This is the girl that tony matterhorn married she is just 24, not sure if they are in love or its just (Edited), but they have been frens for years ,they just got serious less than 1 yr now (i knw because i knw her). So everybody who is talking negative she is a brilliant girl with her college degree…..but if its love, love conquers all



  1. Why all a the Jamaican people dem go Barton G ? Sometimes sense only kicks in at 25+ Matharon shouldn’t be seeing anybody front imo

  2. 99.9% huh but u really go married the.1% literally fcuk boy(pun intended)!she look LIKE that54yo madda ooman that come on the African soap generation,the one that cantankerous n always inna passa passa with Kenneth dem!

    1. :ngakak I was thinking the same thing, She is indeed married to a f*ck bwoy literally cause Marathon even though in his 40’s has the mentality of a BWOY who constantly dis women. I hear people crying out Green card, I don’t understand these entertainers, if you married for green card why have big wedding and let people come tek pictures and put it out there? Why not HUSH with it and do your thing? Was it Mr. Lex and Vibes kartel who did get married for green card and look what happened? :ngakak

  3. But Mr cigarette is not in His 40’s? and the sender said they been friends for years? This nasty cigarette mouth Bwoy with him dead hood is a pedophile, Is so when the man them whore out them body and them teely cannot stand up properly they run go get the young females who don’t even know about Life to make them feel young, Yellow teeth Marathon you gwan get bun so till you bun up, with your soft hood, dead hood.

  4. :hammer thank goodness fi de few honest people pon yah. Dee senda say she “brilliant” cause she have college degree :ngakak

    She not brilliant; she shameless because no educated with an hint of brilliance woman would be with that long clit man.

    1. How you know so? which female who brilliant would pick up someone like that who is very disrespectful to females and has no class? The sender funny to say the least.

  5. I’d like to take this moment to thank my parents fi how dem grow me, so me nuh frightened fi things, head nuh giddy fi di hype and me run wen me see big man because me don’t hav no daddy issues and don’t need another father.

    Now look pon she gone deh wid and married to Matterhorn, my girl u righted? A suh u a look likes and hype? A di “first lady” title u a look?

    Him might a sweet to u now but member him nah go sweet forever; ready yourself for the cussing, bunning, gal a call off ur phone, di sleepless nights, di bawling and licks weh a go come ur way!

    You hav degree but dumb as f**k!

  6. Yardie Tru mi kno u a JMG lawyer, mi recomendé yu to the #24..It want sue da lady deh with the balloon up top fi defermation of character b/c if she a 24 mi no conceive yet.

    1. :ketupat :request :selamat sue her yes n mek madgie spend wha dem doan have!wicked injustice to the poor defenseless#24!ur name fit yuh cuz a the GOD truth u talk,even her MOTHER nah tell ppl this girl IS 24!

  7. Cho, yuh see when ppl bummy and jumpy, this is the end result!…. Di friggin’ fool widdy camera see seh di ooman balloon dem blow weh and she run til she breathless fi ketch dem back, and not fi di life of di friggin’ idiot widdy camera would he/she WAIT ’til di poor birthday ooman arrange har balloons properly….Too damn impatient and jumpy, man! Hmrt

  8. 24? In all my 3… unnu know wah mek mi lef it. Kmt the woman just ketch the ballon dem and the smaddy tek the pic as smaddy say up top. Even at 42 she nuh look so fresh n mi kno nuff 42 yr old weh gi 19 run fi dem money

  9. She look old for real them young girl ya body and face run dung so early not even have kids yet and look so bout F**k boy can’t F**k she she must no know who she deh with me a assume cuz a #1 F**k gal that she have or think she have just wait that dutty matterhorn can’t tame!

  10. So Maggie a 40+ a wah di senda mean by dem a frens fi years? Wah when she a 12? Das why dem say yuh smart till yuh dumb… cause big degree an yuh go pick up man weh name call pan battam.. mi know somewhere at school dem tell yuh what happens when poop enters the vag-inna… Plus yah plan fi cheat pan him? cause dat penis prabley die in 3 2 1…. casket!

  11. So you telling me that after all these years tony his baby mother went through a lot with him and he come marry this young girl . This all looks a bit suspect and so fast. I could not marry a man 22 years older than me cause tony is about 47. She’s a pretty girl and step mother yo at least 8 children . Watch her get a baby in 5 4 3 2 1.

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