggy beggy that is not out of jealousy, nor spite it is the TRUTH, cause if his d!ck was that popping chicks would be fighting over it and him woulda been get papers via him sweet d!ck, who the hell dont know tht, tht been stink ah road seh him only look di part but he cant keep up #ByeFelicia :travel :travel

      1. :hammer …lololllllllllllllll damn if a de nose a get cork den dis rat will never breed. Thank heaven fi that one less lololllllllllll AF2727 Badass!

    2. We know its you Skip. Everybody know you’re a big bitch who love to trace. Other guys would see this and not even look twice. But bcuz you’re such a big pussy you had to jump right on a trace. Skip you’re a girl, no wonda why yo mek man a f**k yo fi things. Lmao

          1. Auntie I waan send yuh mi yssup picture fi prove mi point enuh but mi can call name, ok so Chrissy his 2nd BM seh him ting lame, she had to be drunk to fcuk him, Cheryl seh it to, she said he was all mouth and not even ball$ fi knock, Shia (government name Nichole) from Rosedale Queens said it too, so His Bitch/Miss Bitch weh Skip put him small h00d inna yuh nose fi choke yuh weh yuh haffi seh now???? you need phone numbers too? email address? weh yuh need? talk up talk up nuh ah so every gal a queens yussp big? also if him c0ck soooooooo big and choking why no gal nah fight ova it?? why is it all the girls he slept with can calmly talk bout it and laugh afta di wutliss boy??? hexplain cause I dont anderstant :cystg dont worry I’ll wait :siul

          2. mi wudda glad fi look pan di picture ina di friday yah morning :kiss
            because when mi look u know mi wudda come type what mi see and it would be the truth in the smallness of it :hammer

      1. Skip the ur koki skip the length n width line lollllllllllzzzzzzzzzz but watch this big ole trapting boy wid the likkle lean hood u know a dem ting deh meck mi woulda cuss badwurd n all fight him kmt but mi get the feeling say a him a type under the name his bitch smh dumb ass

          1. Mi mail yuh but nuh tell nobady jus come testify so we can put this to a rest please and THX :peluk :peluk :peluk

        1. A him same one a type. A miss bitch. Dont mek him ole yo fi trace yo. yo think a market woman. Man must a f**k him. kmt

  15. AF2727 Girl that explain why one night we link him buy 2 small ciroc and say mi fi drink them first. That prove seh woman only f**k him when dem drunk. Even him wife seh the same thing seh him lame she haffi drunk fi f**k him. This is facts so much woman nah tell lie pan him.

        1. With all that scamming him need to fix up him and him bitch/wife/jackass she busted like him
          Skip is one of the worst man on the planet
          A curse the bitch that bring him in this world

  16. Domo did a raffle and come up skip name
    Chuck need to claim him baby Domo is a stray
    Dog plssss go retrieve your bone, Chuck go claim your price

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