1. Metty goooood morn!! U know people oonu a give da scaley skin boy ya too much attention tired fi c him a him tiefing whoring gal. Everyone knows him out deh a suction every woman Weh come across him and him woman don’t mine cause she is doing the same thing too.

  2. I don’t think him woulda so bright………unless him don’t fraid robbette n topple send of him boxers or briefs to di Haitian voodoo man…..lmfao……

  3. Hang a dog & give his name , J only promoting ppl remember the man is a promoter 7days a week . He is not cheating lord give him a break come on .

  4. deep down this man really don’t want apple! its just for the hype and trust me when I say that!
    he once told me every man needs a change,

  5. its dancehall picture ppl , everybody take out pic with everybody , and it means nothing …why you giving the scaley face boy so much press …. if you get a pic with him leaving hotel with a sketel face rat , then that is worth posting …otherwise these are just dancehall ghetto fabs taking pics with dancehall ghetto hoodrats.

  6. All He is doing is recruiting people for His Illegal Ish. Trust me. LOL. I hope when dem time UP They will be put away forever. kmt.

  7. this is nothing new people toya di deh ah florida and run weh carl been giving her hell bare threesomes to him ting all breed ah next girl toya come talk up u know its true carl not ur hubby cause unnuh not even straight using people fake papers toya ah dutty bitch weh love gossip bout everybody and dem when she see dem she ah smile fake bitch

    1. But mi bumbo!!!!!!!!! Story has come full circle ah land right ya suh pa JMG tuh bumbo brush!!!!!!!! Mrs. Toya Stash, PLEASE say it ain’t so!!! I knew everything else, but not the breeding pawt…well, lemme talk my peace now!! Toya DON’T like me because her “hubby” Karl Stash been ah look me long time, all in front ah Toya face him still ah look mi…she ketch him one time ah talk tuh mi ana beg mi fe geem mi numb and mi keep on ah tell Karl seh no, cause mi nuh want nuh problems between you and the missis because she already been ah gimme some nasty looks…anyways, she ketch im red handed one night ah lace on di ting pa mi *real cassonova dat Karl is* ah mi ah laugh ana tell im fe gweh cause mi nuh wa have nuh issues wid yuh lady cause she always ah gimme some stink looks…speaking ov di devil, who unu think walk right up pa Karl?!…nuh she, ana gimme some breed ah bad starings!!!…mi just politely pause di conversation ah move Karl tuh di side ah look back pan it tuh, til she walk weh!!!….Toya is ah girl like dis….she one want ALL the attention and she one ah di hottest; if she nuh like yuh for whatever reason, she wi cause problems fe yuh…###FACT!!!!!!!!!!!..so everything weh Anon ah seh uppa top deh is #FACTS!! Karl is ah cool yute, naah lie, but mi nuh hail nor speak to she none at all because me been dun KNOW *mong before Karl eena try push up on me* seh she and ar friends dem nuh like mi, suh mi naah beg nuh fren from she nor none ah dem….Toya Stash is an absolute no no in my book :thumbdown :hoax2

    2. And yes Mrs. Toya Stash…mi been known seh yuh chat shit bout mi tuh, because ah your very same cullo dem relay the messages dem tuh mi, suh between di dutty starings and di fake smiles and di screw faces, mi dun know what time it is, but mi nuh response fe yuh cause we are not friends..never have been…never will be….you will reap what you sew, memba dat…

  8. Senda pls to stop making Happle blood pressure elevate. She does not take too well when Jay is engaged in ‘activities’ with women and not sharing.

  9. Jay Dnt want Donna lee it’s just a pic toya did a push up Donna on jay both night Donna lee need go run toya soon sell ya cause u was a nobody before until u go do breast n toya start push u out there

  10. of course jay will cheat he is a dog but if him do cheat a jus one f**k or gal pan d side Apple a di real big ooman

  11. unno.dont member him look good is true him brown now he use to jerk chicken at the original peppers cho I can’t badda

  12. To this so call ‘Anonymous’, your about to be exposed very soon, you have been leaving loose ends and its catching up on you. i promise that i will expose you so bad that you will never walk foot inna another Atlanta dancehall party again.. you will have all the time you need to stay home and take care of all those kids you have that done have a father.
    more info coming soon.

  13. stop put down ppl for whatever they ussed to do to make a living jerking chicken is not a crime good god man. lowe di yute mek him live him life wid em bag a girls dem

  14. Well say it _ “@I know who you are #32” Expose that stinking whore.. Analyomous… So when she get her ass whoop it can go on Pink Pussy Wall. !! That B*^&h sounds like a Rat.. Always, taking about somebody .. Shes just Mad cuss she cant come out and have to take care of ALl those kids she has with no baby daddys’ to mind her or them.. smdh f*cking ooman surrogate!! Now back to the pic.. Who cares who f*cking who? They all f*cking each other.. A bunch of recycling bitchesssss…!

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