Look who’s back at tiffany Barbie and Mr.doroad himself baldhead…tiffany fren qq jus confirm that they start sex again.I wonder how (bm) sushanna (ex/f**k) skay dealing with this??



  1. MR.DOROAD dwl wait isnt this the same girl thats ,sexing mr .icon :cd and skay beat har up woieeeeeee i wonder how the brown lady miss doroad gonna feel about this …..lisa u still sexing bun off mouth rico :ngakak :malu :ngakak

  2. Yes bald head is back with Tiffany and Rico still sleeping with Lisa. Skay don’t want bald head no more a nick Klean she want now.

  3. Everybody in a Bronx a sleep with everybody cause dj Shavy a sleep with poochie which is nick Klean baby mother. Kerry brandnew gave Backyard man STD. Michelle flawless dash way the belly for roger. Poochie is no Fren everything she tell har baby father down to Tracey she chat how she mind man. Poochie go tek out them dutty rotten teeth and leave your Fren dem business alone and go sort out yo self that’s why munchie don’t like you tough no bloodcloth.

  4. Unu leave the f**king girl alone Tiffany have r man and bald head deh wid him baby mother…unu need fi mind unu f**king business wat if it was just a friendly pic kmt

  5. rasss @love i are about to dead they way how mr.doroad say him happy and in love with the brown lady ,DWL and TASHY how u style up lisa fi rico only to see dem two still sleeping together :bingung no sah skay fulltime now for u to leave dancehall man alone my girl look a nomal MAN unno life DUTYY AND NASTY NO CLATTTT EVERBODY F**KING AND .SUCKING THE SAME MAN GEMS ALL AROUND EWWWWWW WAIT TASHINE HOW DID U FEEL ABOUT WHAT SHERIFA SAID ABOUT FELL DAUGHER ,KNOWING SHE IS YOUR BFF AND SHE ,ALSO HAS A DAUGHTER AND ALSO NIECES ,

  6. OMG all these bitches sick my stomach! Thank God mi nuh stay suh and big and serious how da hell somebody sleep with Rico…him look like him have several disease from him mouth guh down…

  7. Tiffany not f**king baldhead Tiffany and nully diamond a fuvk fi years now and na stop Tiffany sleep a nully yard every night.. Tiffany and. Nully lef Lima Rita Mondays every single Monday so unno fi stop lie baldhead and har a just trust..

  8. Mi cya bother Tiffany & bald head always a f**k a that the ugly baby mother need fi worry about no sah & where unu get this nick Klean & skay story me never hear that yet me never even see them together or nothing skay have a next man me hear but not sure of the name cause she no buss it yet

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