So every year Evabless them put and a party. And Every hear it get worse and worse. The first one was really nice. Now all them party pull of is the woman they messing with a brunch of broke pocket man, who go club to share one bottle. Nypo is played out. don’t do it next year. Leave the party having to people with money.


  1. same suh mi use to write and chat when mi jus left jamaica come to foreign bronx. people would always laugh afta me so til mi end up tek english class. those were the good ole days lol

  2. Morning Met u have di wrong tag…is Miami people dis
    @senda is who borrow money from u fi keep party? Cawsie? Country? Come talk nuh.
    OAN, Jason when ya go mek mi get some a da ting deh? U have so much baby madder something mus a gwaan fi u lol…a joke yah cause me nuh waan none a di baby madda come take set pon mi a backside cause every las one a dem seem cray cray

  3. OMG! Unnu leave Cawsie alone mek him try prosper nuh. Wha de man duh to yuh suh. The man a try a ting, a two other party keep dat same night.

  4. The person who write this was either really upset to the point where they cant spell or them just cant spell. lolllll. them fresh from yard.
    So Cawsie evabless borrowing money to keep party. smh. but nu him a big d@@k Rayon me hear say have the money in a evabless. Oh no a Marsha, dead to Rass. The party was boring for real. The Barber have two job why Cawsie neva go to him. What a mix up
    Leave mi friend Cawsie alone. Yall miss the entertainment of the night. Most of evabless bruk pockey man them in a hiding while Mob a lively up the place with twitch babymother, the black girl who him clown out for years and angel sister friend. Mi all hear flight almost bruk over him. Need more details please.

  5. Oh shit…. Talk the things them. But its only the black girl get clown all if them a str8 clown. You nu see him and the black one stand up all night together while him take turn to visit the other to. Its not the first time him do this. Him and the angel sister friend a mess a round before the black one. Twitch baby mama new to this rass mess. Shit a mob a the real boss if you think about it. Nu man can’t do me like how Mob do them girl den. But him broke too so how the hell him have three women. Unless a them a support him. Twitch baby mother bruk no rass. The skinny one look like u always upset cause she hungry. The black one no too bad. She always look nice when me see her. She need to leave Mob alone. It look bad in a club and pon the street. REAL TALK. MOD U NEED TO DO BETTER HUN.

  6. Mob a clown him rass self. Him bruk and always a look somebody. Like nigga get ur shit together first. Him a str8 mess. Shit all a evabless man them a clown. All the gal them too. From Jason rayon Cassie and country… Mi don’t know much bout the barber. But them all Woman them that they mess with A str8 idiot

  7. this a Miami/North Miami gossip.
    fi real Jason can get the business, but mi cant support five kids and four baby mama.
    shit just give me the thing on the side Jason. mi nu in a the loud up thing. Marsha, Rayon, Cawsie and Mob things loud up/turn up a road. So blacks nah gawn with anything?

  8. Listen leave my evabless friend them alone. The girls them that mess with Mob,Rayon, Jason and Cawsie a idiot. If them allow the man them to clown them. They have themself to blame. Mi always see Cawsie with one girl… Although there is some side piece. Jason a dog from morning…him only take out his girl once a year like country (not too sure if him have a woman) Rayon A whore from long time that’s why him and Marsha get along. Them love the drama. Mob shit lol…. Always have him woman them in the same club/party. Him too rude. Still luv him still. Wouldnt mess with him for luv or money… Him too messy. Black’s keep his business on the low. But I’m sure him a do him thing too.he’s just smart

  9. How this miss me…. This is Miami peoples. Damn a so Mob and Jason a go hard in the streets. Damn… Talk the things…. More comments please.this too juicy. Smh at Mob really tho… I thought u was the quite one… We all know Jason a whore from him born…

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